We Provide Chandelier Restoration, Renovation, and Chandelier Repairs

A bright day starts with the right lighting. Research shows that poor lighting can lead to mood swings, anxiety, and depression, among other psychological-related conditions. That’s why it’s advisable to have the right lighting. Ensure that your lighting is working properly. Make sure that your chandelier is sparkling clean and maintained optionally.

Cleaning will restore your chandelier to its original glittering condition. We provide optimal chandelier restoration, renovation, and repair services across the UK. Keep reading to find out why we want your chandelier to glitter and ooze with class.

Why Chandelier Cleaning And Restoration?

Chandeliers are designed to sparkle with elegance. They produce optimal results when they are sparkly clean. They give you unmatched brilliance when they are properly maintained. Things like dust and loose wires can affect the performance of your chandelier. Here are the top reasons why chandelier cleaning and maintenance is important.


Loose wires can pose a danger to your family. They can cause electrical shock or electrocution. Have them fixed to avoid these electoral-related hazards. Choose a chandelier repair company to correct these issues for optimal results. Classical Chandeliers offers premium chandelier repair services. We have some of the best electricians to restore your chandelier to its original condition.

Optimal Illumination

A poorly wired chandelier can affect the quality of light it emits. Also, dust and dirt will prevent your chandelier from emitting quality lighting. That’s why chandelier cleaning is an important aspect of your home’s lighting system. Contact Classical Chandeliers for top-notch cleaning services. Every step of our cleaning process is done with a high level of precision.


Allowing dirt or dust to accumulate on your chandelier will increase degradation. Remember, chandeliers are expensive. Don’t allow foreign material to damage your investment. Have it cleaned, maintained, and restored by Classical Chandeliers.

 Our Services

Classical Chandeliers provides a range of chandelier cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. They include:

  • Dirt and dust removal
  • We clean the chandelier’s body, frame, as well as metal pieces
  • We restore all chandelier parts
  • We replace broken or worn-out light bulbs
  • We provide cleaning materials as well as equipment
  • We offer on-site services
  • We also offer electrical testing and rewiring series.

Chandelier Restoration

We understand the importance of every accessory in the chandeliers. We have highly skilled technicians who will work around the clock to produce and replicate parts to restore the chandelier to its original shape.

Chandelier Repairs

Intricate crystals or wires can be damaged. Our elite chandelier repair team will correct any loose, chipped, or twisted parts due to natural wear.

Chandelier Cleaning

We clean all chandelier parts. Cleaning removes dirt and dust from the crystals, leaving them sparkling. Get in touch today!

The Bottom-Line

Indulge in exclusive lighting with Classical Chandeliers. Besides designing and selling the finest chandeliers, we also offer chandelier cleaning, restoration, maintenance, and repair services. We believe in the power of precision. Our chandelier cleaning services are top-notch. This explains why we are a premium chandelier cleaning, restoration, and repair company in the United Kingdom. Visit our new showroom at the Bull in, Bentley and discover how we can light your world!

Choose From Our Large Chandelier Lighting Fittings To Show Off Your Style

Refresh your space with Classical Chandeliers. Unleash the power of lighting and transform your space into an oasis of tranquility. With the right chandelier, you can uplift any room into a cozy space. That’s why you need to choose wisely. Go for chandeliers that can appendage the décor of your space. We have a selection of high-end chandeliers for a modern home. Come and let’s give you a chandelier to show off your style. Keep reading to find out what we have in store for you.

Empire Chandeliers

Dire to dream big and purchase empire chandeliers for your modern space. The results will be trilling. These chandeliers, known for their large bell shapes, come with glass bead coverings. They are also designed to epitomize loyal status. That’s why they are common in actual castles.

 Ideal for large homes, these chandeliers are formal and regal. They fit into traditional decorations. Get yours today from classical Chandelier and show off your style.

Cage Chandeliers

If you love that geometric flair, then here is the deal: install cage chandeliers. Cage chandeliers are hanging lights that resemble geometric cages. They can be anything from acrylic, and metal, to wood. These chandeliers are generally elegant and sleek in design. They can suit modern spaces.

So, if you love unique materials and want to show off your style, head straight to Classical Chandeliers. They have unique cage chandeliers for your home.

Crystal Chandeliers

Who doesn’t love the sparkle of crystals? Well, if you like them, install crystal chandeliers. These chandeliers come with uniquely styled and expertly cut pieces (crystal). These crystals are draped around this elegant lighting fixture. Mostly, they are accessorized with candle holders with crystal accents.

These chandeliers are bold. They are designed to make a statement in large spaces. So, get yours from Classical Chandeliers and give your spaces extra brilliance.

Waterfall Chandeliers

One of the best ways to show off your style is through waterfall chandeliers. Hypermodern, elegant, and faithfully created, waterfall chandeliers are designed with glass (or crystal) beads arranged to resemble dripping waterfalls. These chandeliers look drippy, and watery (because of the unique bead arrangements), making them ideal for any space. Whether you have a traditional or modern space, these chandeliers will never disappoint.

