Badshah Wedding Venue

The Renovation


This fine old building started life as a cinema and has now been fully renovated to become a luxurious wedding venue. It has many fabulous architectural features like curved exterior brickwork, elegant stairways and coffers built into the ceiling, which have all been retained and the building has now been renovated to a high standard for the hosting of fine weddings. In these modern times many people are wanting a real distinguished setting for their wedding and then depending on the culture the venue is decorated and lit in an appropriate way to match the theme of the event.

Main Hall
The main hall is massive with a very high ceiling as this used to be the main cinema. This large open space needed a fine dazzling centrepiece and accordingly the owners commissioned Classical Chandeliers to make a contemporary chandelier but to utilise crystal in order to retain tradition. This chandelier is massive with a diameter of 4.5m and its design beauty is through a series of concentric circles and star shaped rings. The positioning and orientation of these rings can be adjusted to create a good design perspective to maximise the visual impact of the light. This chandelier is so large and heavy, due to the high density of crystal trimmings, that the installers used 3 winches to lift in to position! Main Chandelier There is an exclusive upstairs area which has now been created in the building where the grand upper circle used to be. In order to bring some grandeur into this space then a smaller version of the grand chandelier was made. It is possible to walk up to this chandelier and see the detail in design and the sparkle in the crystals. Small Chandelier Small Chandelier Detail

Bringing out the architectural features

This historic building has some fine internal architectural features such as ceiling coffers and rebates in the walls. These were ideal for illumination with LED strip. The owners elected to use 240 volt RGB LED strip as this is far more economical which we supplied through our sister company Saving Light Bulbs-SLB. The ceiling coffers are predominately illuminated with white light whereas the wall features were illuminated with multi-coloured RGB strip which can be changed to the colour of choice to suit the design theme for the wedding. Architectural Features The rear seating area has a lower ceiling and accordingly this was stylishly illuminated with 3 circular waterfall chandeliers which were manufactured to the required size for the ceiling coffers. In order to complement the decorative lighting from the chandeliers then 3 designs of LED ceiling lights were selected.

Rear Seating
The LED ceiling lights were square and round in design to bring some variety and interest into the space. Naturally all the lights are LED which is essential to minimise electricity costs in a commercial building. The equivalent old fashioned halogen or filament bulbs would cost ten time as much in operational electricity costs!.

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