Bathroom Chandelier Ideas: How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Bathroom  

Modern Big Bathroom ChandelierDon’t just choose any chandelier for your bathroom. Consider the space’s size. Take into consideration the functionality of the chandelier. Aspects such as moisture resistance and style are also important to consider. Consult a professional. Installing a chandelier is not an easy task. It requires skills and expertise. That’s why you should liaise with an expert before buying and installing your chandelier. The following are top tips and tricks for selecting the right chandelier for your bathroom.


Get it right with size. Choose a chandelier that can fit into your bathroom space. Consider bathroom dimensions such as ceiling height, area space, etc. Getting these dimensions right will help you determine the right size of chandelier for your bathroom. Remember, a too big size chandelier can overwhelm the space. On the other hand, a too-small chandelier can look too insignificant.


Different chandelier styles are available on the market. From traditional to modern minimalist designs, you will surely get a chandelier that suits your needs. Thus, choose the right style. Consider the style of your bathroom. Don’t forget about the overall décor of your bathroom. Choose a style that complements the theme of your bathroom. It should enhance the overall aesthetics of this space. Common styles on the market include:

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Contemporary chandeliers
  • Vintage chandeliers
  • Industrial chandeliers

Learn about each style. Involve an expert when making your decision.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

What are your lighting needs? What tasks do you usually perform in the bathroom? Is it shaving, applying makeup, or doing your grooming? These questions will inform your decision when it comes to choosing your bathroom chandeliers. Choose a chandelier that provides sufficient light.


One of the main functions of modern lighting is to enhance mood. Chandeliers are designed to boost or enhance mood, making spaces look more inviting. Modern chandeliers come with dimming capabilities. Dimming allows you to adjust lighting intensity to the level that boosts your moods. Thus, consider the material used to manufacture that chandelier. Choose chandeliers with materials like crystals and frosted glass. This material can efficiently diffuse lights and create that softer glow.

Select The Right Finish

The quality of light from a chandelier depends on its quality of finish. Thus, consider its finish. Pay close attention to how it coordinates with other bathroom lighting fixtures. Take into consideration the finishes of bathroom elements, including faucets, towel bars, as well as carbonate hardware.

Maintenance Requirements

You will have to clean the chandelier from time to time. Regular maintenance is also an important aspect. Choose an easy-to-clean or maintain bathroom chandelier. Choose easy-to-clean designs. Choose long-lasting chandelier designs.

The Bottom-Line

Elegant Small Bathroom ChandelierOver the years, chandeliers have been regarded as pieces of class. Versatile and energy-saving, chandeliers can transform any space including the bathroom. Research shows that chandeliers can boost your mood in the bathroom. They can bring in that positive vibe. Choose the right chandelier for your bathroom with the above tips and tricks.

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