Traditional Chandeliers

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional way when decorating your home. If you love traditional lighting, choose traditional-inspired chandeliers. These chandeliers come with multiple lights (depending on your preferences). You can either select a ring or single glow-lights.

The best thing is that these chandeliers can work with virtually any space. From small to large rooms, these chandeliers are designed to light up any space.

Keep Checking

There are several chandelier options to show off your style. In our next blog, you will discover additional chandeliers to show your style. So, please keep checking. We’ll keep you in the loop. Also, we are on Facebook. Like, share, or follow us for exciting content and products.

The Bottom-Line

Chandeliers are versatile lighting solutions for any space. From traditional to contemporary homes, chandeliers are designed to turn houses into homes. They enhance the coziness of any space. As a homeowner, it’s important to take your lighting design seriously. Choose the right chandelier. We have a selection of innovative lighting solutions to show off your style. Make the right move today!

Unique & Elegant Chandeliers For Sale In the UK

Incorporating a chandelier into your home can complement its overall décor and interior design. With so many styles on the market, you can select a chandelier that clicks you’re your home’s interior design. Understand different chandelier designs. Know the available chandelier finishes on the market. Consult an expert before making your final decision. This guide will narrow down unique and elegant chandeliers for sale in the UK for modern spaces.

Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers are unique lighting fixtures for modern and traditional homes. These chandeliers come with at least 5 extensions. Usually, each extension comes with a candle-like light. This chandelier is ideal for rustic-styled decors. It’s important to note that these chandeliers aren’t too large. This means that they don’t take up a lot of space.

Classical Chandeliers stocks authentic candle chandeliers to compliment your rustic décor. With prompt delivery and excellent customer care services, you won’t go wrong with these chandeliers.

Antler Chandeliers

Are you fond of the outdoors? Well, think about installing antler chandeliers. These chandeliers have a rustic touch, which makes them ideal for outdoor spaces. You can install these chandeliers in the kitchen, dining room, etc. So, bring the outdoors into your indoor spaces with antler chandeliers from Classical Chandeliers.

These chandeliers are relatively small. They don’t take up a large space.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are common in modern spaces. These materials are made from fine crystals, which explains why they are called crystal chandeliers. If you want pure elegance, these are the chandeliers you should purchase.  

Crystal chandeliers can be installed in different spaces, including the living room, dining room, spiraling stairways, etc. However, they aren’t ideal for bedrooms.

These chandeliers come in different styles. One of the most exciting styles in Classical Chandeliers is the raindrop chandelier. This chandelier features crystals arranged to mimic falling rain.

Another great style you can consider is the staircase chandelier. This intricate design comes with crystals arranged in a downward spiral, which resembles a classic winding stairway!

Glass Chandeliers

Classical Chandeliers value variety. If you love glass material, you’ll find a glass chandelier for your space. These chandeliers are made from glass material. They also offer diversity and sophistication.

Modern Chandeliers

Give your spaces a futuristic vibe with modern chandeliers. Available in different shapes, these chandeliers are very geometric and will give your home a classic vibe. These chandeliers are versatile and can be installed in most spaces. From the living room to the entryway, modern chandeliers will transform your home into a comfortable dwelling space.

Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers, as the name suggests, are drum-shaped. These shapes offer a romantic glow and come in different sizes. Our drum chandeliers are long-lasting, durable, and elegant. Shop today and give your home a romantic vibe.

Other Chandelier for Sale

Here are additional chandeliers for sale in the UK you should consider:

  • Transitional chandeliers
  • Bowl chandeliers
  • Beaded chandeliers
  • Caged chandeliers
  • Tiered chandeliers

The Bottom-Line

Having a house is good. However, having a home makes the whole difference. The right lighting transforms a house into a home. It converts ordinary rooms into cozy spaces. Invest in the right chandelier. Choose chandeliers that complete your home’s overall décor. The above are the top unique and elegant chandeliers for sale in the UK for modern homes.

Exclusive Chandelier Lighting for Sale in the UK

Chandeliers offer an ornate atmosphere in any space, including living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, kitchens, and even offices. Available in different styles, chandeliers are designed to inject class and sophistication into any space. Besides offering functional illumination, chandeliers can boost mood and improve your overall wellbeing. The following are exclusive chandelier lighting for sale in the UK you should know.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Chandeliers are creatively designed to elevate the appearance of every space. Wagon-wheeled chandeliers are perfect for hallways and entryways. Installing them on your staircase or kitchen island will add a touch of class and sophistication. These versatile luminaries are an excellent pick for creating a contemporary look. They produce adequate light and last longer than other types of lighting.

