Brass Chandeliers: Mixing Classic Design With Modern Style

Brass Chandelier with Classic DesignMixing class chandeliers with modern designs can bring that unique, captivating aesthetic to any chandelier. It will bring a positive vibe into any space. Achieving this blend requires precision. The following are the top ways of achieving a blend of classic and modern-based brass chandeliers.

Bring In Geometric Shapes

Consider incorporating geometric shapes and clean lines into your design. Choose contemporary chandeliers featuring sleek, angular arms. You can also opt for chandeliers with a modern twist on the traditional shape. The goal is to choose a combination that adds that touch of modernity to your classic brass fixture.

Think Minimalistic Accents

Sometimes, minimalistic works like magic. To keep the focus on your brass chandelier, opt for lighting fixtures with minimalistic accents as well as details. Preferably, go for chandeliers featuring a streamlined silhouette. Choose chandeliers with manila ornamentation. This will allow the beauty of your brass chandelier to shine through. Remember, the simple the design, the more it gets that modern age.

Mixed Materials

You can try mixed materials and bring that extra twist into your chandelier. In this case, combine brass with glass or crystal. You can also combine it with wood. For instance, a brass chandelier featuring brass arms or glass shades can bring that interesting contrast found in both classic and modern lighting elements.

Matte Finishes

Don’t just focus on the traditional polished brass. Instead, go for a matte finish and achieve that contemporary look. A chandelier with a brushed finish will add that modem touch. It will also showcase the brass’s richness. Still more, it eliminates fingerprints as well as smudges, which makes maintenance easy.

Distinctive Lighting Designs

Lighting is all about being creative. You can break the rules. Thus, consider exploring unique lighting designs that make use of brass. Invest in chandeliers that come with LED lights and adjustable lights. These technologies allow you to customize the chandelier ambiance, helping you create that modern, dynamic lighting experience. The best thing is that these designs can blend with brass.

Go For Gold Color Combinations

Who said that you cannot go bold? Well, think outside of the box and try bold colors. For instance, you can try bold color combinations to inject a modern twist into your chandelier. Pair it with vibrant and contrasting colors. The contrast between classic chandeliers and the modern setting will automatically create that striking visual impact.

Invest In Artistic Elements

You can integrate artistic and sculptural chandelier elements into your design for that charming look. In this case, invest in chandeliers featuring unique shapes. You can also opt for chandeliers with intricate detailing. They will help you showcase your craftsmanship or artistic prowess. Adding these artistic touches will automatically infuse that modem flair into your classic brass chandelier.

Statement Sizes

Play around with the size. Try oversized brass chandeliers. You can also opt for unconventional sizes. The essence here is to create that dramatic focal point in any space. Oversized chandeliers can add that contemporary touch to any space. Consider playing around with scale, proportion, and other measurements to achieve that classic design.

Be sure to strike a fine balance between these elements. This will create the timeliness and elegance often associated with brass chandeliers.

The Bottom-Line

Brass Chandelier with Modern StyleBrass chandeliers are known for their elegance. They can inject more life into any space. Still more, when blended (traditional with modern styles), brass chandeliers can create those captivating aesthetics in any space. Thus, bring these chandeliers to your home. The above are top tips and tricks for achieving a blend of classic and modern styles.

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