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The Manual Chandelier Winch

Why would you use a Manual Winch?

With the onset of electric specialist chandelier winches on the surface there does not seem to be a place for the manual lighting winch. Electric winches have been developed with some great features like the contact plate system, which means that the light is just lowered on a wire rope alleviating the need for a separate lighting flex. This example of a lighting winch is now state or the art and can be easily installed out of the box and you could almost categorise as ‘plug and play’.

Lighting WinchThere are however a couple of drawbacks which whilst normally not an issue can be problematic for certain installations. Firstly the winch has a contact plate system which mean that the red disc has to pass through the ceiling through a hole of approximately 90mm diameter. Secondly the motorised lift unit is fairly large with dimensions of around 350mm by 350mm albeit that the thickness is just 80mm. A combination of these factory means that in some lighting applications then these factors restrict the use of the electric lighting lift.

Types of Manual Lighting Winches

Manual systems in there basic form are like the winches used on boat trailers. There is a geared mechanism to wind the cable in and a ratchet brake to prevent the winch from unwinding.  The level of sophistication above this will have a double braking system for safety which is really essential of lighting application where a heavy light is being suspended above people. Clearly any failure of the system is likely to result in personal injury which must be avoided at all costs. For this reason we always recommend the use of a worm gear model as shown below.

Worm Gear Lighting WinchThe advantage of the worm gear mechanism is that it can be turned by the handle to lift the light or to lower it but the inherent engineering design aspect of a worm gear stop it from rotating in the reverse direction. This is because the frictional force on the worm gear is so high when it is being operated from the winch drum end that it simply cannot be turned. This means that the worm gear inch is a natural choice for lighting installations where clearly safety is of paramount importance.

A Typical Installation using a Worm Gear Winch

The example featured below needed a winch to be slotted between 2 joists which were just 175mm apart.  Even this was too narrow for the worm gear winch but by chiseling out the width to 200mm and providing additional support for the thinning of the joist then the worm gear winch fitted perfectly.

worm_gear_winch_250kg_03The operating  handle is removable so this means that it could be taken off and stowed away, allowing for a neat hatch to be constructed over the unit. The hatch is not pictured as this was completed by a joiner after our winch installation was complete. The winch is also very high load rated at 250kg which  is generally more than adequate for all but the largest of chandeliers. As you can see from this then all lighting winch installations have there own specific requirements so it is important to keep an open mind and select the best type for the job.

10 things to consider when buying a light fixture

  1. The first and most important thing to consider is the size of the fixture. It is essential that the size of the light works well in the size of the room.
    chandelier dining room
  2. If you have a large room and a chandelier or fixture that is too small for it, it can be swallowed by the room and become almost unnoticeable and ineffective, however, you can also have a chandelier that is too big for a room which means it would overpower a room and would be too much – making it basically the only thing you can see in the room!

    We have a guide on our website which is dedicated to helping you find the correct size chandelier for you room. Please follow the link by clicking here.

  3. When choosing a chandelier or lighting fixture, it is important to consider that a lot of fixtures can be altered to suit interior design. The fixtures at Classical Chandeliers can be practically redesigned to suit each individual’s purpose. There are so many varying factors, for example, the finish, size, number of arms, length of chain, candle dish colour and size, crystals etc. The list is practically endless. This is especially helpful if maybe you have seen a style that you like but there are some aspects that aren’t specifically what you had in mind. We are keen and willing to help you find your perfect fixture!

    pendant 3

  4. Being able to change the different aspects of the chandelier is an important factor to consider, but there are also different types of crystals that are on available. This would be beneficial to those who might want to save money as the price of a fixture can change depending on what crystal is used on the chandelier. chandelier crystals
    This by no means means that the crystal is of lesser quality, they are still high quality crystal, just different types. The different crystal types will have a different sparkle – some will be more sparkly than others depending on the crystal type and clarity. There isn’t a huge noticeable difference, but on the highest crystal you can see the colour of the rainbow through the crystal when light is shined on it.
  5. There is no limit to what bulb type you can use in a fixture. 9 times out of 10, you will be able to use both halogens and LED light bulbs in a fixture. To ensure whether or not the fixture can be used with halogens or LED’s you’d need to check whether or not they are a mains voltage or not. If the fixture is a mains voltage it is fine to use with both halogens and LED’s, however if it is low voltage you may need to change the driver to an LED driver so that it can be compatible with LED’s.

