Black Chandelier

There are many applications for a black chandeliers, however one must be careful as some interiors are more suitable than others.



All designs are governed by your personal preference and the art is finding a designer on your wave length.  Lighting and chandeliers in particular are neglected within the interior design industry and it is the one aspect of design that even the top designers get wrong.

Now I have a question, which picture do you prefer, a) or b)?

Picture a)


Picture b)


Design a) is what I would call top light bottom heavy and due to the strong black and white design, borders on clinical.  This is due to several lighting design errors.  I shall start with the table corner.  As this corner is not a prominent rectangle you should not use two lights in a row, ironically you can use any number of lights but two.  Also the size is wrong and the light fitting simply disappears and doesn’t do anything to support the design.  The high ceiling in this room is a great feature and all this table corner needs is a waterfall


with perhaps a few black trimmings splashed in


to blend in with the design.

The main area needs quite a large chandelier to dress the ceiling, preferably black to lift the focus up and therefore balance the strength.

It is also the case in the picture below where the ceiling fixtures are way too obscure.



A little black chandelier simply lines the ceiling and blends in the design.

Now the image below.  The bar area can not be faulted, however why would anyone put the little grey ball in is beyond me.  The light must be much larger, black and if possible above the table.




The ceiling light in this room is too small, short, insignificant, wrong design …. in fact you couldn’t go any worse.  Chandelier for this room should be of a traditional design, black with a modern twist as per the adjusted image.




Please take great care when choosing your chandeliers as it is way too easy to get it wrong.

If you are not sure ask a specialist to advice you.