5 Things Nobody Told You About Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning 1Chandeliers are supposed to sparkle. They should exude elegance. However, over time, chandeliers gather dust and dirt. This can reduce their efficiency. That’s why you should clean your chandeliers from time to time. However, it’s important to do the cleaning the right way. Get the cleaning basics right. Here are key things nobody told you about chandelier cleaning.

Dust Wastes a Lot of Energy

Besides reducing the aesthetic appeal of your chandeliers, dirt can waste a lot of energy. According to the stats, dirty can waste a significant amount of energy. Thus, cleaning your chandeliers regularly will make your fixtures efficient and long-lasting.

Hiring A Professional Is Cost-Effective

Of course, you can do it alone. However, chandelier cleaning is associated with a lot of risks. For instance, you need to lower the chandelier to the ground for cleaning, which can expose you to an electrical shock. If you get any step wrong, you can break the crystals and destroy your chandelier. Second, you need to handle it with care. If you don’t, it can lead to injuries. Hiring a professional chandelier company like Classical Chandeliers is better. A professional company has the experience, resources, and expertise to clean your chandelier. At a small cost, you can have your chandelier cleaned safely and effectively.

Cleaning Should Be Done Once Per Year

Chandelier Cleaning 2Cleaning a chandelier is one of the most important maintenance tips. Thus, you should clean it regularly. Preferably, clean your chandelier once every twelve months. This will remove dust and dirt from the crystal prisms as well as strands. When cleaning your chandelier, use lukewarm water and a microfiber towel to wipe the glasses. Handle the glasses carefully.

Dusting Weekly Is Key

Don’t wait until the end of the year to clean your chandelier. Dust will bulk up, resulting in a major problem. Instead, dust your chandelier weekly to minimize the buildup of any dust or grime. Use a dry duster to clean the outside of your chandelier. Avoid spraying any solution over your chandelier. This is because solutions can result in corrosion, which can degrade your chandelier.

Regular Inspection Is Important

A regular inspection doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a professional company. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. You can do it on your own. Check for loose wires or broken pieces through visual inspection. However, if you don’t have the time to inspect your chandelier, hire a professional cleaning company like Classical Chandeliers. Remember, things like loose wires can reduce the functionality of your chandelier. It can also increase the utility bills in your home.

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The Bottom-Line

If you want your chandeliers to sparkle and glitter with class and elegance, clean them regularly. Cleaning the chandeliers removes dirt and dust from the crystals, leaving them sparkling clean. However, it’s not all about cleaning. You must clean them well. Use the above guide to clean your chandeliers the right way.

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