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Add Sparkle To Your Living Room With Our Collection Of Crystal Floor Lamps

Designed to be functional and decorative, floor lamps can add that extra charm to any space. Whether it is the bedroom or living room, a stylish floor lamp can complement the décor of any space. Presently, interior designers are beginning to incorporate floor lamps into their designs. The best thing is that floor lamps can be placed in different places, including near the sofa, on the kitchen table, beside your bed, or even adjacent to the entryway console table, etc. Still more, floor lamps can be combined with lighting solutions such as table lamps and overhead lights to create a whimsical ambiance. Here are the top ways of decorating your spaces with floor lamps.


Make your spaces stylish with authentic floor lamps from Classical Chandeliers. Add that extra spark to your spaces with functional and decorative table lamps. Place your floor lamps near the sofa, kitchen table, or close to the bed and compliment the décor of your spaces.

Where To Place Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are stylish, sleek, and functional lighting fixtures, which makes them ideal for living rooms. However, it’s important to master the art of decorating with floor lamps. The following are practical ways of getting the most out of your floor lamp for any space.

Empty Corner

Do you have a space in your room? Well, fill it with a floor lamp. Fill the living room corners with authentic floor lamps from Classical Chandeliers. Placing a floor lamp on these areas balances every aspect of the space. For instance, you can place a floor lamp in an awkward or empty-looking corner.

Each Side Of The Sofa

Make each side of your sofa visible with floor lamps. Besides improving visibility, table lamps will help you make these spaces look tidy. Table lamps on each side of your sofa will create a fine balance.  Bonus if there are matching end tables. If you want to create contrast, position a metallic-based floor lamp against your dark wall. It will create that modern aesthetic.

Mix It With Plant Displays

Create that perfect plant display with a stunning floor lamp. Ideal for living rooms, mixing floor lamps with plant displays is the best way to make your living room look natural. This design works well for empty spaces.

Turn Them Into Décor Features

Creating a minimalistic living room design can be a challenge. However, you can do it; thanks to floor lamps. Instead of overloading your space with décor and other knick-knacks, use decorative lighting fixtures, such as floor lamps. It’s important to note that these floor lamps are both functional and decorative.

Place It At The Center Of The Room

Home décor is all about creativity. Thus, think outside of the box and make that perfect, dramatic statement by placing your floor lamp in the center of your space. This can optimize the décor of this home, especially when furniture and coffee tables are involved.

Additional Ideas

The following are additional ways of using floor lamps:

  • An empty wall can benefit from a decorative floor lamp
  • Position them behind your sofa for better illumination of this space
  • Floor lamps can light up the reading area
  • Large curved lamp placed over your sofa
  • Place them between your accent chairs

The Bottom-Line

Create a lasting impression with the finest event lighting solutions from Classical Chandeliers. Whether you are holding a wedding event, birthday party, or an anniversary, chandelier-for-hire services in the UK from Classical Chandeliers will optimize the décor of your event. Choose a chandelier that echoes the décor of your space.

Looking For A Chandelier Hire Service In The UK For Elegant Events

Want to hold that themed event? Well, that’s a dream to many and you can do it. It takes preparations. You need experts on board to achieve that perfect event. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, holding a themed event requires planning, time, and expertise. In particular, you need the right lighting. Chandelier for hire service in the UK from Classical Chandeliers will take care of the lighting aspect of your themed event. Learn how you to use chandelier for hire service in the UK for elegant events.

Choosing The Finest Chandelier For Your Event

Weddings are fun. However, planning a successful wedding takes time. You should have an elaborate plan. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is lighting. Decorating your wedding in style takes expertise. Luckily, you can count on Classical Chandeliers for the best wedding chandelier lights for hire. We stock some of the finest chandeliers for both rustic and modern weddings.

Types Of Chandeliers For Events

Chandeliers are architectural lighting fixtures that can accentuate the décor of any space. There are several types of chandeliers for weddings and other events. Classical Chandeliers boasts a huge selection of chandeliers for modern wedding aesthetics. They include:

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Brass and bronze chandeliers
  • Classic and cluster chandeliers
  • Wrought iron chandeliers
  • Customized chandeliers
  • Vintage elegance-inspired

Classical Chandeliers values you. We place a lot of emphasis on quality, beauty, and functionality. Our chandelier for hire in the UK are authentic, functional, versatile, and characteristically beautiful.

Statement Drama

Make a statement with our crystal chandeliers for a modern wedding. Inject that modern vibe into your space with these crystal chandeliers for modern events. These statement-making chandelier pieces will automatically make your wedding décor stunning.

