Detailed assembly of chandelier 10740 12+6+3

These are the detailed instructions for chandelier 10740 12+6+3, which is definitely my favourite classic crystal chandelier especially in the Swarovski Spectra.

To start take the instructions out and have a good look at the base diagram, below left.


You can clearly see three bases for arms and numbering for all parts which corresponds to the packages within the box.


I will be doing this installation on a clothes rail, but you can tie the rope directly to the hook as this would eradicate any unnecessary moving.  The less you move the chandelier the better as there is less chance of damage to the crystals.  Please also make sure that the chandelier isn’t in your, your children’s, or your pets way so if you need to leave the room you will not come back to an injury or a broken chandelier.


Unwrap all the packages that are not numbered, these are the central parts and are very obvious as to where they go.  Hang this top central stem on the rope to keep out of harms way.



Take to bottom stem, loosen the grub screw and unscrew the central holding nut to take off the base plate.



The base plate will be completely separate from the plate cover.


Take the packet 4. and unwrap all the arms.  Take the holding nut from the end of the arm, place the arm into the base plate and replace the holding nut.  The arm has a predetermined position so make sure the arm sits flat on the base plate, a little movement left and right should slip the arm into the right place.



Tighten the holding nut only enough to the point where the nut bites so the arm doesn’t move freely, do not tighten any further as this could pull the arm screw out and permanently damage the arm.



Place all 6 arms in the correct position.



Put the flex through the central hole of the base plate and rest the base plate on the base cover.  Connect all 8 blue wires together  and all 8 brown wires together and slip the base plate into the base cover.



Place the central holding nut back on and tighten the lower grub screw.



Put the flex through the central cavity of the top base plate, screw the top base plate on and tighten the grub screw on the central holding nut.



Undo the grub screw on the central holding nut, unscrew and remove the base plate from the base plate cover.



Take arms 2. and place them into the top base plate – do not over tighten the nuts when securing the arms to the base plate.



And as with the previous base plate, put the flex through the centre, rest the base plate on the base plate cover, do the wiring, put the base plate back on the base plate cover and secure in position by placing the central holding nut back on and tighten the lower grub screw.



Take the flex through the centre stem of the top half, screw the top half into the central holding nut and tighten the grub screw.  Please make sure that all the visible thread is within the central holding nut before you tighten the grub screw.



Take the lowest base plate cover off on place the arms 10. into the base plate remembering all the points as per previous bases.



When all arms are done you can start the wiring.



All blues together, all brown together.



Put the base cover back on.



Place the dishes 7. and 6. onto the end base plate.



Put rings x onto the lower and middle arms.




Place trimmings A onto the top and bottom dish.



Place trimmings B onto the inverted top dish onto every other eye so they are above the top arms.



Place crystal chains onto the inverted top dish so the chains hang between the arms.





Place the trimmings D onto the bottom of the chain C.



Place the chains E onto the ends of arms 2. and trimmings F onto the end of chain E.



Place trimmings G onto the glass rings of arms 4.



Place chains H from the splitter on trimming G under the arms 10. to the corresponding splitter on the neighbouring arm.



Place trimmings I onto the ends of arms 4.



Place trimmings J onto the glass rings of arms 10.



Place chains K onto the eyelets on the dish 6.



Hook the ends of chains K into the splitters of trimmings J.



Place trimmings L onto the ends of arms 10.



Place chains M from the splitter of the trimmings L onto the corresponding splitter on the neighbouring arm.



Put all the arm dishes on.




Put the white candle tubes over the lamp holder.



Put the glass skirts over the white tubes of leave these off if you prefer.



Put the light bulbs in.




And now you should check that everything is connected.

I found ball N still in the box so I put it in the central nut 5.

Chain E also needed connecting onto the dishes of arms 4.



Well and then you can sit down and have a look at what you achieved.



If you have any difficulties please give us a call or you can choose to have the chandelier sent assembled which adds the postage cost but reduces your time spent on the chandelier assembly.

Black Chandelier



I suppose my love for black chandeliers comes from the versatility of the product. Many rooms are incorporating black elements naturally and it should be equally natural to dress the room with a black chandelier. Sadly it is rarely the case. There are various degrees of “blackness” within black chandelier designs and therefore plenty for you to choose from.


My favourite at the moment is chandelier 87003-10/02HK which is a half way chandelier as it is only partially black. This is achieved by laminating – a clear glass is coated by black glass and then cutting into the black layer to reveal the clear glass. This is highly skilled, time consuming procedure which however produces stunning pieces. The bobeches almost resemble a water lily and even the central stem is designed to complement this shape. This chandelier has three trimming variations: all black trimmings,


clear trimmings on dishes but black at the lower section


and all clear trimmings.


Your choice would be influenced by the other features within your design to achieve the right balance of colour and also to make sure that the chandelier isn’t too heavy and doesn’t pull the attention right to the centre.


