Conptemporary Chandeliers can be the perfect accessory for that modern house!

The Chandelier Dilemma!

Chandeliers are well recognised as items of beauty and distinction and can be found in a whole host of distinguished buildings. Traditional chandeliers will take the prime position in high class hotels or add splendor to a museum or art gallery, but we do not all have properties like these to ornament with a fabulous classic design chandelier!! Invariably properties these days are far more modern and with the increasing number or properties being built then the percentage of Victorian or Georgian buildings,  with fabulous ornate ceilings which are crying out for traditional chandeliers, will naturally decrease.  So if you still want a crystal centrepiece to complement your modern home then what do you do?

The Development of the Contemporary Chandelier

contemporary chandelier
In the early days of modern home design the chandelier designers needed to adapt and improve their designs to match the changing times and design fashions. The first stage in this process was to take the typical traditional chandelier and produce a similar looking design but with more modern appearance as shown in this image. The classic design theme has been retained with arms sconces and candle lights but the design characteristics and finishing are very different. The traditional ornate glass arms have been replaced with a highly polished metal design typically with a nickel plated finish which provides a shiny silver finish. Then the classic dishes that are located on each arm have been radically redesigned from a traditional bowl to a flat and angular crystal disc which has far more modern and cleaner lines. Additionally the crystal trimmings which on a classic chandelier would be pear shaped now have a clean angular cut design on this modern contemporary chandelier. Now it is the combination of these factors which bring this chandelier forward in times to be a striking contemporary chandelier that will undoubtedly complement that modern interior with style. You can see this range in more details by clicking on modern contemporary chandeliers

The Modern Day Contemporary Chandelier Designs

 new contemporary chandeliers
Now you might say that the above contemporary is just not radical enough for these modern time. You do not want a traditional chandelier that has simply bee upgrades to modern styles,  albeit in a very tasteful manner, you want a radical new contemporary chandelier design with original looks that will sit nicely along side that very modern property and designer furnishing. The example here is one of the most up to date contemporary chandeliers with striking angular proportions with crystal blades that shoot out from the central sconce then change direction and point to the sky. These blades are beautifully made from fine crystal and are illuminated by LED light technology. The LED technology means that LED bulbs will typically use only 10% of the electricity of traditional filament candle light bulbs. This means that not only do you have a fine example of modern design but these contemporary chandeliers are eco friendly and you can play your part in contributing to a greener environment. So in this modern age of contemporary design and eco living then this contemporary chandelier is certainly worth a second look!