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How To Choose The Perfect Modern Chandelier

Perfect Modern Chandelier 1Interior design is an important aspect of any home. Getting the décor right, bringing in innovative furniture, and installing sophisticated lighting fixtures will automatically transform your home. Lighting can uplift your mood. Chandeliers can make your home look classic. That’s why you should choose the right chandelier. Select the right chandelier with the following tips and tricks.


There are several chandeliers on the market. Each type of chandelier should be installed in the right space. Whether you need chandeliers for hallways, kitchens, or bedrooms, you will surely get an option that suits your needs. The following are the top ways to choose your chandelier for different spaces.

Dining Rooms

Chandeliers can transform your dining room. They bring an intimate feeling into this space. It makes the dining room feel great and accessible. However, you must choose the right chandeliers for the dining room. Special considerations like size, type, as well as type, should be observed.

Generally, midcentury modern chandeliers come with fewer lights. Thus, you cannot install these types of chandeliers in the dining room. Instead, choose a chandelier that can create a warm atmosphere. It should be low. However, it shouldn’t get in your way. Get your measurements correct.

  • Round tables—The chandelier should be a third of the table’s width. For instance, a 20-inch chandelier can work perfectly for a 60-inch table.
  • Rectangular tables—If you are dealing with rectangular tables measure their width. Then divide the number by 2 before adding 5 inches.


Entryways can be divided into two types. They include:

  • Double-high (grand)
  • Normal ceiling height

Perfect Modern Chandelier 2If the ceiling is tall, consider hanging a chandelier 8 feet above the ground. If the room is more than 12 feet tall, add one foot. Don’t install the lighting fixture near the entryway. This is because it will swing. Instead, center the lighting fixture.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers can bring elegance to bedroom spaces. It creates elegance, making the space inviting. Additionally, chandeliers are effective in adding fans, boosting mood, and bringing that luxurious feel to the bedroom.

There are few options on the market as far as hanging chandeliers in the bedroom is concerned. One of the options is to center the chandelier in the bedroom. The other involves hanging it over your bed. For optimal results, consider hanging a pendant light near your bed. To inject more life into this space, add several lighting options. This will create zones in this space.

Small Rooms

Select a sculpturally shaped modern chandelier for small spaces. These chandeliers are effective in adding that extra oomph. These chandeliers will make tighter rooms look great. Remember, adding large lights in these spaces will make the space look impractical.

Big Rooms

Bigger rooms require more than one lighting fixture. You can add two or three chandeliers in two chandeliers.

The Bottom-Line

Perfect Modern Chandelier 3Don’t choose any chandeliers for your home. Select the best chandeliers. Choose chandeliers that will optimize your home’s décor. Choose the right size of chandeliers. Choose the right design. The above guide will help you choose the right chandelier.

