Buyers Guide to Light Bulbs for Chandeliers

Chandeliers can greatly influence your living room’s atmosphere. Through well-chosen chandeliers, you have the power of creating the mood of your choice and redefining your living room. However, selecting the right lighting system for your chandeliers can be tricky because there are several factors you should take into consideration. Here’re some guidelines that can help you navigate shopping as far as the lighting system, for chandeliers are concerned. So, when shopping around for lights for your chandeliers, be sure to take the following factors into consideration:

Determine the size of your living room

Ensure you know the dimensions of your living room. This information will help you determine whether you require small chandeliers or big ones. Small chandeliers are not likely to stand-out in big rooms while large ones might end up overwhelming a small living space. First, you need to add up the length and the width of the living room in question. Then convert the sum into inches to give you the diameter of the lighting system for your chandeliers that can perfectly fit that room.

The dining table’s size is paramount

After measuring the size of your living room, proceed to measure the size of your table. In particular, take the width the table in question. Ensure that your chandeliers are never wider than your table. As a rule, make your chandelier about 12 inches narrower than the table.

Measure the distance between your ceiling and the table surface

If your ceiling is eight-feet, ensure that your chandeliers are able to hang about 30 to 34 inches above your tabletop. For higher ceilings, hang your chandeliers an extra 3 inches for each additional foot. But for 9-feet or higher ceilings, purchase a 2-tier chandelier so that the left space doesn’t look too empty.

The Light Bulb Moments

As with common lighting systems, chandeliers provide for options like energy efficiency as well as bulb variations. Here is a breakdown of what you should know as far as the light bulb moments are concerned.

Incandescent Halogen

These are the latest version (lighting) of the traditional old incandescent bulb. These lighting systems are around 30 % more efficient in terms of energy consumption and they can last for up to 3 times longer as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They work well with dimmers plus other lighting controls.


CFLs( also referred to as compact fluorescent lamps,)are somehow a smaller version of long-tubed fluorescent lights. They are about 3-4 times more efficient. Moreover, they can last 6-10 times longer than their traditional incandescent bulb counterparts.  


LEDs are the most energy-efficient type of lighting system on the market today. These lighting systems work well with chandeliers and use an advanced technology to optimize performance. They are about 5 times more energy efficient. Moreover, they can last for up to 25 times longer than traditional ones, making them a perfect choice for your chandeliers.  Word of advice Not all light bulbs are compatible with all the chandeliers available on the market. So, ensure to double check all details, including the manufacturer’s specifications.

3 thoughts on “Buyers Guide to Light Bulbs for Chandeliers”

  1. Great Post…! This is an excellent and one of the most beautiful articles to buying a crystal chandelier bulb.
    I need your help because I am getting loopy approximately which mild bulb to buy for my room. I will give you the specification of my room and my setup. I primarily live, and paintings in my room and the scale of its miles about 3m x 2.5m, I actually have a 50inch television that I use as screen,

    I work at my laptop/television for about 15 hours an afternoon, and the curtains are, normally closed due to non-public/health motives (please do not inquire from me to alternate setup of my room, it’s nearly impossible). Which sort of bulb and voltage must I purchase? I do now not know something about light bulbs and, currently, I observed that my eyes get tired and the light inside the room is pretty awful.

    Please, give me a few suggestions/advises, I would love to go shopping for the light bulb today and cash, in this situation, isn’t always a hassle. Thanks, for your help.

    1. A good choice of bulb would be a 6w LED filment candle flame bulb. These are very bright but also have a traditional look. If you google Saving Light Bulbs you will find some good ones. They are under the category LED Bulbs and then LED Filament Candles.

  2. Great post indeed. I have always been tempted by LED lights but I feel that it kind of makes classical chandeliers look awkward. Maybe I should give it a try on my next purchase! Thanks for the info.

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