Kitchen Island Chandelier

Create a cozy atmosphere with kitchen island chandeliers. These open-caged fixtures are available in rustic, contemporary, and farmhouse-inspired designs. Featuring metallic light bases and faux-painted wooden frames, these lights are set to give your home an instant uplift.

They’re ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. Install them today and breathe new life into your space.

Candle Light Chandeliers

These chandeliers offer bold illumination. They feature striking designs that will instantly transform your home’s look. They’re best suited to living rooms and dining spaces. Their materials and shape are incredibly stylish.

Even more, they provide amazing light quality. Looking at the beautiful light they produce will make you happy. Plus, they’ll inject freshness into your space, creating a more modern look.

Linear Chandeliers

These mid-century modern-style chandeliers are crafted from metal. They’re outfitted with a round canopy and adjustable crossing arms. This allows you to rearrange the fixture depending on your personal needs. A linear chandelier features several lights and high-quality materials.

Globe Chandeliers

Upgrade your home’s décor with a stylish globe chandelier. Featuring a round ceiling canopy and a modern industrial design, this fixture provides a generous ambiance. Its orbital design is exemplary and will convert your space into a gathering zone. When correctly installed, globe chandeliers can truly make a difference in your home.

Lantern Chandeliers

These chandeliers offer rustic flair. They’re available in wooden and forged iron finishes. The vintage look and crisp edges create a modern look. Not only do these fixtures provide neutral ambient lighting but they also offer enhanced comfort with elegance. Install them in your kitchen, entryway, or dining room for an instant uplift.

Statement Drum Chandeliers

Elevate the elegance of your spaces with statement drum chandeliers. Designed from original pieces, statement drum chandeliers can be hung and act as a work of art. Ideal for entryways, drum-shaped chandeliers can also be used to light up the staircase and kitchen island. As versatile luminaires, statement drum chandeliers can add that sense of contemporary style to any space. A statement drum chandelier can accommodate 3 medium energy-saving bulbs (100W each).

The Bottom-Line

Light your spaces in style. Choose lighting solutions that offer both functional and decorative lighting. Exclusive chandelier lighting for sale in the UK will transform your space into a cozy atmosphere. Before buying a chandelier, research first. Determine your needs. Set a budget. Let the above inspirations guide you when selecting an exclusive chandelier for sale in the UK.

How to Create the Perfect Lighting Ambiance in Every Room

Lighting plays a key role in optimizing a room’s overall ambiance. Besides providing functional illumination, lighting can also set the mood of a space. Playing with color temperature will make a room comfortable and inviting. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand how lighting can be used to improve mood and create a good ambiance in any space. The following are the top ways of creating that perfect ambiance in every room.

Leverage Natural Lighting

Take advantage of natural lighting. Your rooms can be adequately lit during the daytime using passive light sources. This won’t just minimize your energy costs but it’ll also create an inviting space.

Create Exposure

Make sure your rooms are well-exposed to natural light. Maximum exposure in the right direction offers unique lighting. South-facing rooms usually have great exposure to natural lighting. Add large windows to this face to get optimal illumination from natural light. You may also want to consider introducing mirrors behind the walls to amplify the light.
Select the Appropriate Paint Color

Amplify your home’s lighting with the right paint. In small rooms, consider utilizing white paint on the walls. Placing mirrors along the window openings will maximize lighting. Check with a professional to see which paint color is best suited to your home. Settle for one that absorbs and reflects the highest amount of light.

Take Advantage Of Recessed Lighting

Take advantage of the pot and can lights. Make sure each lighting fixture casts a cone of light on the floor. Choose the right cone lights based on your home’s ceiling height. Use LEDs or halogen bulbs for a spectacular lighting option and a clean beam spread.

It’s All About Your Health

Older people are generally more sensitive to light. They need more light to see finer details. If that’s the case in your home, consider investing in reading lamps. Eye color and certain medical conditions can cause hypersensitivity to light. But the good news is that dimmers can be installed to effectively regulate these lighting levels. Utilize dimmers for your home’s lighting and create comfortable zones.

Choose The Right Materials, Finishes

You can either opt for a cave-like or light-filled space. Depending on your preferences, always strive to create your comfort zone with the right lighting colors, and materials. Position your ambient lights strategically to add more charm and personality.

Take your time to develop a unique lighting plan that will perfectly suit your needs. Materials and finishes play a major role in shaping every room’s lighting and geometry. Remember, lighting is technical and should be carefully incorporated into complex areas of design. With proper lighting, you can quickly create an ornate atmosphere for your space.
The Bottom-Line

If you have decided to light it up, do it in style. Bring in lighting fixtures that provide task, ambient, and functional lighting. Select lighting fixtures that will set the right tone and optimize the mood in your spaces. Create the perfect ambiance in every space with lighting solutions from Saving Light Bulbs. The above are the top ways of creating that perfect ambiance with the right lighting.