Basket Chandelier Cleaning Job

We recently had a customer come to us wanting their chandelier cleaned; this however wasn’t a small job (I was about the same height maybe slightly shorter than the chandelier and I’m 5ft 7!). Therefore, this meant that we would have to take the basket chandelier down – this is how cleaning is normally done to insure that the chandelier is left properly sparkling – but in this case it proved much more difficult because of the positioning of the fixture  and its size.

We never shy awcleaning blog 1ay for a challenge however, and enjoy the process of making the chandelier shine again and seeing how much it sparkles when it has been returned to its former glory afterwards. Due to the chandelier being a basket chandelier, the design meant that there are many different layers of crystals and different aspects that make up the chandelier.

No time can be specified to say how long it is going to take to clean. The process can be lengthy and will obviously change depending on the size and design of the fixture. Each crystal chain has to be removed, soaked, scrubbed and dried off to ensure it is really shining! The components are then used to put the chandelier back together and return it to its wholeness.

In this case, all of the different components of the chandelier had to be packed up so that it could be reinstalled back in the owner’s house. Sometimes the chandelier can be put back together without having to be in the vicinity, but due to the size and design of this chandelier it wasn’t possible. This meant a trip to the customer’s house to put it back up. We didn’t mind this though as it meant getting to see the chandelier back into its home and to take pictures to show you of course!

It wasn’t simply a reinstallation because the owner was getting a winch fitted. This was a great idea because of the positioning of the chandelier; a winc
h means that the fixture can be dropped down to a suitable height for cleaning and bulb changing without causing too much inconvenience. Winches are especially beneficial for those that have high ceilings, the winch will bring the light fitting down to a manageable and suitable height where the fixture can be maintained and properly looked after! Winches are supplied with either a remote or a wall switch for your convenience.

In the customer’s house, the position of the chandelier means that now it is clean, it is so eye-catching to see and is arguably emphasised because of the windows surrounding the room it is hung in. The windows let in natural light which further aDSC_6845[1]dds to the sparkle! They are over 2 floors which helps there to be sparkle at all and any time of the day because the light shines in from above or to the side ensuring the basket chandelier always looks its best! If you like the design of the Basket Chandelier, we have a range on the website so please feel free to look, get ideas or even get in touch if you want more information about basket chandeliers or even cleaning.

Chandelier cleaning jobs are rewarding, satisfying and always leave our customers happy because they can see their chandeliers returned to their former glory adding sparkle, status and glamour to any room. If you have a chandelier which you can’t access to clean, or even a chandelier that you don’t know how to clean, we are more than happy to take that off your hands and get to work leaving you with a brand new looking chandelier.


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