    light bulbs

  6. Can your fixture be dimmed? Unfortunately not all fixtures can be dimmed but with the assistance of a dimmable driver this should be possible. You’d also need to make sure you have the correct bulbs so that they are able to be dimmed.
  7. Fixture placement is so important, especially if you are wanting to hang a fixture in a stairwell or you have high ceilings. In these situations, we always, always recommend a winch installation.

    Winches are becoming increasingly popular because they make fixture maintenance so much easier. Especially in the examples of situations previously given, in stairwells or in high ceilings means the reliance on a ladder is necessary and it can be difficult to reach a fixture if it high and out of the way.

    chandelier winch

    Fixtures hung on a winch can be easily lowered down to put a manageable height where light bulbs can be changed and the fixture itself has been cleaned. For more information on winches, please read our blog about winches which you can find by clicking here, and for all of our winch products please click here.

  8. Chandeliers and fixtures are available in different styles and designs, which can be intimidating and daunting for those that have no idea what they are after. There can be different fixtures for different purposes and different placement. For more information on different fixture types, please go to our blog article by clicking here.
  9. A lot of the time when buying ceiling lights, that will be what is the main focus. However with many light fixtures, there is also the option of having wall lights and floor lights which match the design so that the whole interior would be consistent. You may be in need of wall lights or a floor light for extra light specifically in one area of a room. So have a look out for the matching items that are available in the same design.

    wall light and ceilin

  10. Installing fixtures can be a big ask; especially if they are large lights and are in a place that isn’t particularly accessible. You may be working with electricians or be working on your own but just make sure you are aware of what it takes to install a fixture and if it is possible. chandelier installations

    At Classical Chandeliers we do offer an installation service where we can come to your home to install the fixture for you, but we are also happy to give advice over the phone or emails. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions.

  11. Finally, there can be many options and choices available to purchase, and as with anything there is fashions. Fashions as to what is popular and on trend for a certain amount of time, we recommend wherever possible to avoid going with the trends. This is because a lot of these trends aren’t long lasting and if you buy a quality fixture they can be expensive, so you don’t want to purchase something that won’t be fashionable or popular for a long time. Aim for longevity when considering which fixture to purchase.

We hope these 10 tips will help you on your way to choosing which fixture you are going to purchase, but if not we are always more than happy to chat to you to further help you wherever we can.

How to choose your perfect Chandelier


We realise that choosing a chandelier or fixture for your home is rarely an easy task; there are so many different variations and options to choose from – things that you may never have even considered before you began your search for the perfect fixture to complete a room.

The purpose of this article is to help identify some of the variations you can get when looking at purchasing a fixture, what they mean and what they will mean for you. And if this article isn’t enough and doesn’t make it crystal clear for you, we are always more than happy to listen and answer any other questions you may have – either via the phone or email! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Before ANYTHING else, you need to know the size of your room/landing/stairwell/wherever you are planning on having a fixture hung. This is so essential in ensuring the chandelier is the right size for the room, too small and it will be swallowed up, too big and it will take over the room! For more information, please click here to see a previous article all about instructions on how to find out and more!

Once you know the size of the fixture you will need, the fun then starts! A lot of fixtures are available in different finishes. The finish is the colour and shine that the fixture can have. Depending on its availability, our chandeliers are available in antique gold, antique nickel, brushed gold, gold and nickel. As well as being able to change the finish of the chandelier, you can also change the finish of the candle tubes to either match or contrast the chandelier finish, however these are only available in antique gold, glass, gold finish or nickel.

To clarify the different colour finishes please see the table below:

Finish table CC

Crystal types can be confusing too; many chandeliers come with the added option of choosing which crystals you would like on your chandelier.

This doesn’t mean the shape or size of them will change (although even that can sometimes be altered) but it means that the clarity and quality of the crystal can be. All the chandeliers that Classical Chandeliers sell have a high quality crystal – ranging from 24% Pbo to Swarovski elements, but there are different attributes which make the quality of them differ. In order to establish what these are, we need to go back to distinguishing what crystals actually are.

