Basket Chandelier Restoration

As well as selling chandeliers, another service we offer is chandelier restoration. We can restore any chandelier of any size and type to make it look as good as new!

crystal chandelier

We were recently given this 25-30 year old brass chandelier which was in desperate need of a restoration. It was of such high quality, but it wasn’t until it had been restored that the quality was truly revealed – even we couldn’t anticipate how stunning it was going to become!

It had been put in storage following a house move, but had been stored incorrectly causing significant damage to the crystals and tearing the chains. Thankfully the damage to this basket chandelier wasn’t as bad as it could have been because it is made from brass but it certainly could have been prevented. A chandelier made of different material certainly wouldn’t have fared half as well!

When storing chandeliers, make sure it is always hung. This is essential to ensure the chandelier is kept in good condition and still in one piece! This basket chandelier was kept on its bottom, as opposed to being hung, which meant that a lot of the chains were torn and a lot of the hanging crystals were damaged as well. With this specific chandelier, it was stored in a garage, which is a far from ideal place. Garages can be humid and because of the atmosphere, can cause corrosion to the chandelier.

The brass connectors on this chandelier were what were damaged the most - with a lot of them having been corroded or broken. This then broke the crystal chains and resulted in the chandelier not looking its best! An example of the broken brass connectors can be seen in the picture; there is a hole in the crystal where there should be a connector.

Alongside the chandelier being broken, it had lost its sparkle. The crystals had been dulled from the lack of care, they were so dirty, and the once imaginable sparkle and glamour that this chandelier would’ve given to a room seemed like such a long time ago.

The most important thing that needed fixing was the wiring; despite the fact all the crystals had dulled, this chandelier definitely wouldn’t be able to shine if it doesn’t actually light up! Some of the lamp holders had actually broken off, revealing all the wiring underneath – which in a way, we are thankful for because it shed some light onto how bad the wiring was!

Beginning the restoration, the first thing that needed to be done was to piece the chandelier back together; work out what chain went where, what was missing and what needed to be replaced. This was no easy task, because of the damage due to the chandelier it was like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle! Any parts the owner still had that had either fallen off or broken were given to us in a plastic bag. This in itself was a bad move because it means all the pieces got tangled and scratched together probably putting the crystals in a worse condition than they were to begin with!

When we knew what was going where and what was supposed to be where, we removed all of the crystals. Took everything off to get it back to basics! With all the crystals off and the chandelier bare, this is the time to do the rewiring. The whole chandelier was rewired, which was beginning to make it back to the standard it once was, and it deserves.

There was a lot of a parts that needed replacing or that were missing, thankfully this wasn’t an issue as we already had all of the parts in stock! This didn’t make much of a difference however as we would just order in any parts needed, it just might mean that the whole process takes slightly longer.

The cleaning of the crystals was what happened next, and as you can see from the pictures this was no small job! Each crystal is carefully handled and cleaned to ensure we can get it as sparkly as we can!

The brass of the chandelier (or whatever material it is made out of) is also cleaned to get it back to being gleaming.

Sparkling and looking like new, the chandelier is then reconstructed and put back together. We understand there are lots of different types and styles of chandeliers and we wouldn’t blame you if you think we might not be able to restore them, but trust us when we say, we can! We stock such a diverse and wide range of chandeliers ourselves, and we can restore an equally wide and diverse range.

Overall, the whole restoration only took 2 days! And there are no words for the transformation that took place in that time – not even the pictures do it justice! The misconceptions that restorations take a long time aren’t the case at Classical Chandeliers; we are quick at what we do and very good, all you have to do is look at the pictures!

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