Accentuating your room

accentuating your room

Want an industrial vibe or retro-style in your hotel? Well, it starts with your choice of lighting. That’s why you should find a fixture of the right shape, size, and material to fit perfectly into your location. And obviously, they should mix and match.

accentuating your room

Light is a powerful element to any home—including your room. So, when done right, it can change the overall mood of any room. Plus, the right illumination is capable of changing the look as well as the feel of any home. So, if you have been wondering about how to stay on top of the game when it comes to accentuating your room, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Try lighting up what can only be seen
  • Try to backlight or uplight
  • Leverage on the power of dimmers
  • Don't forget to use lamps
  • Consider installing direct lighting to highlight specific areas
  • Don’t underestimate the power of track lighting
  • Hidden sources can be more appealing.
  • Less light can offer more impact
  • Think of how the paint will interact with light
  • Consider the Up and Down lighting scheme

Matching Lights with Painting

lighting paintings

Match lights with the house paint to create an exquisite effect. Basic rule: Blue absorbs red and black absorbs all other colors. On the other hand, white absorbs nothing.

Types of lighting for accentuating your room

Ambient lighting coming from recessed and flush ceiling fixtures are perfect at casting an overall classic relaxed glow and bright light.

ceiling task lighting

Task lighting will beam the spotlight onto specific zones like the kitchen counter and desk. Accent lighting includes rail and track lighting or clip lights. They can perfectly highlight textures, sculptures, and paintings.

telephone table lighting

Decorative wall sconces, as well as other wall fixtures, are ideal for casting indirect light.

wall light

Small accent lamps, which can also be accentuated with LED bulbs, are ideal for adding pizzazz to bookshelves in addition to fireplace mantels.

table light

Torchieres and floor lamps featuring an upward glow and shades can brighten up corners as well as reading nooks. What’s more, they can also add an extra light to that dark room of yours.

seating area
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