How To Choose The Perfect Modern Chandelier

Perfect Modern Chandelier 1Interior design is an important aspect of any home. Getting the décor right, bringing in innovative furniture, and installing sophisticated lighting fixtures will automatically transform your home. Lighting can uplift your mood. Chandeliers can make your home look classic. That’s why you should choose the right chandelier. Select the right chandelier with the following tips and tricks.


There are several chandeliers on the market. Each type of chandelier should be installed in the right space. Whether you need chandeliers for hallways, kitchens, or bedrooms, you will surely get an option that suits your needs. The following are the top ways to choose your chandelier for different spaces.

Dining Rooms

Chandeliers can transform your dining room. They bring an intimate feeling into this space. It makes the dining room feel great and accessible. However, you must choose the right chandeliers for the dining room. Special considerations like size, type, as well as type, should be observed.

Generally, midcentury modern chandeliers come with fewer lights. Thus, you cannot install these types of chandeliers in the dining room. Instead, choose a chandelier that can create a warm atmosphere. It should be low. However, it shouldn’t get in your way. Get your measurements correct.

  • Round tables—The chandelier should be a third of the table’s width. For instance, a 20-inch chandelier can work perfectly for a 60-inch table.
  • Rectangular tables—If you are dealing with rectangular tables measure their width. Then divide the number by 2 before adding 5 inches.


Entryways can be divided into two types. They include:

  • Double-high (grand)
  • Normal ceiling height

Perfect Modern Chandelier 2If the ceiling is tall, consider hanging a chandelier 8 feet above the ground. If the room is more than 12 feet tall, add one foot. Don’t install the lighting fixture near the entryway. This is because it will swing. Instead, center the lighting fixture.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers can bring elegance to bedroom spaces. It creates elegance, making the space inviting. Additionally, chandeliers are effective in adding fans, boosting mood, and bringing that luxurious feel to the bedroom.

There are few options on the market as far as hanging chandeliers in the bedroom is concerned. One of the options is to center the chandelier in the bedroom. The other involves hanging it over your bed. For optimal results, consider hanging a pendant light near your bed. To inject more life into this space, add several lighting options. This will create zones in this space.

Small Rooms

Select a sculpturally shaped modern chandelier for small spaces. These chandeliers are effective in adding that extra oomph. These chandeliers will make tighter rooms look great. Remember, adding large lights in these spaces will make the space look impractical.

Big Rooms

Bigger rooms require more than one lighting fixture. You can add two or three chandeliers in two chandeliers.

The Bottom-Line

Perfect Modern Chandelier 3Don’t choose any chandeliers for your home. Select the best chandeliers. Choose chandeliers that will optimize your home’s décor. Choose the right size of chandeliers. Choose the right design. The above guide will help you choose the right chandelier.

Tips For Picking Up The Perfect Chandelier Lights

Chandelier Lights 1Installing chandeliers is one of the best ways to upgrade your home. Chandeliers are elegant decorations that can transform your home. They are sophisticated decorations for any modern home. You can install chandeliers in the kitchen, bathroom, or even bedroom. They can act as a focal point in your home. There are different types of chandeliers on the market. Choosing the right chandelier will instantly uplift your home. The following are top tips and tricks for selecting the best chandelier. Set A Budget  Set a budget. There are several options on the market. Thus, choose a chandelier you can afford. There are different types of chandeliers. Also, you will find different shapes. Each option comes with its price. Thus, shop around for a chandelier you can afford. Don’t break the bank. Plus, buying cheaper fixtures doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality units. Smaller, cheaper chandeliers can also be stylish. The bottom line is to choose something your pocket can allow. Design Theme  Chandelier Lights 3Consider the theme of your home before choosing your chandelier. Modern chandeliers are available in different styles. Common styles include:

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Classic

Choose a chandelier that complements your home’s overall style. Space Requirements Do you have enough space for your chandelier? Remember, chandeliers come in different sizes. If your room is small, choose smaller chandeliers. On the other hand, large spaces require bigger chandeliers. Don’t choose a chandelier that will overwhelm your spaces. Material, Finish  Choose the right finish. Modern chandeliers are manufactured from materials such as iron, metal, and aluminum. You can also purchase a chandelier made from brass as well as crystals. It depends on your tastes and your home’s overall décor. Thus, before choosing chandeliers, consider your home’s décor. Also, factor in how the material will complement your home’s overall décor. Ceiling Height  It’s important to consider the ceiling height when choosing a chandelier. Bigger chandeliers require sufficient ceiling height. If your room has a high ceiling, you can choose those huge chandeliers. On the other hand, smaller rooms require classic smaller chandeliers. Chandelier Size  Chandeliers come in different sizes. The type of chandelier you choose depends on the available space. While large rooms will demand more considerable chandeliers, smaller spaces will look exciting with smaller chandeliers. As stated before, don’t overwhelm a space with a big chandelier. Select the right size. You can consult an expert before selecting your chandelier. Maintenance Requirements Maintenance is also another important aspect you shouldn’t ignore. Thus, invest in a chandelier with low maintenance needs. Maintenance includes cleaning and restoring your chandelier. Don’t choose a chandelier that will pose problems too quickly. The Bottom-Line Chandelier Lights 4Choose the right chandelier for your home or office. Choose a chandelier that can uplift your home. Consider your budget. Check the design theme. Make sure it complements your home’s overall décor. You should also consider the material, finish, and space requirements. Consider maintenance requirements before selecting any chandelier. Use the above tips and tricks to choose the right chandelier for your home.