Types of Chandelier Chains

Chandelier Chains 1Chandelier chains are used to support lighting fixtures. Like other supporting fixtures, chandelier chains should withstand the weight of a chandelier. Plus, they should complement the décor of your home. Chandelier chains come in different types. In this article, you are going to learn about chandelier chains.
Chandelier chains are used to support your chandelier fixtures. They hold chandeliers in position. Besides holding these fixtures, your chandelier chains should be aesthetically appealing. They should complement the décor of your home.
Different metals are used to design chandelier chains. As a homeowner, it’s important to take your time before selecting any particular option. Consider the aesthetic appeal. Pay attention to the strength of the chains. Choose chandelier chains with high-quality materials. Ensure that you are purchasing highly durable chandelier chains.
Steel Plating
In nickel-plating-based chandelier chains, you have supportive fixtures that come with shining, light looks. These chains are ideal for clear crystal styles.
Solid Brass
If you want to add that extra color to your lighting fixtures, think traditional antique-based brass or bronze finishes. These chains offer the perfect surface to reflect light. They also create the perfect background for light.
Satin Black
You can also choose satin black, featuring faux if you want a vintage look. This style helps you achieve that old-fashioned look.
Different Styles
Chandelier Chains 2Metal chains come in different designs. Common link styles include ladder, straight-sided, Gothic, and key. You can also go for designs such as double jack, oval, round, etc. If you are looking for that artistic touch, select decorative styles featuring intricate patterns, shapes, and designs. These chains will make your chandeliers centerpieces.
Things To Consider
Before selecting your chandelier chain, consider the weight of your chandelier. Brass chains are attractive. However, they don’t provide the stability needed when it comes to heavy chandeliers. If your chandelier is heavy, choose metals like steel.
If your chandelier is large, select a steel chain. However, if you are so much into brass, be sure to use a steel cable for added support. It will handle the weight, protecting your chandelier from falling.
Installing Chandelier
Chandelier installation is an important aspect of lighting. Proper chandelier installation involves following all the safety protocols. For instance, you must ensure that the supports are fixed securely. Also, be sure to use a chandelier winch. Install your chandelier in the right place. Use the right chandelier installation company. Use an experienced chandelier installation technician.
Remember, safety first. Be mindful of the height. Hang your chandelier from the correct height. Thus, don’t do it alone. Call a professional. Contact Classical Chandeliers for excellent chandelier installation services.
The Bottom-Line
Chandelier Chains 3Chandelier chains come in different types. Thus, it’s important to select an option that suits your needs. Consider aspects such as aesthetics and durability when selecting a chandelier chain. Choose a chandelier chain that will provide your home with artistic appeal. Go through the above types and select a chandelier chain that makes your home complete. For the best chandelier chains,  follow this link

What’s The Cost to Put Up a Chandelier?

Chandelier Cost 1

Designed using innovative lighting technology, chandeliers will not only transform your home but also make it more valuable. Ideal for virtually any space, chandeliers will elevate your home into a cozy space. For optimal results, it’s important to plan before bringing chandeliers into your space. In particular, you must understand the true cost of putting up a chandelier in your home or office. The guide below contains key aspects when it comes to the cost of putting up a chandelier in your home.


A good chandelier should cost about £200-£4500. It depends on the size of the ceiling. Cheaper chandeliers such as pendant lights cost something like £100-£240. If you opt for an extravagant chandelier, you should be ready for expensive detailing. On average, the crystals, pendants, as well as complex designs will take between £240 and £4500. Additionally, the installation of light may cost between £150  and £2000 for a complex install.

The Process

Installing a chandelier involves several processes. You should also be careful when handling electricity. Follow all the instructions in the manual. Observe safety precautions. However, the best way to install chandeliers is to hire an experienced electrician.

Labor, Suppliers

Labour and suppliers alone can cost you around

£80 -£200. However, this doesn’t include the actual cost of a chandelier fixture. If you have pre-existing wiring, the cost will come down.

Should You Employ an Electrician?

Chandelier Cost 2

Hiring an electrician is safe, convenient, and cost-effective. An electrician is trained to handle chandeliers carefully and safely. Thus, don’t go it alone. Hire a chandelier installation expert. He/she will charge you about £200-£500 to install a basic  chandelier.

Ensure that the weight of your chandelier can be supported by the ceiling. If you require upgrades, you may have to pay additional charges.

Where Should You Install A Chandelier?

If you are bringing your chandelier to a small entryway, be sure to place it in the middle. Similarly, a chandelier should be hung above the dining table in the dining room. In a nutshell, a chandelier should be hung in the middle to create a focal point and distribute the light evenly.

If you have a nightstand, you can hang a mini chandelier. It will make it look amazing and exciting.

How Long Should The Installation Process Take?

Installing a chandelier shouldn’t take long. However, it depends on the style, installation process, weight, and location. On average, it should not take more than 6 hours. Ideally, most installations take around 1 to 2 hours.

Call An Expert

If you have the required skills, you can install them on your own. However, it’s wise to call an expert if you are not familiar with chandelier installation. Classical Chandeliers can help you install any kind of chandeliers in your home. They have the expertise and equipment for effective and safe chandelier installation.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier 3Installing a chandelier can hugely benefit your home. However, it’s important to make all plans including setting up a budget for installing the chandelier. The above guide will take you through the steps you need when making a budget allocation for chandelier installation in your home.