200Crystals are formed when lead is added to glass. The lead in the crystals is what refracts the light to create rainbows. With this in mind, 24% Pbo and 30% Pbo are the percentage of how much lead is in the crystal; the higher the percentage of lead in the crystal, the higher the refraction properties the crystal has.

902_4inchSwarovski crystals are the other type of crystals that are frequently seen in fixtures. These are the highest quality you can get due to the production and processes that are involved in making them; they are made in Austria and are machine cut. Swarovski spectra is lowest on Swarovski’s scale of crystals but is by no means of bad quality! Swarovski spectra in non-leaded which means it isn’t as brilliant but still looks just as pure. The highest quality is called Swarovski elements or Swarovski strass. These are precision cut and have the highest percent of lead content available on the market at 32% Pbo. Swarovski strass is no longer available on the market, but the term may still be used so don’t get confused between the difference of Swarovski elements or strass – they are the same! However it important to note that while there may not be much difference in the crystals, except the rainbows and the way the light refracts, there will be a noticeable difference in the price.

The main variations to choose are the finish or the crystal type, however you can always change how many arms a fixture has (we offer sizes from 4 arms to 42!), the different types of glass arms, if the fixture can be dimmable or not, how long the drop length is and so many more! Our chandeliers are basically custom-made, so you can make ultimately design the chandelier you dream of yourself! If you’ve seen a picture you like but aren’t sure what the chandelier is made from of the design of it, feel free to send us a picture and we can work with you to give you a fixture that is identical or better! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you complete your space with a beautiful fixture.


Grand Designs Live 2016


It has been a busy week here at Classical Chandeliers as we have been exhibiting at the annual Grand Designs Live at the ExCel exhibition centre in London! For those of you who are unaware, Grand Designs is a 9-day long exhibition where visitors can see all of the latest fashions, trends and get ideas for their own designs. It is a time where inspiration strikes and gives many people ideas that wouldn’t have even been considered previously. The exhibition is a place of endless possibilities and infinite ideas!

Full of innovative products and ideas for the kitchen, garden and even in technology, all your bases are covered at Grand Designs. Over the duration of the exhibition, we met some great people, heard about many exciting plans which we are looking forward to being a part of and had a great 9 days! You are given the opportunity to listen to talks from Kevin McCloud (the presenter of Channel 4’s Grand Designs), hear design ideas and receive great advice from designers and professionals in their fields. If you missed out don’t worry, it is an annual event!

grand designs live

We enjoyed hearing about your current and future plans of what you are going to do in your homes. Just to remind you of one very important piece of advice though; you need to make sure the diameter of the fixture is fitting with the size of your room. If you have a fixture that is too small, it will be swallowed up by the room and won’t be effective at all, on the other hand, if you have a fixture that is too big, the fixture will become too overbearing and will take over the room. For more information, please follow the link to a previous blog article ( or get in touch so we can help you further.

lamp lady

We had our lamp lady at the stand again this year, and she, again, attracted a lot of attention! Kevin McCloud smiled at seeing her and there were even people who took photos with her! The mosaic design with the lights in her hat that gently reflect off of the mirrors adds extra glimmer and makes her even more fantastic! This year we were actually selling her as we have 2 in stock, so if you were interested and fancied adding glamour to a space in your house, what are you waiting for?!

rings of saturn

The Rings of Saturn pendant fixture was a favourite and was our most bought light over the course of the show! The rings are on pivots which means that they can basically be designed by the owner – being made wider or thinner depending on design preference. The pendant can also be hung from a height as it has a 150cm maximum drop. Purchases have been made of more than one so that the light can be made into a feature and hung in a row – for example, above an island. The Rings of Saturn has been described as a modern chandelier. With a price of £97.15 (exc vat) how can you resist?!

All of the chandeliers seen at the show on our stand were available in different sizes and different finishes; we can basically custom make a chandelier for you and work with you to get exactly what you are looking for. If you have seen a chandelier somewhere that you would like, feel free to email us a picture and we can work to get you a similar fixture to the one you have previously seen.