Ultimate Ceiling Chandelier Designs That Will Awe You

Ceiling Chandelier Designs 2Like jewelry, chandeliers can make a perfect statement in your home. They can optimize the overall ambiance of your home. With the right chandeliers, you can boost mood, uplift spaces in style, and create a centerpiece. That’s why you should choose your chandeliers wisely. Choose a chandelier that can fit into any style. Go for a versatile chandelier that can fit into a classic, rustic, or traditional home. The following are the top chandelier ideas you can install in your home.

Midcentury Modern Chandelier

The midcentury modern chandelier is ideal for a room with rich colors, exciting texture, and innovative patterns. This lighting feature will bring a space together. This lighting fixture will create that artwork in your space, turning it into an exciting space.

Contemporary Cottage Chandelier

When paired with a bright white shiplap, this chandelier will provide a perfect verdant view. It will make your spaces look contemporary. It will bring out that cottage design. Still more, it will add that dimension and make the space sparkle.

Rustic Ranch Chandelier

The antler chandelier can work best in high-ceiling entryways. Thus, an antler chandelier can add that rustic look to your rustic ranch. Bring that natural touch into the entryway with this lighting fixture.

Bohemian Chandelier

The beads will give your chandeliers that boho vibe. Any chandelier with beads will bring that bohemian vibe into your space. The design comes with linked circles, making it more contemporary and classic. You can also mix gold with white finishes and make your chandelier look splendid.

When selecting the best chandelier, consider factors such as light, scale, as well as style. However, you should also think creatively and try other styles. Choose a chandelier that will act as a piece of art in your home. It should be a centerpiece in any space.

Tasteful Traditional Chandelier

Ceiling Chandelier Designs 1Choose a pearl-laden lighting fixture. It will work perfectly with neutral tones. This chandelier will bring that tasteful traditional vibe into your home. Ideal for exquisitely covered ceilings, this chandelier will add a luxurious ceiling.

Wonderfully Whimsical Chandelier

Whimsy creates surprises. That’s what this chandelier brings to the table. This lighting fixture will greet your visitors and guide them through the entryway.

This lighting fixture comes with custom glass globes that hang from the stairwell. This lighting fixture will bring that dramatic effect to the entryway, making your visitors feel welcome.

Delightful Deco Chandelier

A sparkling shapely chandelier can be coupled with exciting graphic patterns to add that dynamic dimensions to your space.  You can install it in the kitchen and make it a lively space.

Stairways Glass Chandelier

Lighting up a super-high ceiling can be challenging. Luckily, you can turn to a stairways chandelier and turn the space into an exciting space. Equipped with eleven crystal spheres, this chandelier will accessorize your space with elegant designs. The chandelier can be hung from the rafters. The chandelier comes with a stainless steel base, making it look sparkling when hung from a high ceiling.

Spherical Crystal Chandeliers

If you don’t have enough space, then this might be your best bet. Bring these two globes into your home and instantly uplift it. Hang them using raindrops. They are mounted on the wall.

The Bottom-Line

Ceiling Chandelier Designs 3Chandeliers can radiate elegance in any space. When used wisely, they can boost mood and elevate a space. That’s why you need the right type of chandelier. The above are the top chandelier ideas you can use to transform your home or office.

How To Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 2Chandeliers can add that ambiance to your home. They can optimize comfort in any space. Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, chandeliers will make your home better. For optimal results, you need clean and maintain your chandeliers. Dirt can interfere with the performance of your chandelier. So, how do you make your chandelier sparkle? Keep reading to find out how to clean your crystal, glass, and brass chandeliers.


Make your chandeliers sparkle with regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether you have brass, crystal, or glass chandeliers, cleaning, and maintenance will make your chandeliers sparkle and last long. The best part is that the process isn’t that complicated. Keep reading to find out how chandeliers are cleaned and maintained.

Use The Right Cleaner

Don’t use harsh products to clean your chandeliers. Instead, use soft products to clean your lighting fixtures. Use a bar of dish soap, microfiber cloths, a spray bottle, and cleaning gloves. Also, ensure that you have isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

Combine dish soap and distilled water when cleaning crystal chandeliers. Always, wear gloves when cleaning chandeliers. Gloves will protect you from the cleaning solutions. They will also protect the crystals from fingerprints. Choose natural cleaning suppliers.

