Find Stunning Chandeliers For Sale Across The UK

A modern home should have the right lighting. Transforming your home into a modern dwelling space entails installing an elegant, well-crafted chandelier. A stunning chandelier can create that focal point, transforming your home into an oasis of tranquility. As a homeowner, it’s important to choose the finest chandeliers on the market. Below are some of the most exquisite chandeliers for sale across the UK worth considering.

Drum Chandelier

If you love that classic look in lighting, then the drum chandelier should be a top choice. Designed using large metal drums with studded grid work as well as faceted glass-based crystal beads, this chandelier can instantly transform any space. It’s also important to note that this chandelier comes with hanging crystals, which makes it the perfect choice for those looking to create a centerpiece in their spaces.

Equipped with 4 integrated 60-watt based light sockets, this chandelier is huge enough to light up large spaces like living rooms, entryways, and bedrooms. You can install the drum chandelier on sloped ceilings. Other features of this stunning chandelier include:

  • Dimmable
  • Versatile

Antique Farmhouse Chandelier

The antique farmhouse chandelier is a typical example of a classic design, which doesn’t easily go out of style. The chandelier is made from beautiful quality materials and comes in different styles, which makes it ideal for both traditional and modern homes. You can install the antique farmhouse chandelier in the dining room, bathroom, foyer, kitchen, living room, etc. The best thing about this chandelier is that the crystals can perfectly scatter light throughout the entire space. This chandelier is compatible with different bulb types, including those that come with dimming capabilities.

Spiral Raindrop Chandelier

Ideal for entryways, the spiral raindrop chandelier is poised to become a showstopper. One of the best things about this chandelier is that it can be a delightful showpiece for your entryway. Thus, purchase this exclusive chandelier and amaze your guests. Available in different sizes, you will always get a spiral raindrop chandelier that suits your space’s needs.

For optimal results, choose warm, cool light bulbs. It’s important to note that this chandelier is heavy and takes time to assemble. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire a qualified technician to install it.

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

Faithfully designed from authentic materials, the rectangular crystal chandelier can be a centerpiece for your modern home. This chandelier comes with transparent K9 crystals, adding more sparkle to your interior décor. The crystals are designed to disperse light throughout any space in a uniform and dazzling way.

Ideal for dining rooms, this chandelier comes with cool lights that make the crystals shine. Its rectangular shape makes the rectangular crystal chandelier ideal for rectangular-shaped dining room tables. You can also install it in the living room.

It’s important to note that this chandelier is available in different sizes. Thus, you will always get a size that fits into your explicit needs.

Sputnik Glass Pendant

Featuring the 1950s space-age nostalgia, the Sputnik glass pendant chandelier can be used in different spaces. From midcentury modern to minimalistic, this chandelier can work with virtually any style. The frosted glass bulbs are merged with chrome, creating an impeccable design. You can use this chandelier in the dining room, living room, bedroom, etc. It also works well in areas with vaulted ceilings. Easy to hang, this chandelier comes with a sturdy build and can provide illumination from all its 15 halogen bulbs.

Sutter Multi-Light Chandelier

Equipped with more than 10 light sources for enhanced visibility, this chandelier comes with an adjustable height. You can adjust it up to 59.5 inches, making it ideal for any ceiling height. This dazzling chandelier can be used in sloped ceilings and is available in three colorways. Whether you need gold, silver, or dark brown, you will always find a mercury row Sutter multi-light chandelier that suits your home’s décor

It’s important to note that this chandelier is dimmable and compatible with type B bulbs and CLF 9-Watt bulbs

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The Bottom-Line

The UK is known for its love for lighting. Nearly every home you will visit in the UK has more than one lamp. This demonstrates the importance of lighting in this beautiful country. Research shows that light plays a key role in your well-being. So, doing everything to light up your home in style is a worthy investment. That’s why you should invest in the right chandelier. Choose energy-saving chandeliers. Go for bright, exquisite chandeliers and transform your home. The above are some of the finest chandeliers for sale in the UK.

Add Sparkle To Your Living Room With Our Collection Of Crystal Floor Lamps

Designed to be functional and decorative, floor lamps can add that extra charm to any space. Whether it is the bedroom or living room, a stylish floor lamp can complement the décor of any space. Presently, interior designers are beginning to incorporate floor lamps into their designs. The best thing is that floor lamps can be placed in different places, including near the sofa, on the kitchen table, beside your bed, or even adjacent to the entryway console table, etc. Still more, floor lamps can be combined with lighting solutions such as table lamps and overhead lights to create a whimsical ambiance. Here are the top ways of decorating your spaces with floor lamps.


Make your spaces stylish with authentic floor lamps from Classical Chandeliers. Add that extra spark to your spaces with functional and decorative table lamps. Place your floor lamps near the sofa, kitchen table, or close to the bed and compliment the décor of your spaces.

