Looking for classic chandeliers or that contemporary chandelier!

Looking through an interior design magazine I noted distinct luck of design flair for chandeliers.  I am passionate about chandeliers (and being a chandelier distributor I should be) I tend to look perhaps more than other at chandeliers and their expression as an architectural feature.  There are many consideration to take into account when choosing a chandelier and one of the big factors is the ceiling itself.  Don’t take me wrong, I always say to my customers that the chandelier has to be exactly what they want as they will be spending time with the chandelier of their choice more than anyone else.   Also that a chandelier is what they feel it is, for example if you they feel that a chandelier is old fashioned than it is old fashioned because their perception of that particular chandelier makes them feel so.  The big but however is the need of the room.  I have seen fantastic contemporary  chandelier on a beautiful old ornate ceiling rose.  This marriage of two beautiful objects just did not work, sort of like Heather and Sir McCartny.  I am all for complimenting old with new and there are people very successful within this design area but only a few  and far apart.

To start a search for a chandeliers you need to know the size of the room.  Adding  the length of the room  and the width of the room in feet  will give you width of the chandelier in inches.    So room of 10 by 10 feet should have a chandelier  of around 20 inch wide.  Choosing a chandelier that is  too big will suffocate the room whereas a chandelier that is too small will get lost and will do absolutely nothing for the room and I must say this is so in way too many cases.  Note all pieces of furniture on the floor that are dressing your room yet we seem to ignore the same square footage area above our heads.

Next on the list should be choosing which look to go for – classic or modern and of course what ambiance to go for.  Do you prefer the look of Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kellie – stated opulence or unassuming beauty.  Ambiance can mean different things to different people, but in this case I mean the first feeling thought that came into your mind on entry.

Please do take also into account  what the room needs – if you have original architectural features such as old fireplace, cornices, doors and door furniture, chandelier rose…  tend toward the classic chandeliers  because even if there is hypermodern furniture the architectural core should remain true to the building.  If however there are non of these remaining you can sway the feeling of the room towards your desired effect.  A classic chandeliers will bring upper class riches where contemporary chandelier design will bring the Hollywood glamour.

All retailers are happy to advice and non more so than me. We have great deal of classic chandeliers and contemporary chandeliers on our books and if you say what you want we shall show you the best match classic or contemporary chandelier design we have for you.