How Much Do Chandeliers Cost?

Chandelier How 1Chandeliers are quickly becoming the epitome of interior design. Sleek in design, chandeliers can redefine your home or office, turning it into a comfy and exciting space. However, like any lighting product, chandeliers cost money. Thus, doing your shopping right is very important. So, how much should you spend on a chandelier? Is installing a chandelier in your home or office that expensive? This guide is going to reveal the true cost of a good chandelier.

The Cost

Hanging a chandelier means adding that extra touch to your home. In this guide, you will learn the estimated cost of hanging a chandelier in the United Kingdom. You will also learn about the factors that affect the cost of chandelier installation.


The cost is dependent on the style. It also depends on where you will hang your chandelier. On average, an experienced electrician will charge you between £75 and £200. However, it depends on the installation process.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate of an experienced electrician is around £45 per hour. If the installation process is complex, expect a rate of around £225 for a whole day. However, most chandeliers don’t take more than 6 hours.


Some factors affect the cost of hanging a chandelier. Some of these factors include:


Chandelier How 3How large is your chandelier? Unlike small-sized chandeliers that usually require minimal installation procedures, their larger counterparts involve special installation requirements. That’s why they cost more when it comes to installations.


The weight of the chandelier also matters. Bulky chandeliers are expensive to install. Remember, heavy chandeliers require specialized equipment to install.


What’s the style of your chandelier? Is it a simple style or a complex one? Simple style chandeliers are easy and cheaper to install than their complex counterparts.

Installation process—If the installation process requires more equipment, the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, simple processes tend to attract lower installation costs. Also, foyer chandeliers require specialized installation. This is because they take huge spaces. Plus, they require special chandelier installation equipment.

Height of the ceiling—If your chandelier will be installed on high celling, more work will be done. Consequently, you will need to pay more money to cover the installation cost.

Preparation Needed

If your chandelier involves a lot of preparations, then the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, chandeliers that require no preparations attract lower installation costs.


Where are you located? Are you located around town or in a remote setting? Remember, your installation company will have to travel to your location to install these chandeliers. You will cater for travel expenses. Thus, people who are located far away from the installation company will pay more in terms of installation costs.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier How 3Chandeliers are precious lighting fixtures. They can transform any space. However, they cost a substantial amount of money. However, it’s important to learn the basics to save money when shopping around for an authentic chandelier. The above guide contains everything regarding the true cost of a chandelier.


10 Mistakes Most People Make When Choosing A Crystal Chandelier

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 2Lighting is an important aspect of any home or office. With the right lighting, you can transform your home into a comfortable and classy space. In particular, crystal chandeliers will only add elegance and sophistication to your home. However, there are several crystal chandeliers on the market. Choosing the right option can be challenging. Simple mistakes can cost you. Avoid making the following mistakes when buying crystal chandeliers.

Wrong Size

Chandeliers come in different sizes. Before selecting your chandelier, consider the size of your space. The wrong size can negatively affect your space’s overall aesthetics. Choose a chandelier that can illuminate all the spaces. Thus, consider the width of the chandelier. Then measure your room’s length. From here, you can choose a chandelier that fits into this space.

Wrong Height

Chandelier installation is an important aspect of lighting. In particular, the right height will ensure that all the spaces are well illuminated. Thus, hang your chandelier from the right height. Don’t hang it too high. Consider measuring the height of the room before hanging your chandelier.

Ignoring To Use LEDs

The lighting technology is quickly changing. LEDs can help you save up to 80 percent of energy. Thus, if you are not using LEDs, you will end up paying huge utility bills. Ditch those old-fashioned bulbs. Embrace energy-efficient bulbs for your chandelier.