Wrought Iron

Love the rustic glamour vibe for your wedding? Well, you are then better off with wrought iron-inspired chandeliers. The best thing is that these chandeliers come in different colors—like black and gothic—for more drama. If your wedding will be held in an orchard, barn, castle, or rustic venue, then these are the chandeliers you should seriously consider.

Ball Crystal

Ball crystal chandeliers are elegant pieces for a modern wedding event. They can add glamour and make a statement to your wedding. These chandeliers can be used in venues like ballrooms, galleries, etc.

Earthy Romance

Create that earthly elegance in your wedding with garden-inspired chandeliers. These romantic lighting pieces can work perfectly for whimsical parties and rustic warehouses. Consider cluster chandeliers, which involves grouping several chandeliers, to add that extra lighting touch and charm to your wedding décor.

The Bottom-Line

Finally, you have decided to hold that themed event. Congratulations. However, you should plan well to hold that themed event. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or any kind of celebration, you need the right lighting to make your day a success. Chandelier for hire services in the UK from Classical Chandeliers is dedicated to making your event a success. With a large selection of chandelier-for-hire services in the UK, Classical Chandelier will truly deliver your dream event.

UK’s Best Chandelier Lighting Design Trends For 2024

Don’t overlook the lighting aspect of your home or office. Illuminate your space in style. Remember, lighting has a massive impact on the overall ambiance, appearance, and security of any space. According to leading UK lighting experts, lighting should be an integral part of your home or office design. Before investing in any lighting solution, learn about the emerging trends. Discover the best chandelier designs.  The following are the UK’s best chandelier lighting design trends for 2024 you should consider.

Nature-Inspired Chandelier Lighting

Nature can positively impact on your health and wellbeing. That’s why most homeowners have turned to nature when decorating homes and offices. From color, and materials, to forms, nature can inspire the way you do your interior décor. Nature-inspired lighting solutions are now becoming a reality. According to experts, these solutions are designed based on the basophilic principles.

Nature-inspired chandelier lighting creates a perfect connection between a space and the world. This can boost the moods of the occupants. Thus, invest in nature-inspired chandelier lighting solutions and infuse your indoor and outdoor spaces with organic beauty. This will recreate an oasis of tranquility.

Sustainable Chandelier Style

Modern lighting experts are turning to environment-friendly chandelier lighting designs. From the materials selected, the technology used, to the mechanics of chandelier lighting fixtures, there are so many ways to create eco-friendly lighting solutions. Expect to see eco-friendly materials like rattan, sea grass, as well as bamboo in modern chandelier designs. Aluminum is also preferred because it is considered to be a sustainable material.

Sculptural, Minimalist Chandelier Designs

Minimalist-inspired chandelier designs are beginning to dominate the lighting industry. Minimalist designs make spaces feel pared-back and calm. They can turn any room into a calm space. This makes people feel relaxed, especially for those leading busy lives. UK interior designers use sculptural lighting to make an impact in minimalistic interiors. For a minimalist look, select a few core pieces with strong visual character. This will add drama and boost mood within a space.

Choose elegant, artistic chandelier lighting fixtures to create focal points within a space. Sculptural pieces can also help you express your style.

Architectural Chandeliers

Modern chandelier lighting should complement the décor of your space. It should make your spaces look architectural. This trend is all about embracing a holistic approach, especially when it comes to lighting. Consider how you relate to your surroundings. Don’t just focus on the appearance alone. Investing in architectural lighting will accentuate the unique elements of your spaces. It goes beyond just illuminating a space. It emphasizes creating that alluring and fascinating atmosphere within a space.

Quiet Luxury Chandeliers

This trend is permeating into the lighting industry. 2024 is likely to witness simple, yet elegant chandelier lighting designs. You will start seeing more opulent chandelier lighting solutions. For instance, white, gold-like chandelier lighting fixtures are likely to change how people do their lighting. In simple terms, you are likely to see more of simple, elegant colors in homes and offices.

Layered Lighting With Chandeliers

Homeowners are quickly becoming more attuned to having different lighting effects in their homes or offices. For instance, ceiling lights are effective in brightening the most used spaces in homes, like kitchens. However, soft floor or table lamps can be an ideal option during the winter. On the other hand, a dimmable wall lighting fixture can create a gentle mood in the hallway. Layered lighting is the art of using multiple types of lights for different functions. You can complement your chandelier decor with layered lighting fixtures for optimal results.

Backlit Effect

Backlight is a common trend and it’s dominating the modern lighting industry. This is an unobstructed technique used to create that soft glow around décor pieces in a space. The idea behind backlighting is to highlight décor pieces, which create a sense of ambiance and sophistication in any space.