To everyone wchandelier winche spoke to looking for stairway chandeliers or fixtures to be hung from a height, we recommended winches. A winch is such a great idea and we cannot stress the importance of having them. It is good for
ease of maintenance, cleaning and to make the fixture easily accessible should it be needed. For more information on winches, please follow the link to our blog article, ( and if you would still like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All of the products seen at the show are available to purchase from our website and can be seen again at our showroom. We also have about 40 other fixtures in our showroom for you to view and help you get a better idea of what you might want.

We are always available to answer any questions, help or advice you might need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chandelier Winches

Winches are becoming more and more popular in ceiling lights and chandeliers, but a lot of the time information regarding winches is limited and potentially more confusing! This article answers some frequently asked questions to help you decide whether or not you need a winch, and to give you more information about winches.

Do I really need a chandelier winch?

To put it simply, the answer to that question is usually always yes! Winches are incredibly useful when it comes to cleaning, changing light bulbs or for the general maintenance of a ceiling light. Without a winch, depending on where the fixture is installed, specialized equipment might be needed in order to get access to it.

Which winch will I need?

There are a variety of different winches available on the market, this is to ensure they are suited for all the different types of chandeliers and light fixtures. To have a winch installed, you need to take into account various factors, for example, how much the fixture weighs, where it is going to hang and how long the drop is.

Where can I install a winch?

winch_250-12_01Winches can be installed above any fixture but they are typically installed in hallways and stairways. This is usually where access to chandeliers and fixtures are limited because of their height or position over stairs.

Obviously winches are so useful that even if the access isn’t limited, it is still helpful to have them installed for changing light bulbs or cleaning the fixtures. There generally isn’t a place where you can’t have a winch installed.


We sell a variety of winches for such a purpose, to enswinch_150-11_03ure fixtures of all weights, sizes and heights are catered for. All winches come with a remote control unit so you can lower the winch safely and from a distance away to see how far you actually need to bring it down. There are two winches we sell that have the option of a smart lift controller keypad; this is a pad that can be put into a convenient position for you to lower the winch.

Will the winch be visible?

all-200_sm_01Winches are installed in the floor void between the ceiling and floorboards so won’t be visible. They are small and compact so can fit into small spaces. However, there are positions where the winch is really unable to be installed, in this case, the winch can be mounted directly to the ceiling. Winch covers will prevent the winch from being visible and will make it look more aesthetically pleasing.cover_150






Winches are expensive, are they really worth it?

Admittedly, the one off price of a winch can seem really expensive but they pay off themselves before long! Without a winch, in order to access it, the hire of scaffolding might be needed, hiring of extra people to assist is also likely in order to reach the chandelier. There are certain situations where even with the extra help, you can’t reach it properly to get good access. It is a long and expensive process to service a chandelier without a winch. However with a winch, it makes everything much easier, safer and in the long run it is cheaper without giving you limited access.

Winches don’t limit your
fixture, they enhance it! If the light is dimmable, there is no cause for concern because there are winches which will support this and allow the chandelier to be dimmed. They are easy to install and can usually be wired straight to the existing wiring. So what are you waiting for? We can’t sing the praises of winches enough! They are so useful and, when we have a cleaning job, it is always a much pleasanter job if there are winches involved! For the range of winches we have available please go to our website and for more information or to talk to someone about winches more, please get in touch.


Different Chandelier Types

Choosing a chandelier can be difficult and confusing, especially when there are so many different types and choices with a variety of different names. We are here to help you become more knowledgeable in anything and everything you might need to know to help you make a perfect choice!


The most common lighting fixture is the pendant. Pendant’s are the most common and are universal in the sense that they can be hung in every room. They are available in a variety of differentpendant 2 colours and sizes. The length of the pendant can also be adjusted so that they suit the ceiling height of any room perfectly. They are versatile and give off good light. It has become popular recently to use pendants in kitchens especially, mainly because they give good light and hang over islands perfectly. Bottom line is, you can’t go wrong with a pendant!

