This chandelier was purchased on ebay and was missing all dishes, the dish trimmings and most importantly half  of the dish washers, which means that the dish would slide freely all the way on the glass arm.
To add the dish washers is not an easy task as the lamp holders have to be disconnected, taken off completely, only then the washer can be put on and the lamp holder reconnected again.  This task was made harder by corrosion which made unscrewing the lamp holders without chemical help impossible.

The next task was the reconfiguring of crystal chains as the length varied probably due to the connectors breaking.  The quality connectors are made of brass which is the least corrosion effected metal in common use.  Cheaper materials are only used to reduce the cost, unfortunately this is at the expense of life span as the corroded connector gives way and one starts collecting crystal chains off the floor now and then.

I also had to squeeze in unplanned proper cleaning as the previous cleaning was done with spray cleaner which made the surface sticky and the dust just glued to all surfaces.  Also the cleaning was not done as well as it could have been, the lower glass dish collected the fluid which then caused the metal cover to rust and left rust cake on the glass dish.  The dish should have either been taken off prior to cleaning or emptied until it was no longer collecting any fluid.  The other mistake was letting the fluid run inside the glass arms.  There is no cure for this and simple clink film over the lamp holder would avoid unsightly dirt and sticky fluid residue display.

All of this took me six hours and I still need another hour to make up all the trimmings for the top dishes as I didn’t have enough with me.

But look at it now!