Accentuating your room

accentuating your room

Want an industrial vibe or retro-style in your hotel? Well, it starts with your choice of lighting. That’s why you should find a fixture of the right shape, size, and material to fit perfectly into your location. And obviously, they should mix and match.

accentuating your room

Light is a powerful element to any home—including your room. So, when done right, it can change the overall mood of any room. Plus, the right illumination is capable of changing the look as well as the feel of any home. So, if you have been wondering about how to stay on top of the game when it comes to accentuating your room, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Try lighting up what can only be seen
  • Try to backlight or uplight
  • Leverage on the power of dimmers
  • Don't forget to use lamps
  • Consider installing direct lighting to highlight specific areas
  • Don’t underestimate the power of track lighting
  • Hidden sources can be more appealing.
  • Less light can offer more impact
  • Think of how the paint will interact with light
  • Consider the Up and Down lighting scheme
Create a calm feel in your bedroom by installing lighting fixtures that perfectly match your style: fashionable, modern or laid-back. With the help of chandeliers, flash-mount or pendant lights, you can easily create a stunning effect. When installing, consider the position: you may place the lights around or over the bed, depending on your preference. A remote control will also be necessary as it will enable you to switch lights on/off when lying in bed. With dimmer switches, you can effectively adjust the bedroom light for television watching or nighttime relaxing when the occasion demands it. For bedrooms featuring attached baths, a light emitting diode (LED) tape lighting below cabinets can illuminate the space without glare for smooth nighttime functionality. Besides, you can also add tape lighting under your bed for a similar effect. This plus string lights will add a more decorative element to your space while also creating a starry-night look.

Matching Lights with Painting

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Match lights with the house paint to create an exquisite effect. Basic rule: Blue absorbs red and black absorbs all other colors. On the other hand, white absorbs nothing. Airy and Bright Bright white, minimalist spaces are now the hottest trend. It’s extremely easy to achieve this contemporary design: combining paint with powerful overhead lighting can transform your room in no time. Start by selecting your favorite shade…white of course. If you want a bright, warm space, go for a golden undertone. And if you’re so much into a sleeker look, head to a bluer tone. It won’t only keep the walls cool, but also understated. Once you have chosen your paint, you need to pick great ceiling lights for these gorgeous spaces. Settle for fixtures that’ll flood your room with light, such as oversized pendants, chandeliers, as well as ceiling lights that pack a punch. Remember, you can combine these light fixtures with bluer incandescent lights warmer white tone, LED/ fluorescent bulbs for cooler walls. These tones create an elegant, relaxing environment that’s perfect for any living space. If lighting is carefully picked to match, sunny-hued beiges, bold reds, and even yellows can create a stylish environment. Use a mix of minimalist lighting sources, like hanging pendants, and floor or table lamps to craft pockets of light that’ll illuminate warm colors.

Types of lighting for accentuating your room

Ambient Lighting Ambient lighting is a critical aspect of wall sconces come in unique colors a silver polished finishes interior design. LED strip lights offer so much flexibility when creating ambient lights to illuminate the home. They provide ample, gorgeous light with low energy costs as well as incredible durability. Besides, they offer supreme design versatility that’s hard to find in other lighting fixtures. There are numerous ways to create beautiful ambient lights using LED strips: Indirect light: If you’re looking to add focus, accent color, and layering to your space, consider utilizing indirect lighting. Most people place the strips over their kitchen cabinets, behind bathroom mirrors or in the coves. Modern designers advocate the use of indirect lighting as it hides fixtures and produces a uniformly distributed glow throughout the room. Always ensure that the lights are bright enough to make everyone feel energetic and excited. Go for the brightest LEDs and you’ll get the best results. Ambient lighting coming from recessed and flush ceiling fixtures are perfect at casting an overall classic relaxed glow and bright light.

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Task lighting Ambient light isn’t only measured by its level of attractiveness, but its functionality plays an important role as well. The best thing about LED strips is that they’re extremely versatile and perfect for task lighting installations. For under-cabinet lighting, make LED strips your ultimate solution. To create stylish kitchen task lighting, simply get some modern strips and install them underneath the cabinet for incredible lighting and elegance. Task lighting will beam the spotlight onto specific zones like the kitchen counter and desk. Accent lighting includes rail and track lighting or clip lights. They can perfectly highlight textures, sculptures, and paintings.

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Decorative wall sconces and wall fixtures Decorative wall sconces, as well as other wall fixtures, are ideal for casting indirect light. Contemporary wall sconces are a great functional décor to add more definition to any space. They frame your space, complete your design, and complement other light fixtures. Wall illumination is a flexible solution that can provide direct/indirect lighting designed for accent or ambient illumination. Decorative wall sconces will spruce up your home while adding style and value to it. There are countless designs, finishes, and styles to choose from: contemporary, traditional, transitional, and rustic. If you’re a homeowner who’s keen to detail, you’ll want to install decorative wall sconces in your bedroom, hallway, and bathroom. You can always find wall sconces and lights that easily fit into your preferred style and fashion. They’re a perfect collection anyone who is looking to give their home a sleek, streamline, and minimalist feel. Unlike ornate lights, wall sconces come in unique colors and silver polished finishes. Moreover, these light fittings can easly blend with other styles as well as interior decor.

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Small accent lamps Small accent lamps, which can also be accentuated with LED bulbs, are ideal for adding pizzazz to bookshelves in addition to fireplace mantels. Accent lamps provide one of the easiest and quickest ways to add personality to your room. As compared to traditional table lamps, accent table lamps offer more unique shapes and colorful shade options. Materials include crystal and cotton while styles range from contemporary to classic as well as traditional. Their small size makes them portable, making it easy for you to change your home’s look whenever you want. You should try and choose an accent lamp that seamlessly blends with your existing lighting scheme and furniture by picking colors plus finishes that feature your favorite colors. If you truly need a lighting fixture that stands out, go for a lamp with stunning color and personality. Having installed a portable lamp, you can now introduce other accenting light sources to your rooms. Illuminate your kitchen countertops with under cabinet lighting and install deck/step lights at the outdoors for a noticeable sense of stylishness and safety.

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Torchieres and floor lamps Torchieres and floor lamps featuring an upward glow and shades can brighten up corners as well as reading nooks. What’s more, they can also add an extra light to that dark room of yours. With torchieres glamming up your space can be extremely easy. They provide a soft glow from your desk or table that’ll warm up the space, while also adding a punch of style. From elaborate glass fittings to modern metallic floor and table lamps, torchieres add an artistic flair to any space. If you own a modern home, consider installing a lamp featuring a longer metal stand and a smaller glass shade. For a space with romantic décor, a round hurricane torchier lamp will work perfectly. No matter what your preferred style is, you can always find a lighting fixture to match. Darker shades provide a soft, muted glow of light. If you need brighter illumination for your space, consider creating bookends with two torchier lamps featuring translucent shades. Choose a lamp with a bright blue shade or a classic white shade and watch your home turn into a gathering zone.

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