A drum chandelidrumer has a similar design as a pendant but is combined with a chandelier to add extra glamour. The fixture usually features 1 or more shades where it either surrounds the entire light or just one. A drum fixture gives off a warm light because the lamp shade prevents it from being harsh, it is also easy to install or remove which gives an added advantage. Drum lights tend to be used in small spaces or where focused light might be needed. The combination of the extra sparkle makes them desirable and the simplicity of the pendant gives them a practicality that not many other fixtures can offer which is why drum chandeliers are often very popular.

Chandeliers themselves are available with three different types of arms; glass arms, decorated glass arms and metal arms. Glass arms are the most common arm used in chandeliers because they complement the crystals and sparkle at the same as not detracting from their overall glamour. Decorated glass arms are much more exquisite and elegant (also expensive) because the way they are decorated matches the design of the chandelier perfectly. The items available on our website which have decorated glass arms are breath-taking in their design and style. The decorated glass arms add aspects to the chandelier that you didn’t even kn
ow were missing until you see it! Finally metal arms give a c
onventional feel; they have a flowing design and are very versatile as they suit both residential and conventional properties. Crystals are hung from the metal arms which add sparkle and the arms are available in different finishes which adds even more versatility and differentiates them from plain normal lighting.

As just discussed, chandeliers have a variety of different arm options, but crystal chandeliers have an even large variety of styles! Basket and bag chandeliers are quite similar in their designs but are at the same time quite different (just to confuse you! But when you see pictures you’ll understand!). Bag chandeliers are circular fixtures which tend to be either flush or semi flush. They have a traditional style and are also available in different finishes making them slightly more versatile. Crystals are hung off the bag chandeliers to emphasise the shape of them as well as give more sparkle. Basket chandeliers have a very similar design but they are much longer in length and can have 2 different aspects to them. Designs of basket chandeliers can also escalate so that they are exquisite and basketvery varied, these tend to be more elaborate and obviously expensive! Overall though, both basket and bag chandeliers have a classical and grand look to them.

Chaton chandeliers have a similar design to many other chandeliers, except the crystal type that is used on them; chaton chandeliers are, funnily enough, covered in chaton crystals! These crystals are a type of Swarovski crystal and can literally be wrapped around the arms of chandeliers to add glamour and elegance.

Spider’s Web chandeliers have a similar element in the sense that they are very sparkly and glamorous because of their design; the design is often described as a spiders web, or in some people’s opinions it has been said that the fixture looks like a upside down umbrella! This fixture is ideal for use in rooms where ceiling height may be restricted but glamour and sparkle is still wanted within the room.  The addition of coloured grapes can even be used to add extra colour and complement colour schemes.
A waterfall fixture basically says it in the name; the waterfall fixture is a ceiling light which has crystals
draping off it in the design and style of a waterfall. Twaterfall 2his gives it an elegant feel. The great thing about the waterfall is that it varies so much in size and design that this style light could literally go anywhere! There are really long fixtures which look stunning in stairwells or much smaller ones which are semi-flush to ceilings and add glamour to any room.

There is nothing larger or more glamourous than palatial chandeliers though. These are extravagant light fixtures that are, as they are so rightly named, fit for palaces! They are enormous with many outstanding features. Due to their size, palatial chandeliers are more often used in commercial properties, large foyers or stairwells – spaces that would optimise and complement the chandelier.

Maria Theresa chandeliers might not be as large in size, but they have a very classic design. Maria Theresa chandeliers were named to commemorate the coronation of the Czech queen Maria Theresa in 1743. It has a rigid frame which is curved into a variety of designs and creates the illusion that it is made entirely of glass. Longevity and beauty are inherent throughout this style.

The cage chancagedelier is another fixture that has a rigid frame; the cage is so called because it doesn’t actually have a central rod, instead the arms spread out evenly in a way that resembles a bird cage. Crystals are then hung decoratively over these arms to create different patterns, designs and shapes. This is a unique style chandelier that is different but just as effective; crystals of different shapes and sizes arguably give the sense that each fixture is different.