Poor Color Choices

Lighting fixtures should match the décor of your interiors. Don’t choose fixtures that color clash with the interior décor of your space. Compliment lighter fixtures with brighter colors. This is the only way you can make the spaces look brighter, better, and more spacious.

Not Using Dimmers

The best way to have complete control over your lighting is to use dimmers. Not using dimmers means wasting a lot of energy, which can increase utility bills. Also, dimmers prevent excessive lighting and prolong the life of your chandeliers. Opt for remote-controlled dimmers.

Don’t Use Chandeliers For Decorative Needs

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 1Of course, chandeliers should decorate your home. However, this shouldn’t be the sole reason for bringing them into your home. This is an unthoughtful decision that can lead to energy wastage and huge utility bills. Instead, consider lighting schemes when purchasing any lighting fixture. Besides beauty, consider the functionality of your fixture.

Wrong Color Temperature

Don’t underestimate the importance of color temperature when installing your chandelier. Thus, be sure to consider color temperature when choosing and installing your chandelier. Good color temperature will make your space look livelier, more inspiring, and more beautiful.

Light Switches in Wrong Positions

Install switches in convenient locations. Install them at the appropriate height from the floor. Ideally, install them 48-52 inches from the floor.

Not Doing Enough Research

Not doing enough research is a mistake. Don’t choose the first chandelier you come across. Research for more options. The research will not only help you save money but also lead you to quality crystal chandeliers.

Choosing Cheaper Options

It’s good to save money. However, cheaper options out there can be costly in the long run. Choosing cheaper options can mean purchasing low-quality chandeliers, which can degrade and cost you more money.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 3Suitable for homes and offices, chandeliers will automatically transform any space. They are energy-saving and long-lasting. However, it’s important to choose the right chandeliers. Don’t make the above mistakes when selecting a chandelier for your home or office.

Chandelier Rewiring

Chandelier Rewiring 1The ambiance of any home is defined by good lighting. Bringing in new and innovative lighting options will automatically uplift your home. However, it’s not all about installing new lighting. Maintenance is an important component to consider. That’s why you shouldn’t allow your lighting fixtures to degrade. In particular, you should rewire all antique lighting fixtures in your home. Here is all you should know as far as chandelier rewiring is concerned.

Switch Off the Fixture

Switch off the power. Then, remove any shades. Once you have done that, go ahead and unscrew the mounting screws on your ceiling canopy. If there are any remaining nuts, be sure to unscrew them as well. After loosening the screws, slide the canopy gently. From here, consider removing all the wire connectors. Ensure that the electrical is unwrapped. If you realize that it’s glowing, consider returning the service panel.


Chandelier Rewiring 2Chandeliers tend to add elegance to your spaces.  They can make any space look classy. So, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, bring in chandeliers to make these spaces better. Rewiring them can bring more elegance into the interiors.

Make Changes

Rewiring your chandeliers will enable you to achieve a certain change in the design of the chandelier. For instance, you can easily replace worn-out parts. Doing so will automatically enhance your chandelier’s overall efficiency.


Lighting is a special component in any home. All occupants should feel safe while at home. Remember, old wiring can be problematic. They can make you feel unsafe at home. Without rewiring these chandeliers, you may put your family at risk. Things like electrocution can happen and lead to loss of life. That’s why you should always rewire the chandeliers. You shouldn’t rush into reinstalling the old chandelier. The best thing you need to do is to bring an expert on board to help you rewire it first before installing the chandelier.

Better Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of chandelier rewiring is better lighting. Remember, old wires carry less voltage. On the other hand, new wires will carry more voltage, making you receive better lighting at home. Thus, if you want that chandelier of yours to shine brighter, think about rewiring it. Don’t allow dim light from your chandelier to give you a low amount of light. Consider rewiring them for a high-quality lighting level.

