Bringing life to your Halogen Downlighters

The Halogen Downlighter Fashion Phase!

About 2 decades ago halogen downlights were all the fashion. They were bright and new and people went to great lengths to install an array of downlighters in their kitchens and work areas. This invariably involved quite a lot of work to drill large holes in the plasterboard, install new wiring normally with 12 volt transformers and to clip in their chosen design downlighter. Now don’t get me wrong they do work well giving bright and clear directional light to an area which would typically of been quite dull with a standard pendant light.

The aftermath of Halogen Downlights

However there are a few pitfalls. Firstly, once you have installed your halogen downlighters then it is an irreversible process because you how have a matrix of carefully positioned holes all over your kitchen ceiling and secondly, the design of the basic halogen downlighter can look very ordinary and functional which often does not complement the interior design theme. In order to lose the holes you need to have them covered over and the whole ceiling re-skimmed otherwise you will see the patched evidence of the original lighting scheme. If you have a modern kitchen and are going for the simplistic look the simple circular chrome downlights look fine but if your kitchen is more traditional with elaborate units and fixings then the downlighters certainly do not look up market. So if you are tired of those plain downlighters of if you wish to upgrade your kitchen to a luxurious new design with classy looks what do you do?

A more elegant solution using Crystal Downlighters

The simplest way forward is to retain the layout of your downlighter and the complete electrical wiring system and simply upgrade your light with crystal halogen downlights . These can be fitted as a direct replacement to your plain pressed steel downlighters and will certainly bring some real style and glamour into the space.  In their simplest form these crystal downlights are simply the addition of crystal trimmings to a standard nickel plated ring which gives the downlighter the lift it needs to make it less clinical. This design can be seen in this crystal halogen downlighter which has a ring of suspended crystal pendents. There are then a range of other designs which have either pear shaded or spherical crystal trimming which can be selected to match your design and accessories in the kitchen. Then at the other end of the scale you can choose an ornate cast metal base which is ornamented with a ring of high quality spherical crystals. This design of cast crystal halogen downlight is for sure the ultimate in downlighter design and will bring a level of elegance into the space comparable to hanging a crystal chandelier. Now repairing the holes in your ceiling  and re-skimming is certainly and option to consider and then you can add either traditional chandeliers or ceiling mounted basket chandeliers if the ceiling height is restricted but this will be a solution requiring a higher budget as you will also need to have the wiring changed. So this provides a couple of choices. Either repair and rewire or if you like the illumination effect that you get from your existing halogen downlighter then simply swap for crystal downlights.

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