Another chandelier which is very historical is the corona, just by looking at it can you see where the influence comes from! Corona chandeliers date back from the 9th century and have a very medieval style. They tend to be fairly simplistic and plain in colour – usually black. The simplistic design mirrors the original chandeliers which had a circular ring and candles off of that and he chains similarly reflect and emphasise this whole theme and design.antler

Antler chandeliers are unique in design and taste, and tend to be made from either deer, elk or moose antlers. The size of antler chandeliers can increase with the introduction of more tiers. They are rustic and would match the interiors of similar themed homes or cabins. It is typical that you would find these chandeliers in mountain or hunting lodges.

tiffanyFinally, at a complete contrast Tiffany fixtures resemble stained glass windows, they are beautiful designs and were originally part of the Art Nouveau movement. Created in 1895, their designs use a combination of flowers and shapes to create colourful, bright and beautiful patterns. It isn’t often that you will find Tiffany designs in ceiling lights, they are usually in lamps however we have a variety of different shaped Tiffany style ceiling lights which would brighten up a 2

We hope these descriptions shed some light on the different types of chandeliers and what they all look like, where they would best be used and that in some way, they help you decide which style you’d like to have. If you have any other questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are always happy to help as we know it can be a daunting task!

Tanzania 2015

It’s that time again! An annual visit to Tanzania with the charity The Grassroots Trust!
Unfortunately Renata wasn’t able to go this year due to other commitments, but I went instead. And I must say, it was nice to get away from the cold frosty weather and be in the sun for 2 weeks!


It wasn’t all fun and games however, there is an increased number of children that are on the scheme, and all of these needed to be interviewed in the same amount of time as in previous trips; an agenda and schedule was put together, and it was almost unbelievable that on paper we seemed to be able to fit it in.. Now it was time to see if this schedule would work.

The Grassroots Trust has been working in Tanzania for many years, building relationships and getting a reputation within the community for doing what they say they’ll do. Education in Tanzania isn’t free, and with a lot of disease and lack of jobs, many families don’t have much income. Many children don’t actually have both parents, if any and are looked after by their grandparents. So you can imagine how difficult it is for families to pay for a child’s education alongside already struggling to pay for everything else.

12250098_10156053708540538_5757886153592313404_nHealthcare also isn’t free in Tanzania so a lot of family’s have illness which goes untreated and can lead to death – especially in new-borns where they are prone to malnutrition. When I was there actually, we found out about a 4 year old that had sadly died within the last couple of months. Grassroots works to prevent situations like this from occurring, but sadly they still happen, however thankfully they are becoming less common.

There are 12 locations which Grassroots works in to help families and children with their education and health. These locations are all very spread out, and are very different in appearance. From rich green areas, to small locations where the buildings are falling down but in each location it is the children who are the most memorable. The children have such a love of life and a joy despite their circumstances that it is infectious. It is evident as well how thankful and appreciative the family is of the help and support that Grassroots are giving them.


This year there was a team of 16 people who went on the trip; the ages ranged from 20’s into 60’s. The other aspect of a trip is that you spend time with people you wouldn’t normally mix with or even meet. The time in Tanzania is intense and hard work but you learn more about yourself and you come home with lifelong memories and a desire in your heart to continue returning to Tanzania and volunteering on these trips to help the children and their families.  It is genuinely a life changing experience.

Basket Chandelier Cleaning Job

We recently had a customer come to us wanting their chandelier cleaned; this however wasn’t a small job (I was about the same height maybe slightly shorter than the chandelier and I’m 5ft 7!). Therefore, this meant that we would have to take the basket chandelier down – this is how cleaning is normally done to insure that the chandelier is left properly sparkling – but in this case it proved much more difficult because of the positioning of the fixture  and its size.

We never shy awcleaning blog 1ay for a challenge however, and enjoy the process of making the chandelier shine again and seeing how much it sparkles when it has been returned to its former glory afterwards. Due to the chandelier being a basket chandelier, the design meant that there are many different layers of crystals and different aspects that make up the chandelier.

No time can be specified to say how long it is going to take to clean. The process can be lengthy and will obviously change depending on the size and design of the fixture. Each crystal chain has to be removed, soaked, scrubbed and dried off to ensure it is really shining! The components are then used to put the chandelier back together and return it to its wholeness.