Backlighting pieces leverage LED technology, which makes this solution eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Still more, they are dimmable. This gives you complete control over your lighting. You can control the lighting from smart devices, such as smartphones. The backlit effect is ideal for small rooms since it creates depth and makes them look bigger. You can use this technology to highlight textures, expensive art, and patterns within a room.

Additional Trends

The following are additional UK’s best chandelier lighting design trends for 2024 you should watch out for:

  • Dimmable chandelier designs
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Vintage-inspired touches
  • Lighting shades
  • Oversized pendants with chandeliers
  • Colored rattan lampshades with chandeliers

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The bottom-Line

Make your home or office complete with the right chandelier lighting. Illuminate your spaces with purpose. Think in terms of lighting solutions that save energy and give you complete control over your lighting. Choose smart and functional lighting solutions for your home or office. Invest in the latest chandelier designs and instantly uplift your spaces. The above are the best chandelier lighting design trends that should inspire your home lighting project in 2024.

2024’s Finest Hallway Lighting Ideas

Illuminate your hallway in style with the right lighting fixtures. Choose lighting fixtures that accentuate this space. Ensure that you choose lighting fixtures that are beautiful and functional. The following are the top hallway lighting ideas any homeowner should try.

Simple Pendant

Invest in a simple pendant. Hang the pendant that matches the aesthetic vibe of your hallway. For instance, you can try a pendant featuring a black metal chain to add that stir and make it more welcoming.

Lantern Look 

Opt for lantern-style inspired fixtures. They are effective in adding more charm to any space. They can help you create that welcoming farmhouse-inspired space in your home. They bring the right atmosphere to any hallway, which makes them ideal for these types of spaces.

Sculptural Display

The sculptural display will also act as an art in your hallway. It’s like installing a centerpiece in your home. So, if you want to go glam and make a statement, try installing a sculptural display in your hallway.

Hang Sconces

Besides hanging them on the bed, sconces can do magic in the hallway. Make sure the sconces match the décor of your hallway. They can perfectly bring that cohesiveness into this space.

Go Oversized

The hallway is a huge space, right? Well, trying an oversized lighting fixture can work well. Choose a larger pendant fixture. You can also add two larger pendant fixtures to make the space appear brighter. Choose a pendant fixture that can add that coastal flair to your hallway.

Think Petite

Have a narrow hallway? Well, install a petite lighting fixture. Don’t install a wide chandelier in a narrow hallway. Instead, opt for pendant lights. Available in different styles and finishes, pendant lights can complement the décor of this space. They can bring more personality and drama into this space.

Be Artistic

Get creative. You don’t have to pick traditional sconces. You can go artistic by choosing sculptural sconces.  Consider mixing classic lighting fixtures and contemporary ones. Incorporating two different styles will make your hallway more charming.

Go Natural

Ensure that you choose lighting that makes your living space natural. Opting for nature-inspired fixtures means choosing sculptural or wooden-toned pendant lights. Choose lighting fixtures that emphasize nature. It makes your home naturally cozy and welcoming.

Table Lamp 

If you are living in a rental unit, chances are that you cannot alter the electrical system. In this case, invest in table lamps. Table lamps can make your hallway more inviting and functional. You can opt for two table lamps to get that extra illumination. Position each table lamp on the ends of the console table for maximum illumination. 

Other Tips

Consider the following additional tips and tricks:

  • Make that grand entrance with a sculptural chandelier
  • Try a combination of sconces and recessed lighting

The Bottom-Line

The hallways say a lot about your home’s decor. This is where you define your aesthetic taste. Lighting it properly will elevate your home into a cozy space. Thus, consider installing charming hallway lighting. You can also try chandeliers and pendant lighting. The above are the top hallway lighting ideas for a modern home.

Top Lighting Fixtures For 2024

2023 was an incredible year. The lighting industry has tremendous developments. It witnessed some of the best trends dominate the industry. The likes of statement chains, warm metals, and bronze and brass conquered the industry. However, 2024 looks set to bring even better innovations. It promises advanced lighting solutions. Here are the top must-have lighting fixtures for 2024.

Ring Chandeliers

Ring chandeliers are contemporary spins that come with ultrathin profiles. With low heat output, these lighting solutions had a big say in the 2023 lighting industry. These chandeliers will continue to have a big say in the 2024 season. For instance, you can swap the candelabra-style lights with integral LEDs. 

Matte White Finishes

The matte white finishes continue to trend. Invest in matte white finish-inspired lighting fixtures like white matte-inspired lighting fixtures. They will make your spaces look classic. 