The next best conservative chandelier option would be clear with black trimmings.


This is a fabulous option as you can choose any chandelier you like and just have the trimmings changed.


Another thing you can do is to buy completely clear chandelier plus extra coloured crystals so you can revert to neutral should you choose to change your colour scheme again.



This black Maria Theresa will not scream at you however it will make a very bold statement. The beautiful chandelier is produced by the top Bohemian manufacturer, which employ only the best of designers. The great feature of this chandelier is the multiplicity of applications. If you have a black marble surface in your kitchen or one with black colouring within the surface then this black chandelier is perfect. However this black chandelier would not be out of place in your:

A) bedroom – say grey and black patterned wallpaper on you accent wall, remaining walls grey and understated, white bedding with grey and black cushions… ,


B) dining rooms – white table with black table ran and black plates , few exceptional dressing pieces strategically scattered around the room in prominent places such as fireplace, window sill or any other dining room furniture.

C) Study – just black desk as a base piece and you can play around with the room in many ways. It is however rather important to select the right period base piece as this determines the tone of the whole room. Buy this I mean that if you chose for instance an art deco desk it would be right to add Georgian complimenting pieces. It is not impossible, but only very few people can pull it off.


The simple black chandelier can simply be placed in any room, perhaps with the exception of bathroom where you need an advice from your electrician with regards of zones.


So if you do incorporate black into your design please think of the black chandelier and give it a chance.


If black chandeliers are to your liking there are more here
more examples.

Chandelier assembly 65080 03/19



This is a very simple, but nevertheless beautiful chandelier.  It is suitable for small rooms, corridors, landings… especially in low ceiling areas. The assembly is simple but still if you don’t have any previous experience this may be of some assistance.



Part one is the base. This is to be screwed into the ceiling joist, the electricity cable goes through the hole with the white washer and the earth connects into the earth tab.



Loosen the grub screws and insert the rods into the rod holders.


The tube will protrude about 2mm on the inner side of the tube holders and tighten up the grub screw back up.


The rim has a flat horizontal ridge which the frame is sitting on.


Take the largest crystal piece of the chain in your hand , open the hook slightly and place in the hole.


Close the hook so the crystal chain doesn’t detaches itself from the frame.


When you have done this connect the other end of the crystal chain into the central plate.


Next job is to connect the two together.


Slide the rods inside the basket and rest the frame on the ends of the rods.


These two should fit together snugly, if this is not the case please loosen the grub screw and adjust.



This is detailed picture of how it should sit.


At this point you would be placing your chandelier onto the base plate attached to the ceiling.


The lower screw adjusts so you can regulate the position of your basket.


The electric wiring is not complicated either however has to be done by a COMPETENT person.


This is what you would see in the centre of the basket.


Screw the central nut back on to hold the chandelier in place.


And this is where you have completed the assembly.  Hope you have found these instruction helpful, however if there are any steps you find difficult please do call us for advice.

Here is the chandelier assembly example being discussed in this article.

Red Chandelier


Despite the lack of variety there are some stunning red chandeliers that would most certainly put the finest of finishing touches into designer rooms.  There are great deal of designs across the variety of rooms that are begging for a red chandelier however the plea for one comes largely unanswered.

There is a hint of hesitance to use red within a family home however this passionate, sensual  colour brings spark and confidence to a room that could other wise be uninteresting.


Very important role is played by a contrast.  The more contrasting your accompanied colour is to your red the more striking the design will feel.  I would however start with selecting a base object.  This should be the one that has the least of selections.  Designing with red this should probably be the chandelier as you will find it easier to find a fabric and an oriental rug that matches the chandelier when selection of red incorporating fabrics greatly  outnumbers selection of red chandeliers.  Once you have your base colour you can see how much contrast you would like within your design.


Red and white is the most striking and will take your attention without any delay. Take for instance a bedroom : white shabby chic furniture, red curtains, some red cushions on white bed linen and of course one red chandelier would make a fantastic design. To make this a busy striking design use floral wall paper, there are plenty of poppy and roses designs. You could also add corona with the outer layer of the same fabric as the curtain and inner layer adding some extra interest. In living room: white settee, red and white pattern curtains with corresponding cushions, red accent wall as dramatic backdrop to an opulent white marble fireplace and few red oriental rugs strategically scattered on the floor. If striking is not what you want then use red and cream. Varying shades of cream will act as the volume control on your i-pod and you can get it right down to mute. To achieve rich rather than striking use red and gold – like in palaces all over the world, you can not go more glamorous than this. The most toned down combination I would say is red and black or red and dark oak. You would get very strong colour design, that would however be completely silent.



However as always beauty is only in the eye of the beholder so please only go for a design you are comfortable with.  This also applies when your room is designed for you, unless you trust your designer completely – and trust me good designers are worth their weight in gold as they do a bit of magic.

If you would like to see and example of a red chandelier that you could acquire have a look here and if this is not quite to your liking please call us.