In this case, all of the different components of the chandelier had to be packed up so that it could be reinstalled back in the owner’s house. Sometimes the chandelier can be put back together without having to be in the vicinity, but due to the size and design of this chandelier it wasn’t possible. This meant a trip to the customer’s house to put it back up. We didn’t mind this though as it meant getting to see the chandelier back into its home and to take pictures to show you of course!

It wasn’t simply a reinstallation because the owner was getting a winch fitted. This was a great idea because of the positioning of the chandelier; a winc
h means that the fixture can be dropped down to a suitable height for cleaning and bulb changing without causing too much inconvenience. Winches are especially beneficial for those that have high ceilings, the winch will bring the light fitting down to a manageable and suitable height where the fixture can be maintained and properly looked after! Winches are supplied with either a remote or a wall switch for your convenience.

In the customer’s house, the position of the chandelier means that now it is clean, it is so eye-catching to see and is arguably emphasised because of the windows surrounding the room it is hung in. The windows let in natural light which further aDSC_6845[1]dds to the sparkle! They are over 2 floors which helps there to be sparkle at all and any time of the day because the light shines in from above or to the side ensuring the basket chandelier always looks its best! If you like the design of the Basket Chandelier, we have a range on the website so please feel free to look, get ideas or even get in touch if you want more information about basket chandeliers or even cleaning.

Chandelier cleaning jobs are rewarding, satisfying and always leave our customers happy because they can see their chandeliers returned to their former glory adding sparkle, status and glamour to any room. If you have a chandelier which you can’t access to clean, or even a chandelier that you don’t know how to clean, we are more than happy to take that off your hands and get to work leaving you with a brand new looking chandelier.


cleaning blog 3

Pre-loved Chandeliers

It is becoming more common to purchase pre-loved chandeliers, or in other terms second hand chandeliers. For some it might be because it is cheaper, for others the fact that the chandelier is pre-loved means that there might be an additional vintage factor added to the already vintage style chandelier. Whatever the reason, we think you can’t go wrong with buying a chandelier whether or not it’s second or first hand.

However, there are some things that you would be wise to look out for when buying a second hand chandelier. On listings online it isn’t uncommon for people to be misled and therefore misleading you or for them to say something about a chandelier that they don’t actually know to be true. For example, on a recent listing we viewed, the chandelier was described as having 40% lead crystals. This is a very uncommon lead percentage to find in crystal trimmings as the maximum used is 35%. Most commonly the usual percentage lead crystal trimmings is 31%. It is always said that 31% or less is the percentage used in crystal trimmings, so if there is any more lead percentage than this in a crystal, you can be assured that this wouldn’t have been manufactured from a reliable manufacturer.

Crystal chandeliers especially can be a cause for sellers claiming the crystals on chandeliers are better quality than they may be or are different crystals than they state. It is most common when it comes to Swarovski crystal; this type of crystal has become a popular make of crystals and is very well established. Being able to distinguish different types of crystal and the quality of all of them is far from easy! You have to have a good eye for it, or know what the different crystals look like. For bad quality crystals, there would be no light refraction or clarity within the crystal. You can usually tell this just by looking at a picture of the crystals (obviously depending on the quality of the picture).
Another esShow-Me-Italy-Murano-Glass-blowing-Tour-300x300sential thing to look out for in the listings is spelling mistakes; if a seller has listed their product with spelling mistakes they clear don’t know what they’re talking about. A recent listing we have seen has written “Moreno” instead of Murano glass. This to begin with is bad, but after looking at the photo and seeing that the chandelier being sold was actually colourless proved that the light definitely wasn’t Murano! Murano glass chandeliers usually come in a variety of different colours and patterns. The make of a chandelier that a seller was also selling was also spelt wrong; it wasn’t that it was a genuine typo and it has been missed in proof reading, the spelling throughout was incorrect. In these situations it definitely doesn’t build your confidence!

When reading a listing, it is important that you feel like the seller knows what they are talking about, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t buy it! The more information in the listing, the better; listings where for the diameter and size of the chandelier is stated is a good start, firstly for you as the prospective buyer because you calculate the size of the chandelier and the size you need, but it also shows that the seller has ensued you have this information, which shows some sense of reliability. There have been some listings I have seen where all you have is a picture and one line describing what your own eyes can already see in the picture!

