Why Do Crystals Sparkle?

Luxurious chandelier, light on ceiling. Free public domain CC0 photoA sparkling chandelier is more exciting. It radiates better light quality. Also, a clean chandelier will elevate your home. That’s why proper cleaning and maintenance are key. Here are key tips and tricks for making your chandelier sparkle.


Polishing your chandelier will make them sparkle. Here, you need a gentile homemade-based bronze polish. To make this polish, combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda powder with lemon juice. Mix it to achieve a soft paste.  Using a soft, dry cloth, apply the resulting solution to the bronze part of your chandelier. The paste should be rubbed into the bronze. This should be done in a circular motion. Wait for about 20-30 minutes.

The next step involves wiping the polish from the bronze surface using a microfiber cloth. Reassemble your chandelier.

Regular Maintenance

Regular chandelier maintenance will make it sparkle. This includes dusting the surfaces. Checking the windows will also identify issues and correct them immediately. For instance, if certain bulbs are not working, regular inspections will identify issues early before they escalate into serious issues.


Clean your chandeliers regularly. Turn off the switch. Consider laying a large plastic-based sheet on trash bags. They will protect your chandelier’s cover and finishing from damage.

Put a newspaper on top of your plastic. In place of a newspaper, you can use old towels. The work of a towel is to absorb liquids. From here, consider removing the light bulbs before covering the bulb area using an aluminum foil.

Bring a degreasing degreaser. Remember, steam will come from the boiling water and hair sprays can attract dirt or dust. Use a ladder and spray your chandelier. Ensure that every party of the chandelier has been covered.

Crystals Sparkle 3Wait for about 15 minutes. Use rubbing alcohol to spray the chandelier. The next step involves wiping your chandelier. Pay close attention to the crystals and arms. Use a dust-free cloth to wipe your chandelier.

Crystals Off

For deep cleaning, consider taking off the crystals. From here, clean the crystals. This technique allows you to clean hard-to-reach parts. Use a soft towel to clean the crystals. Dry them using a dry, soft cloth.


Purchase the right bulbs for your chandeliers. If you want to create drama, chose colored bulbs. For instance, blue bulbs will create that romantic feel in your home. To save energy, purchase LED lighting bulbs.

LEDs are long-lasting. They also save up to 80 percent of energy usage in your home. LED bulbs produce less heat while emitting high-quality light. They can illuminate spaces in all directions. Get your LED bulbs from the right brand. Reading reviews will lead you to the right LED bulbs.

The Bottom-Line

Crystals Sparkle 2Lighting makes your home complete. It complements the décor of your home. In particular, chandeliers are important elements when it comes to breathing life into spaces. However, a chandelier can catch dust. That’s why regular maintenance and cleaning are important. Make your chandelier whole again with the above tips and tricks.

10 Helpful Tips in Buying a Chandelier

Buying a Chandelier 4Lighting is an important role in a home. Besides illuminating your spaces, lighting can act as a decorative element in any home. In particular, chandeliers can turn your home into an exciting space. As a homeowner, you should leverage chandeliers to make your home more exciting. Choose a chandelier that will optimize the décor of your home. Use the following helpful tips and tricks to purchasing the right chandelier for your home.

Set A Budget

Set a budget. Choose a chandelier you can afford. The market is filled with different types of chandeliers. High-end chandeliers cost a lot. The best thing is that there are affordable chandeliers out there. Conduct your research. Compare prices of different chandeliers. Ask an expert to guide you choose the right chandelier. Compare features of different chandeliers.

Determine Your Design Theme

Your home’s interior design theme will have a big day on the type of chandelier to purchase. According to experts, you should choose a chandelier that compliments the décor of your home.

There are different chandelier styles on the market. Each style is designed for a different theme. While certain styles come with crystals on them, others come with wrought irons. Other styles come with shades. If your house features a classic style, choose a classical chandelier. Rustic chandeliers go with rustic homes. Also, check the color of your house.

Type Of Space

In most cases, chandeliers are installed spaces such as the bedroom, living room, foyer, etc. Before purchasing your chandelier, consider the type of space you have. Also, pay close attention to the room size. Take bigger chandeliers to spacious spaces. If your spaces are smaller, bring in smaller chandeliers.

Chandelier’s Materials

Buying a Chandelier 3Different chandeliers are made from different materials. As a buyer, it’s important to understand what you are buying. While some chandeliers are designed from crystals, others come with metals, beads, as well as wrought iron.

Understand each of these options. Blend these materials with your home’s décor. Base your decisions on the wallpapers, furniture, as well as window treatment of your interiors. Ensure that there is coherence between all your lighting fixtures.


Chandeliers can catch dust. With time, dust can accumulate, affecting the chandelier’s intricate design. Preferably, choose simpler designs. They are easy to clean, making them ideal for any home. Clean your chandeliers regularly to make them sparkle.

Ceiling Height

Besides the height of your room, it’s important to consider its height. Higher ceilings require bigger chandeliers. On the other hand, if the height is smaller, bring in a smaller chandelier. This will eliminate things like glare and balance. You should strike a balance between the height and size of the chandelier.


Check the bulbs of your chandlers. For instance, if you want a decorative chandelier, choose a unit with a lower number of bulbs. For more lighting, go for bulbs with a higher number of bulbs. If you want to have complete control over the amount of light emitted from a chandelier, go for a unit with shades.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Buying a Chandelier 2Also, consider the following additional tip and tricks:

  • Chose the right size
  • Check the warranty
  • Research before purchasing

The Bottom-Line

Lighting can instantly uplift any space, including your home. With the right chandelier, your home will ooze with class and sophistication. However, it’s important to get it right when purchasing your chandelier. Use the above tips and tricks when purchasing your next chandelier