The Dish Soap Cleaning Method

  • Mix some gentile dish soap with lukewarm water.
  • Dismantle the chandelier
  • Observe safety precautions when dismantling the fixture. For instance, make sure that the main switch is off to avoid electrocution. Rinse the pieces before spraying them using a microfiber cloth.

The Alcohol Cleaning Method

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 3You can clean your chandelier using the alcohol method. The following are the top steps you should use when cleaning your chandelier:

  • Start by mixing the isopropyl alcohol with distilled water.
  • For hanging chandeliers consider using a spray bottle. Use a clean cloth. The next step involves wiping down all parts of the fixture.
  • Alternatively, you can dismantle the chandelier.
  • Before dismantling the fixture, switch off the main switch.
  • Wash all the pieces using a solution
  • The next step involves drying them complete

Use Vinegar

Brass chandeliers can be cleaned using vinegar. Soak a rag in warm vinegar. Dip it into a table salt. This will create a natural solution you can use to scrub the tarnished brass. It will also remove any buildup of dirt. Rinse it with a clean cloth.

You can also use vinegar to clean glass and crystal chandeliers. Start by mixing vinegar with warm water. However, this method is not highly recommended when it comes to cleaning these types of chandeliers.

Basic Chandelier Cleaning Rules

Turn off the light. This will prevent electrocution and electrical-related accidents. Use an alternative source of lighting when cleaning. This will help you see what you are cleaning. Always, wear gloves. This will protect your chandelier from fingerprints. Don’t use cleaning clothes. Stick to soft microfiber-based cloths. Avoid rotating the chandelier. This can make it lose its support.

The Bottom-Line

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 4Don’t allow your chandelier to catch dirt. Whether it’s glass, crystal, or brass chandeliers, dirt can interfere with their functionality. That’s why you should clean them well. Use the right cleaning material. Follow the instructions. Use the right detergents. The above guide will help you clean your crystal, brass, or brass chandelier and make them sparkle again.

Drum Chandelier Lightings To Liven Up Your House

Drum Chandelier Lightings 1Modern chandeliers come with innovative features. They are also available in different types. From crystal to drum chandeliers, you will get a chandelier that fits the needs of your home. They can transform your home into a cozy space. In particular, drum chandeliers can optimize the aesthetics of your home. Designed with a series of lights, these chandeliers can make your home sophisticated and welcoming. They have a shade that houses a series of lights, making them ideal for any kind of space. These chandeliers resemble lampshades. The following guide will help you understand drum chandeliers and how they can help your home.

Why Choose Drum Chandeliers?

Drum chandeliers are quickly becoming common in modern homes. Besides adding elegance to any space, drum chandeliers can also save you energy. The following are the top reasons why you should add drum chandeliers to your home.

Warm Radiance

Drum chandeliers come with drum-shaped covers. The cover is armored around the chandelier’s central lighting source. This produces a soft, romantic glow. Bringing these chandeliers to your home will make spaces look cozier and welcoming.

Multiple Styles

Drum chandeliers come in different styles as well as designs. The most prominent drum chandelier features rustic metal elements. High-end drum chandeliers are available in distinct wood finishes. Thus, you will get a chandelier that suits your home’s overall needs. Before choosing your drum chandelier, consider your home’s décor. If your home is contemporary, go for a chandelier that can complement its décor.

How To Use Drum Chandeliers?

Drum Chandelier Lightings 2There are several ways you can use chandeliers. The following are the top ways you can use drum chandeliers and transform your home.

Kitchen Islands

Install drum pendants around Kitchen Island and transform the space. Drum chandeliers are perfect for uplifting the decor of kitchen islands. Using these chandeliers automatically gives you a memorable dining experience.

Table Lamps

Having enough desk space can boost your career. That’s why many professionals love including the right lighting around the desk space. Unfortunately, most lighting fixtures will clog this space. However, you can do away with these fixtures and install simple drum shades. These lighting fixtures can be hung above the desk. They are effective in adding soft working lights.

Light Up Hallways

Halls are difficult to light. In most cases, they require several lighting fixtures. Fortunately, drum shades can provide enough lighting in these spaces. Installing drum chandeliers will light up the hallways effectively, making these spaces look good and inviting.

Shade lighting gives the illusion that you have shorter lighting. Also, it gives evenly distributed lighting in the halls. These lighting solutions are elegant and functional, which makes them ideal for hallway spaces.

The Bottom-Line

Drum Chandelier Lightings 3Drum chandlers are innovative lighting fixtures that come with a series of lights. These lighting fixtures can be installed in dining rooms as well as kitchens. Still more, you can install them in the living rooms, entryways, and hallways. They are available in different styles, which makes them ideal for any living space. The above are the top reasons why you should buy drum chandeliers.