Where To Place Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are stylish, sleek, and functional lighting fixtures, which makes them ideal for living rooms. However, it’s important to master the art of decorating with floor lamps. The following are practical ways of getting the most out of your floor lamp for any space.

Empty Corner

Do you have a space in your room? Well, fill it with a floor lamp. Fill the living room corners with authentic floor lamps from Classical Chandeliers. Placing a floor lamp on these areas balances every aspect of the space. For instance, you can place a floor lamp in an awkward or empty-looking corner.

Each Side Of The Sofa

Make each side of your sofa visible with floor lamps. Besides improving visibility, table lamps will help you make these spaces look tidy. Table lamps on each side of your sofa will create a fine balance.  Bonus if there are matching end tables. If you want to create contrast, position a metallic-based floor lamp against your dark wall. It will create that modern aesthetic.

Mix It With Plant Displays

Create that perfect plant display with a stunning floor lamp. Ideal for living rooms, mixing floor lamps with plant displays is the best way to make your living room look natural. This design works well for empty spaces.

Turn Them Into Décor Features

Creating a minimalistic living room design can be a challenge. However, you can do it; thanks to floor lamps. Instead of overloading your space with décor and other knick-knacks, use decorative lighting fixtures, such as floor lamps. It’s important to note that these floor lamps are both functional and decorative.

Place It At The Center Of The Room

Home décor is all about creativity. Thus, think outside of the box and make that perfect, dramatic statement by placing your floor lamp in the center of your space. This can optimize the décor of this home, especially when furniture and coffee tables are involved.

Additional Ideas

The following are additional ways of using floor lamps:

  • An empty wall can benefit from a decorative floor lamp
  • Position them behind your sofa for better illumination of this space
  • Floor lamps can light up the reading area
  • Large curved lamp placed over your sofa
  • Place them between your accent chairs

The Bottom-Line

Create a lasting impression with the finest event lighting solutions from Classical Chandeliers. Whether you are holding a wedding event, birthday party, or an anniversary, chandelier-for-hire services in the UK from Classical Chandeliers will optimize the décor of your event. Choose a chandelier that echoes the décor of your space.

Looking For A Chandelier Hire Service In The UK For Elegant Events

Want to hold that themed event? Well, that’s a dream to many and you can do it. It takes preparations. You need experts on board to achieve that perfect event. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, holding a themed event requires planning, time, and expertise. In particular, you need the right lighting. Chandelier for hire service in the UK from Classical Chandeliers will take care of the lighting aspect of your themed event. Learn how you to use chandelier for hire service in the UK for elegant events.

Choosing The Finest Chandelier For Your Event

Weddings are fun. However, planning a successful wedding takes time. You should have an elaborate plan. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is lighting. Decorating your wedding in style takes expertise. Luckily, you can count on Classical Chandeliers for the best wedding chandelier lights for hire. We stock some of the finest chandeliers for both rustic and modern weddings.

Types Of Chandeliers For Events

Chandeliers are architectural lighting fixtures that can accentuate the décor of any space. There are several types of chandeliers for weddings and other events. Classical Chandeliers boasts a huge selection of chandeliers for modern wedding aesthetics. They include:

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Brass and bronze chandeliers
  • Classic and cluster chandeliers
  • Wrought iron chandeliers
  • Customized chandeliers
  • Vintage elegance-inspired

Classical Chandeliers values you. We place a lot of emphasis on quality, beauty, and functionality. Our chandelier for hire in the UK are authentic, functional, versatile, and characteristically beautiful.

Statement Drama

Make a statement with our crystal chandeliers for a modern wedding. Inject that modern vibe into your space with these crystal chandeliers for modern events. These statement-making chandelier pieces will automatically make your wedding décor stunning.

Wrought Iron

Love the rustic glamour vibe for your wedding? Well, you are then better off with wrought iron-inspired chandeliers. The best thing is that these chandeliers come in different colors—like black and gothic—for more drama. If your wedding will be held in an orchard, barn, castle, or rustic venue, then these are the chandeliers you should seriously consider.

Ball Crystal

Ball crystal chandeliers are elegant pieces for a modern wedding event. They can add glamour and make a statement to your wedding. These chandeliers can be used in venues like ballrooms, galleries, etc.

Earthy Romance

Create that earthly elegance in your wedding with garden-inspired chandeliers. These romantic lighting pieces can work perfectly for whimsical parties and rustic warehouses. Consider cluster chandeliers, which involves grouping several chandeliers, to add that extra lighting touch and charm to your wedding décor.

The Bottom-Line

Finally, you have decided to hold that themed event. Congratulations. However, you should plan well to hold that themed event. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or any kind of celebration, you need the right lighting to make your day a success. Chandelier for hire services in the UK from Classical Chandeliers is dedicated to making your event a success. With a large selection of chandelier-for-hire services in the UK, Classical Chandelier will truly deliver your dream event.