Assembling your Chandelier

Many people ask, “How does my Chandelier come?” and ” Does it need Assembling?” . Well certainly with chandeliers from Classical Chandelier they come carefully packed with the arms and all delicate components taken off and individually wrapped. This is because a chandelier, being made of crystal and glass, is inherently fragile and consequently cannot be sent in an assembled form. This also means that the size of the packaging is minimised so as to keep delivery costs as low as possible.

When people fist open the box there keen anticipation can often turn into a mild form of panic when they see the array of delicate chandelier parts meticulously packed in the box and they wonder where to start. But do not panic. What does at first sight appear to be a most complex and intricate crystal jigsaw puzzle is actually quite achievable and is normally viewed as quite an interesting and rewarding task. But where do you start?

The first thing to do is to find the instructions which are an A4 sheet showing a diagrammatic representation of how to assemble your chandelier. This will clearly show the best process to assemble it in and most importantly which parts go where. The best thing to do then is to unwrap all the parts and lay them out, ideally on a table so you can see what you have and compare the parts with the instruction sheet.

Now you do need a strategy for the assembly and installation process.

  • If your chandelier is small , say a single tier with 5 arms, and weighing under 10kg then you can find a place to hang the top part from and build the entire chandelier at ground level. From there you can simply climb your ladder or steps and hang on the hook on the ceiling and get the electrician to connect the electrics.
  • If your chandelier is larger then unless you are a body builder who is nimble enough to climb steps with a 20kg delicate crystal chandelier then you will need another plan. The best way forward here is to hang the top part of the chandelier from the ceiling and to start assembling from there. Initially screwing the arms in place and then gradually building the chandelier and then hanging on the crystal trimmings. If the chandelier is 2 tier then you will need to assemble the top tier, get the electrician to make the intermediary connections, and then the lower tier and then get the electrician to make the final lower connections. This way you can work in harmony with the electrician to achieve a fabulous result

So now, with a little patience and care you are there. Your fabulous crystal chandelier is hanging in that perfect position just as planned and all you need to do now is to sit back and admire it.

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  1. Pretty informative post, I learned some stuff I didn’t already know about chandeliers. I just found your blog; it’s pretty cool. I’m going to have to look at some of your other articles.

  2. I really love this blog. It shows how to essemble a chandelier and everthing. Nice blog. I couldnt of done better myself.=)

  3. This is such a good blog! If I had a chandelier, I would ask those questions, but not with this blog! I understand this has a great customer service and a brilliant, clever, author with beautiful chandeliers and winches and light bulbs. In the future I will definitely look again at this brilliant blog.

    Thanks, Pauline

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