The Diamond of Fortune- The ultimate contemporary chandelier

A Flagship Chandelier Project

One of our esteemed manufacturers Preciosa have just completed a flagship chandelier design and installation project at a luxurious casino in Macau, named the Asian Las Vegas.

The Macau region lies 40 miles west of Hong Kong, south east of China and is known as a gamblers paradise. Within this area there is a resort called Galaxy Macau where this fabulous contemporary chandelier lighting fixture has been installed. The project entitled the Fortune Diamond has involved designing and building a 6 metre high jewel within the building which is made to the shape of a cut diamond.

diamond of fortune contemporary chandelier

The Diamond of Fortune Display

Every 30 minutes there is a fabulous display where the diamond emerges from the fountain and floats upwards and the elements of the Preciosa lighting display ascend towards the ceiling. The whole display is synchronised by computer control so the raising and opening of the diamond is seen as part of a magnificent lighting display. The show is further enhanced by the use of a magical musical score to bring some real splendor and precise choreograpghy to the display.

This truly magnificent display is a statement symbolising wealth, luck and love which represent 3 key attributes that the Galaxy visitors strive for.  This chandelier display is one of the most fabulous in the world and involved an immense amount of work to complete. The programming of the display alone took 2 months to complete.

The Structure of the Diamond of Fortune Chandelier

The manufacture of this elaborate contemporary chandeliers involved building 4 interlocking polished stainless steel rings of massive proportions, the largest of which is 8 metres in diameter. The contemporary chandelier is then ornamented with over 2000 hand blown asymmetrically shaped crystal components together with almost 70000 cut crystal trimmings. All in all this creates a massive chandelier structure which weighs around 1.5 tonnes which is 8 metres in diameter and raises to a height of 13.5m when fully extended towards the ceiling.

A Brief Introduction to Preciosa

Preciosa are one of the most prestigious and longstanding manufacturers of fine crystal and chandeliers in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. They have traditional roots but have now advanced with the times to be one of the worlds most recognised manufacturer of contemporary chandelier and crystal lighting. In order to reach this position they have acquired some of the world s best lighting designers namely Jaroslav Bejvl Jr., Jaroslav Bejvl, Lukáš Rohan and Josef Oulehla and their works of art illuminate the Galaxy together with other spectacular buildings.

Accordingly Classical Chandeliers have elected to work with Preciosa for selected design projects especially where contemporary and original lighting design if required for the success of the project. You can view some more of Presiosca designer designer chandeliers here to give an idea of what is possible. However if you require the maxiumun impact is is generally better to take these ideas and then work towards producing a bespoke design which is specifically made for the space that the lighting fixture is planned to occupy. This way you can be assured of maximum visual impact and originality.

Only Fools and Horses Chandelier Sketch- by popular demand!!

By popular demand we just had to include this clip on the blog. So many people have said that when they think of chandeliers from a lighter perpective then this clip springs to mind. It certainly has stood the test of time and remains as one of the most memorable episodes from Only Fools and Horses so please take a look and enjoy.
But maybe here somewhere there is a lesson to be learnt!
Click here to view:-
Only Fools and Horses Chandelier Sketch

Chandelier Restoration – The Chateau Chandeliers

Some Background This magnificent french chateau crystal chandelier has been acquired by an English couple with a dream to restore it and open it to the public as a Hotel. You might look at the picture like I did and say that looks fine and need no restoration but be assured behind this postcard picture is a great deal of hard work to get the chateau ready for guests. Now our involvement has been that Anne the proud new owner acquired 2 of the original chandeliers from the chateau in a local French auction and was keen to have them restored to be placed back into their original positions within this building of beauty. However it was not quite as simple as that as you can see from this image of the chandelier crystal chandelier. Firstly , the chandelier was bent and covered in a mass of dirt and most significantly had no electrics for illumination appart from a single flex holding a single globe light bulb! But not to shy away from a challenge we took on the task of re-engineering the chandeliers to restore them to their former glory.

The Chandelier Restoration Task The chandelier restoration task here was initial to derive a strategy for taking this item of old but classic beauty and transforming it into a fully functional electric chandelier. The first task was chandelier cleaning to task the ornate brasswork and clean away the unwanted dirt but to keep the aged appearance so the finished chandelier would look like a classic piece and not a brand new one. From here we then worked through a plan to attach lamp holders into the candle holders and then through some intricate drilling a routing of wired link all the lamp holder back to the central hub. As there was no opportunity to route the wires inside the arms as on a chandelier that is made for electrical illumination this entailed using surface mounted wiring and soldered and sleeved joints to minimise their visibility. crystal chandelierOnce the wiring was linked back to the hub it was then possible by dismantling the chandelier to connect the wires internally and then route up to the chain using braided wire carefully chosen to match the tone of the brass work. This style of wiring is always a fine balance between achieving a functional working chandelier yet preserving its beauty and character so it can be adored for years to come. And last but not least it needs to produce an adequate level of illumination for the space and to allow residents and guests to read and socialise in an appropriately lit environment.

So why not visit the Chateau and see the Chandeliers for yourself!

The Chateau de l’Oseraie is situated in the village of Chemire sur Sarthe, 49640 and is opening for guests in 2012 so if you are looking for some authentic french style then why do you not go and stay. The ares in france is Fresnay S/Sarthe 72130.

Anne and Chris Mandale would be pleased to hear from you and can be contacted on tel: +33 (0) 2 42 86 15 92 or email: so why not drop them a line.

And if you do go and stay please let us know what you think of the chandeliers!