Consult Experts

Chandelier Rewiring 3You don’t have to purchase a new chandelier. You can rewire it. It’s much cheaper to do that. Purchasing the new wires is relatively cheaper than getting a brand-new chandelier. The cost of rewiring depends on your work. It also depends on the company doing it.  Visit a reliable chandelier rewiring company and inject more life into your chandeliers. Have your chandeliers tested and inspected to ensure that all the wires are correct to avoid electrocution.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to make your home elegant, start with lighting. Ensure that all the lighting fixtures are working properly. For instance, consider rewiring antique lighting fixtures to make your lighting complete. The above guide contains everything chandelier rewiring, including safety issues and why you should rewire your old chandeliers.

LOLER Testing of Winch Systems Explained

LOLER 1Safety is an important component when it comes to handling lifting equipment. That’s why you should always familiarize yourself with all the safety precautions involved. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with LOLER guidelines. However, these rules and regulations are too many. Thus, they can confuse you. Luckily, this article is going to briefly touch on these rules, helping you safely handle these lifting equipment without any difficulties.


For commercial premises, all chandelier winches must undergo full LOLER inspection and load test before installation can commence. From here, they will have to undergo an annual LOLER inspection. It’s important to note that annual LOLER inspection isn’t mandatory for residential homes or buildings. However, LOLER inspection is highly recommended. 

What’s LOLER?

The LOLER regulations were instituted to ensure that all lifting operations are safe. This includes how equipment is handled. Any company wishing to use lifting equipment must adhere to these strict regulations. Complying with these regulations falls under the heath and healthy act.

You must properly plan and supervise all the lifting operations. Still more, those in charge of this equipment must be properly trained. The training includes rigorous examinations. Still more, lifting equipment should be marked appropriately. The storage of this equipment should be planned well. You must disinfect all the equipment. That’s not all, the parties involved should report any defect to the relevant authority. In a nutshell, you must design a protocol that regulates the operations of the lifting equipment. These protocols must be approved by the LOLER enforcing body (Health and Safety Executive).

LOLER Inspection

LOLER 2It’s important to note that LOLER inspection is carried out from time to time. However, don’t confuse LOLER inspection with routine maintenance. A component person should undertake LOLER testing during the inspection process.

Why was It Enacted?

Enacted in 1998, LOLER was introduced to replace the Construction and Use regulations. These regulations are aimed at accommodating equipment prone to damages due to conventional load tests.

LOLER Inspection

Carried out annually, LOLER inspections involve rigorous examinations aimed at ensuring the lifespan of any equipment is guaranteed. This process is governed by the Health and Safety Executive. It’s also aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the people handling this equipment.

LOLER Enforcement

LOLER is enforced by the local Health and safety inspector in your areas. Still more, these inspectors have express access to any operations which involve lifting equipment. Remember, if employees die from accidents at the workplace due to faulty lifting equipment, you will liable for prosecution.

Jurisdiction Of LOLER

All lifting equipment must comply with the LOLER regulations. Whether they are used in business premises, private property, or government establishments, these regulations must be met. Your equipment must have the inspection mark (i.e., the Safe Working Load).

Also, lifting equipment designed for lifting people should specify the maximum number of people who can be carried at a time.  After inspection, your equipment should have a report.

How To Plan a Lift

LOLER 4When it comes to lifting operations, you must plan the lifting operations based on the case. Remember, cases aren’t the same. For instance, occasional lifting in industries may require minimal planning. On the other hand, complex tasks require frequent planning.

The Bottom-Line

LOLER regulations can be confusing. In particular, they can confuse equipment handlers. But that shouldn’t scare you. The above brief will help you master these rules and regulations. Read and master them for successful lifting equipment safety.

Chandelier Buying Guide

Chandelier 1When it comes to interior décor, lighting is everything.  Chandeliers play a key role when it comes to illuminating and decorating spaces. Designed to offer general illumination and make a bold statement, a chandelier can be your ultimate lighting staple. Compared to other lighting fixtures on the market, chandlers are equally impressive. These overhead lighting fixtures are used to dispel uniform light that comes from an indirect source. Chandeliers can be installed in different spaces. From the above dining tables to high ceiling foyers, chandeliers can instantly transform any space. This guide is going to take you through chandeliers, giving you explicit details regarding these modern lighting solutions.

