Tips on Chandelier Assembly

Can I assemble my own Chandelier?

When you first open the box of your newly purchased chandeliers it can be a bit daunting. At first you will probably think why did it not come assembled? However after inspection of the final article it is clear to see why. Certainly for a glass armed traditional chandelier then the arms are very delicate and the when the chandelier is assembled the only safe way to keep it is by hanging. What ever you do, don’t put the chandelier down on the floor once it has been assembled as the weight of the chandelier is likely to break the arm that it is resting on with quite catastrophic consequences. This is particularly true with a large chandelier. A chandelier of diameter 1meter would typically weight over 30kg and the only way to support it is by the chain. The design is very clever and transmits all the loaded from the crystal trimmings through the arms and to the central stem. The load is then safely transmitted up the chain to the ceiling hook which clearly needs to be securely attached to the ceiling. So to cut along story short the traditional chandelier has to be carefully wrapped an packaged to ensure that it does not break in transit and this has the secondary benefit of reducing transportation costs.

Once you have opened the box then for sure you can assemble the chandelier yourself you just need to adhere to some best practise guidelines to take you through the process.

What method do I use to assemble my Chandelier

I do not intend to cover all aspects of chandelier assembly here but will just provide some pointers and will focus on the traditional chandelier as opposed to the contemporary chandelier . Contemporary chandeliers are very varied and different on construction so the assembly of particular to the particular product, whereas with traditional chandeliers the approach is more standard.

If your chandelier is more than 15kg then you will need to assemble the chandelier at ceiling height unless of course you have a winch system to pull it into position. This is because it is unsafe  to climb a ladder or platform holding a heavy jet fragile crystal chandelier to hang it in position. The best approach here is to assemble the carcass at ground level  and then to lift this in position and hand on the crystals with the carcass in position. By assemble the carcass,  I mean connect the arms in to the central stem and connect the wiring for the arms to the central flex for all the tiers of the chandelier. Once in position the hanging of the crystals is then best done from a platform to avoid the necessity of walking up and down the  ladders many times for the multitude of crystal trimmings that will be on the chandelier.

For a small chandelier then the best strategy is to assemble at ground level. For this you need a suitable anchor point to suspend the chandelier from which can typically be from a line connected to the chandelier hook or using a structure like a coat rail for lighter chandeliers. Once the chandelier has been assembled at ground level it can simply be hung from the hook and the electrician can make the wiring connections.


The Contemporary Chandelier for the Golf Club


How to select a Chandelier for a modern commercial building

There were a lot of buildings that were built in the 1960’s that are certainly very practical and were cost effective when they were built, but quite frankly they simply are not architectural works of art. Now this is an understatement and I think it is fair to say that if we could delete the 1960’s decade from architectural history then the world would be a finer place to live in. However, clearly we cannot do that so what we need to do is make the most of it and look at ways of taking buildings with straight red brick walls and simple rectangular windows and enhance them. This is easier said than done because you cannot add a multitude of period features, for example, as this would create quite a monstrosity by the clashing contrast of the modern style and the Victorian glamour.  Your first port of call may not be a chandelier because these are traditionally thought of as lighting features for grand old buildings with high ceilings and marble fireplaces. However, by selecting wisely a  contemporary chandelier can be a very appropriate choice.

Looking at the case for Contemporary Chandeliers

The natural architectural period for the traditional chandelier which is dressed with a multitude of sparkling crystal trimmings is undoubtedly Victorian of Georgian. This period of architecture just cries out for ornate style chandeliers and the more crystal you add the more the spectacular appeal will amplify. However with a modern building and particularly one from the 1960’s you need to choose wisely as a traditional chandelier will simply look out of place. The answer is to look closely at the architectural features and choose your chandelier to compellent them wisely. For example if there is a abundance of chrome plate then a 24 carat gold plate chandelier is wrong and you need a polished nickel finish to bring some life into the space. If the ceilings are square and the architectural styling is simple then you need corresponding lines and design to be present in your chandelier.

Looking at the Blackmoor Golf Club Chandelier in more detail.

Contemporary Chandelier
Now Blackmoor golf course is certainly a fine golf course and in fact it is in the top 100 golf courses in the UK. However if the golf course judges were looking at architecture and the club house design then that prize would not have been achieved! Yet if you look closely at what has been done here from an interior design perspective then it is simply amazing. Just imagine this space with out the chandelier pictures and embosses stairway glazing and you will probably be picturing a hospital or similar institution. However by careful selection of interior design artifacts and colours then the space has been enhanced to produce a highly desirable entrance hall.
Modern Chandelier

Now looking at the chandelier in more detail as you can see simple clean lines have been chosen to complement the simplistic interior design and the polished nickel finish on the chandelier, candle tubes works very well with the brushed aluminum finish stairway banister. Also take a look at those LED candle bulbs with the silver finish which really moves this contemporary chandelier into the 21st century. And finally the distinct lack of crystal trimmings is turned into a strong design feature to match the lines and style of the interior. So I will let you be the judge but I think Blackmoor Golf club have got this exactly right.