350 Year Old Manor House

350 Year Old Manor House

A 350 year old Grade II listed Manor house covered with a wealth of period features, and we were given the opportunity to install 4 new chandeliers, take down, install a winch for and clean 1 previously installed chandelier. Cleaning the chandelier was the most exciting aspect of the job because you get to see the before and after! It is ALWAYS so rewarding seeing a chandelier turn from a dirty ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! And this chandelier, as you will see, was one of the best and most impressive transformations!


The chandelier is situated over a stairwell, it is a prominent part of any home; Large and effective chandeliers are often hung over stairs to add sparkle and fill the space. However, it is also the hardest place to be able to maintain a chandelier from; it can sometimes be difficult accessing fixtures installed to the ceiling as it is, let alone over stairs! We even have specialised ladders which make reaching over stair chandeliers more accessible, but it is a stretch! You need to put down hardboard first and make sure it is safe before putting the ladders into place, and even then it’s highly likely you won’t get easy access to the chandelier. Even for simple jobs like changing light bulbs you need the assistance of outside help. It is, in our professional opinion, essential and highly recommended to have a winch installed for any stairwell fixtures.

Winches initial one off price is arguably expensive, but in the long run it is an undeniable investment. The cost of regular maintenance for stairwell chandeliers is expensive because of the difficulty accessing them, with a winch this wouldn’t be the case at all. A winch allows fixtures of any size and weight to be lowered down from practically any ceiling height! Think how much time and effort could be saved! We cannot praise winches enough, they are absolutely brilliant and can’t be faulted! For more information on winches please get in touch, or look on the website for the winches we have available for purchase.

It is unclear when this chandelier was last cleaned, but definitely before the current owners! When it was hung in the ceiling, the fixture didn’t look too dirty because of how high up in the ceiling it was, its dirtiness wasn’t visible but when it was lowered, the true state of the chandelier was revealed! It was much worse than imagined! The photos below indicate the extent of how covered in dirt it was!

before pics

paint scrapings

The house has previously been restored but during the restoration, the chandelier wasn’t protected, so it was covered in building dust, a pinch of wallpaper scrapings and sugared with paint. The chandelier has been dulled by the layers of dust, it almost looks like it’s covered in cobwebs because of how dirty it is! This was exciting, because we couldn’t wait to see how the transformation of the chandelier after it was cleaned! Crystals were almost unrecognisable because of their lack of sparkle; you can normally see all the way through crystals, but before the clean they were dull and arguably the complete opposite of crystals!

crystal collage

To be cleaned, the entire chandelier had to be taken down and dismantled in order to ensure every aspect of the chandelier was evenly and properly cleaned. The difference between the before and after is outstanding! This is undoubtedly the best part of cleaning chandeliers, it is so rewarding seeing the difference between the before and after and knowing you had a part in it!

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