Understand Basic Chandelier Construction

Here is the basic construction of chandeliers.

The Fixture

Chandelier 2A chandelier is a highly decorative fixture used to illuminate spaces. They come with intricate parts. Chandeliers can be decorative or functional. On the other hand, some chandeliers are designed to offer both functional as well as decorative value.  Common parts of a chandelier include:

  • Canopy—the canopy houses the transformer, especially in low voltage based chandelier.
  • Chain—the chain is used to connect the body to the canopy. It helps the chandelier hand from the ceiling.
  • Column—this is actually the vertical rod that’s located at the chandelier’s center.
  • Bowl—this represents different sphere-shaped orbs that sits at the chandelier’s center. They are integrated to bring out a seamless look.
  • Arm—Extending from the column’s center, the arm gives the chandelier fixture its aesthetic appeal. The width of the chandelier depends on the arm’s length.
  • Candle cup—initially, the candle cups were meant to starch the wax from the flame candles. However, that has changed. Nowadays, they are used for decorative functions, making chandeliers classy. They are also used to achieve different classic styles.

The Bulb

Chandelier 3Flame shaped bulbs are the most commonly used types of bulbs in modern homes. These bulbs work well with traditional chandeliers. Some of the most popular options when it comes to bulbs include:

Incandescent—these bulbs emit a soft-based tone. They are inexpensive. However, they consume a lot of energy and must be replaced from time to time.

LED—LED bulbs are excellent at saving a lot of energy, are long-lasting, and flexible. The only issue with these bulbs is the initial expense. Overall, these are the best bulbs for chandeliers.

Fluorescent—fluorescent bulbs emit little heat and are more durable than the incandescent bulbs. However, they are expensive, hard to dim and come with harsher color tones.

The Dimmer

Dimmers are used to complement chandeliers in different applications. With dimmers, you have control systems that help you to regulate or adjust the light from chandeliers.

Powering Chandeliers

A chandelier can be low or high voltage based. Normally, low voltage chandeliers are defined by 10V, 12V, and 24V. On the other hand, high vulgate chandeliers are operated at 120 V. To operate normally, a transformer must be used when running low voltage chandeliers.

Chandelier 4The Bottom-Line

Chandeliers exude class. They can transform any living space. When done right, chandeliers can transform any space. So, if you are planning to invest in chandeliers, get the facts right. The above guide will help you bring chandeliers into your spaces in style.


Murano chandeliers

Murano chandeliers 1Murano chandeliers are taking the home décor industry by storm. They are transforming spaces. Even more, these types of chandeliers have been endorsed by industry experts. According to lighting experts, Murano chandeliers can bring glow, glamour, as well as serious drama into your spaces. So, before jumping into purchasing  Murano chandelier, be sure to get it right. Here is how to purchase the right Murano chandeliers.

Consider the Spaces to Be Illuminated

Why do you want to purchase the chandeliers? Where are you going to install your chandelier? Remember, chandeliers should act as objects of embellishment. Thus, they should provide enough illumination. So, you need a clean roadmap as far as to what you want to achieve is concerned. A chandelier should light up spaces. Even more, it should give you a touch of magic and make your spaces luxurious. Determine the spaces to be illuminated. Also, investigate whether you have other sources of lighting in your spaces. Know the intensity of each source of light. Pay close attention to color. Choose a Murano chandelier that can complement your space’s color. Also, consider the different artworks in the space. Ensure that the chandelier can seamlessly blend your artwork and make your spaces elegant.


When choosing your chandelier, measurement is key. That’s why you should know the measurements of your chandeliers. Choose measurements that can give you maximum lighting effects. Remember, Venetian chandeliers are ideal for spaces featuring high ceilings. So, be sure to get it right with the measurements. Also, when taking measurements, leave a provision for chain and ceiling cup.