Overall, we advise that you don’t buy second hand chandeliers! While they can look nice in pictures and seem like they are from a reliable source, you don’t actually know. Knowledge is power as the saying says, especially in this circumstance.

As well as second hand chandeliers, you might have an old chandelier that is looking a bit worse for wear or has been hidden away for some time – these situations we get phone calls about on a regular basis. As I’ve written this, we have had someone ring in saying that they’ve found a chandelier in a drawer and want to see how it could be restored and if the colour of its finish could change. This is all entirely possible! At the end of the day, you doncrystal collage’t know until you ask but we are always available to talk to you, advise you and look at your chandelier to give an opinion on how it can be restored. We love chandeliers and love being part of the process of getting them back to their former glory! An example of some of the previous restorations we have done is on our website, please click here to see and read more! Feel free to also give us a phone call on 01420 520521 for advice or you can also email us for any questions you might have.

(Above) – Before and After pictures of a Chandelier we cleaned and restored. For more info follow the link above.

Stately Home Chandeliers

National Trust parks and houses are a treasure to all who live in the UK; the opportunity to be able to step back in time, see and walk the grounds that used to be owned and how the interior of houses used to be decorated is fascinating and refreshing. Chandeliers can come in all shapes and sizes, but authentic, classical chandeliers are the most popular; and after seeing so many in all of these stately homes can you blame anyone!?


We have recently had the pleasure of doing work in Hinwick House, click here to read in more detail about the different work that we did within the house. The chandeliers were grand and there were multiple lights to change and fix! It was a challenge but equally as exciting. We loved being a part of helping restore the lighting to its former glory.

It is undeniable that clip_image004lighting has definitely come a long way, but also undeniable that we still want it go back the other way due to the design’s that are constantly recreating lighting from the past. The authentic look of a chandelier is definitely a desired one! So many people strive to have authentic looking lighting in their homes.

From the 15th century onwards, chandeliers used to symbolize status and power when hung and shown in stately homes; it was the symbol of money and lives of luxury. While this isn’t necessarily the connotations that chandeliers have nowadays, they still emulate a feeling of grandeur. This, it can be argued, is because of their timeless designs. Their designs have been carried over through the centuries to continue fanning our desire to ultimately make our homes more luxurious.

The increasing popularity of the use of candle bulbs in chandeliers
is even more evidence, which points towards the striving desire to have chandeliers looking the way they used to. There hasn’t always been electricity, and before the times of gas and electricity, chandeliers used to be lit with candles. The mid 19th to 20th century is when this all started to change and the revolution of gas and electricity was seen on the horizon. At this time, a lot of lights were converted so that they could bend with the times and be used with gas or electricity. This is seen in a lot of the National Trust houses today where original fixtures have been adapted so that they will work with electricity.

However having chandeliers which work with electricity isn’t always easy which has been proved in a recent news article. There has been a story about a chandelier work job that went wrong! Ever seen the sketch Only Fools and Horses? If you have, you’ll understand why this has made the news!

Workmen recently went into a stately home to take down
and work on an expensive and antique chandelier worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and they sadly ended up dropping it causing thousands of pounds damage. This situation is reminiscent of the Only Fools and Horses episode where Del and Rodney werclip_image008e hired to clean a chandelier but they too ended up accidentally breaking it! This whole situation just
emphasizes the importance of being how fragile chandeliers are and how essential is it that they are well looked after.

To read more on the story follow this link:

Chandeliers are fragile and priceless. This is shown through their copious adaptations they have endured throughout history, but also through their timeless designs. It is very important to ensure they are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure they can go on being priceless. We at Classical Chandeliers offer a cleaning service for chandeliers which might be in a bad position to clean, or are just of a tricky design to clean, or just in need of a good clean and you might not know where to even begin! We will have your chandelier looking as good as new and sparkling like you’ve never before seen! As well as a cleaning service, alongside that we offer a restoration service; maybe you’ve read this article and are feeling inspired and want to restore and clean an old chandelier that you inherited but wouldn’t know how to get it working again, we can help! As seen on our website, we have a section dedication to discussing the different restorations we have previously done. So, if you are looking for a restoration or cleaning, please do get in touch!

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