10 Mistakes Most People Make When Choosing A Crystal Chandelier

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 2Lighting is an important aspect of any home or office. With the right lighting, you can transform your home into a comfortable and classy space. In particular, crystal chandeliers will only add elegance and sophistication to your home. However, there are several crystal chandeliers on the market. Choosing the right option can be challenging. Simple mistakes can cost you. Avoid making the following mistakes when buying crystal chandeliers.

Wrong Size

Chandeliers come in different sizes. Before selecting your chandelier, consider the size of your space. The wrong size can negatively affect your space’s overall aesthetics. Choose a chandelier that can illuminate all the spaces. Thus, consider the width of the chandelier. Then measure your room’s length. From here, you can choose a chandelier that fits into this space.

Wrong Height

Chandelier installation is an important aspect of lighting. In particular, the right height will ensure that all the spaces are well illuminated. Thus, hang your chandelier from the right height. Don’t hang it too high. Consider measuring the height of the room before hanging your chandelier.

Ignoring To Use LEDs

The lighting technology is quickly changing. LEDs can help you save up to 80 percent of energy. Thus, if you are not using LEDs, you will end up paying huge utility bills. Ditch those old-fashioned bulbs. Embrace energy-efficient bulbs for your chandelier.

Poor Color Choices

Lighting fixtures should match the décor of your interiors. Don’t choose fixtures that color clash with the interior décor of your space. Compliment lighter fixtures with brighter colors. This is the only way you can make the spaces look brighter, better, and more spacious.

Not Using Dimmers

The best way to have complete control over your lighting is to use dimmers. Not using dimmers means wasting a lot of energy, which can increase utility bills. Also, dimmers prevent excessive lighting and prolong the life of your chandeliers. Opt for remote-controlled dimmers.

Don’t Use Chandeliers For Decorative Needs

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 1Of course, chandeliers should decorate your home. However, this shouldn’t be the sole reason for bringing them into your home. This is an unthoughtful decision that can lead to energy wastage and huge utility bills. Instead, consider lighting schemes when purchasing any lighting fixture. Besides beauty, consider the functionality of your fixture.

Wrong Color Temperature

Don’t underestimate the importance of color temperature when installing your chandelier. Thus, be sure to consider color temperature when choosing and installing your chandelier. Good color temperature will make your space look livelier, more inspiring, and more beautiful.

Light Switches in Wrong Positions

Install switches in convenient locations. Install them at the appropriate height from the floor. Ideally, install them 48-52 inches from the floor.

Not Doing Enough Research

Not doing enough research is a mistake. Don’t choose the first chandelier you come across. Research for more options. The research will not only help you save money but also lead you to quality crystal chandeliers.

Choosing Cheaper Options

It’s good to save money. However, cheaper options out there can be costly in the long run. Choosing cheaper options can mean purchasing low-quality chandeliers, which can degrade and cost you more money.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 3Suitable for homes and offices, chandeliers will automatically transform any space. They are energy-saving and long-lasting. However, it’s important to choose the right chandeliers. Don’t make the above mistakes when selecting a chandelier for your home or office.

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