Style and Shape

Murano chandeliers 2Like dimensions, style is important when choosing chandeliers. Murano chandeliers come in different styles. From classic Rezzonico, spears, to pastoral, you won’t miss on a style that fits into your explicit needs. So, depending on your personality and tastes and preferences, you won’t miss an option that fits your space’s décor. For instance, if you are so much into modern trends, consider classic. It blends well with this preference.

Finishes, Color, and Material

Of course, it can be tempting to choose low-cost chandeliers. However, you risk purchasing poor quality products. In most cases, their chandeliers contain glass color paints like varnish spray instead of being handmade. So., look at the colors. Choose wisely. Go for clear glass, filigree, matt, and even colored glass. Ask your supplier about the glass color.

Spare Parts

Most chandeliers are extremely fragile. Thus, they require regular maintenance. Thus, be sure to ask your supplier for spare parts. Ask for one cap, flower, as well as leaves. Also, be sure to request artwork parts. Also, request for a warranty.

Electrical System

One of the most important parts of Murano chandeliers is the electrical installation. Pay close attention to it. Look at the electrical wire system. Ensure that the chandelier contains all the wiring and wires. Ensure it’s correctly installed. It will make installation easy.

 The Bottom-Line

Murano chandeliers 3Don’t just purchase any Murano chandeliers. Purchase the best ones. Of course, you may be tempted into choosing low-grade Murano chandeliers on the market. However, it might cost you in the long run. Use the above tips to purchase the best Murano chandeliers from the market.

Stairwell chandeliers 101

Stairwell chandeliers 1Good lighting is extremely important in your stairwell area as it creates an inviting mood for you as well as your guests. Chandeliers can create an exceptional highlight in your home’s entrance.

Whether you’re planning to light an outdoor stairwell or an indoor staircase, the type of chandelier you choose is dependent on two aspects: The areas you intend to illuminate and the kind of look you want your stairwell to have. Choosing the perfect lighting technique won’t only create a new ambiance in the living room, but will also help you climb the stairs safely at night.

The Golden Tips

When selecting your stairwell chandeliers, consider the following tips.

Stairwell chandeliers 2Determine how much light is needed. Measure the stairwell or stairway and calculate the square footage that requires illumination. To estimate the amount of wattage needed, triple this measurement (x3). You might opt to utilize a higher wattage light to achieve more brightness or lower wattage lighting for a dim ambiance.

Inspect your stairwell. For effective lighting, it’s essential to know which areas of your stairway are darkest so that you can provide sufficient illumination. Monitor the shadows and light areas in the stairwell during morning hours, in the afternoon, as well as at night. Take note of the areas that require more light, such as the part furthest from a well-illuminated room or a curve in your stairway.

Determine the Position of Your Lighting

When lighting an outdoor area, for instance, you might want to install LED lights on each side of the staircases or recessed lights in front of the stairs. When lighting the stairs on your hallway, you might want to utilize lantern lights. A hanging chandelier will make your staircase more glamorous but wall sconces will provide a gorgeous, yet practical illumination for your hallway staircase.

Pick Your Desired Style

Lighting can be both functional and stylish. Choose lights that perfectly complement your home’s décor as well as the surroundings. If you own a modern house, you might want to use recessed lighting that’s often built into the ceiling. If your home features a luxurious feel, consider installing artisan wall sconces.

Decide On the Number of Chandeliers You Need

Stairwell chandeliers 3Whereas you might want to buy identical fixtures to light your stairwell, all lights in the stairway don’t have to be the same. A high-wattage overhead chandelier for use in the darkest areas at night would blend perfectly with lower-wattage sconces to keep your stairwell warm during the day. Remember, these lights must possess similar styles so you may opt for vintage bulbs or one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures.

You might prefer a huge waterfall or cascading chandelier to create a fantastic impression. But tall column chandeliers can also provide brilliant illumination for your staircase. Even more, you can design your own bespoke stairwell chandelier and introduce that ‘wow’ factor into your home. In addition to modern glass and crystal stairway chandeliers, you may choose an attractive cluster chandelier or pendant light. With proper lighting, your stairwell or staircase will definitely look impressive!