Spiral Raindrop Chandeliers

The Spiral Raindrop Chandelier is a breathtaking decorative lighting that will dominate spaces in 2024. This elegant piece can be a delightful showpiece for those looking for a sure showstopper in their homes. Idea for entryways, this chandelier is the right showpiece to welcome guests into your living spaces. You can enhance this lighting fixture by selecting warm and cool bulbs. In a nutshell, this is a statement-making fixture for those looking to create a focal décor in their spaces. 

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier 

Artistically and faithfully designed, this chandelier can be used to inject that modern vibe into any home or office. This elegant piece comes with transparent K9 crystal that can add a more glittering vibe to your space. Additionally, these lighting fixtures can add that textural and inviting ambiance to any space; thanks to its warm lights. It produces cool lights that can make the crystals shine impressively. If you have a rectangular-based dining table, this is the chandelier for you. It is also ideal for coffee tables with rectangular shapes. 

Candle Style Drum-Based Chandelier

Drum chandeliers were a big hit in 2023. 2024 looks set to leverage these chandeliers to make big statements in spaces. For instance, this chandelier combines two styles: the drum and candelabra styles. This chandelier utilizes an adjustable down rod. It’s also important to note that this chandelier is dimmable, which gives you the power to adjust light according to your mood.

Besides being used in outdoor country aesthetic settings, you can also install it in damp spaces. This includes spaces like covered porches that tend to be exposed to moisture. 

Mercury Row Sutter Chandelier

This stunning chandelier comes with unique features, including more than 10 lights that enhance visibility, aesthetics, and security in your home or office. It also comes with an adjustable height, which makes it suitable for any space. The best part is that it can be used in sloped ceilings. 

This contemporary design is available in three color ways; gold, the ever-glittering silver, and the commanding dark brown. You can dim it to achieve your desired theme. Still more, this lighting fixture is compatible with type B bulbs (i.e. those that are rated 40 watts or CLF 9-watt). 

The Bottom-Line

The lighting industry is heavily reliant on technological advancement. Top trends rely on innovations. In particular, 2023 saw some of the finest lighting solutions, such as crystal and bronze chandeliers, take over the lighting industry. The good news is that these trends will evolve into better ones in 2024. New lighting solutions will come. The above are top trend-inspired lighting fixtures that are likely to dominate the industry in the 2024 season.

Why You Should Consider Installing A Chandelier In Your Bathroom

Bathroom Chandeliers 10Chandeliers are usually installed in ballrooms, dining spaces, and other spaces for elegance. However, they can also be installed in bathrooms. When installed right, chandeliers can transform any bathroom into an elegant space. The following are the top reasons why you should consider installing chandeliers in bathrooms.

Elevate Its Overall Style

A bathroom is one of the most used spaces in any home. This is where you spend time grooming yourself and applying makeup. Thus, don’t just ignore it. Add an extra touch to this space with an incredible chandelier. For instance, installing a crystal chandelier will add that extra touch of glamor. It will bring that modern aesthetics into this space. Remember, installing chandeliers with clean lines will automatically enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Provide Functional Lighting

Besides being decorative pieces, chandeliers can provide enough lighting in bathroom spaces. Featuring multiple LED bulbs, chandeliers can brighten the entire space. This makes them ideal for bathrooms without natural lighting. Besides providing a soft glow, chandeliers will automatically create a relaxing as well as calming atmosphere around these spaces.

Act As Focal Point

Create that ultimate focal point in your bathroom with an elegant chandelier. When installed right, chandeliers will automatically draw the eye upward and add that killer visual interest. Additionally, research shows that bathroom chandeliers can create a sense of height as well as granularity. This makes this space look larger and more spacious. These chandeliers are effective in complementing the décor of your home. They also play a key role in creating that cohesion in the bathroom.

Key Takeaway

Chandeliers can add that luxury touch to any bathroom. They can make your bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated. If you love class and want to make your spaces look larger, invest in the right chandeliers. Hire an expert to install the right chandelier in your bathroom and make this space dazzling.

Ensure Electrical Safety

Safety first. Thus, don’t operate any electrical without observing the safety precautions. In particular, switch off the power before installing your chandelier. Also, go through the local code. Pay close attention to the IP rating. The Ingress Protection measures how any electrical component is protected against dust, dirt, and liquids.

Purchase the right bathroom chandelier. Choose your chandelier from the right manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you are using it in locations recommended by the manufacturer. Always, follow the NEC regulations.

Where to Place a Bathroom Chandelier

Chandeliers are stunning lighting fixtures that can transform your bathroom into an exciting space. It will enhance the bathroom. A good chandelier should enhance other elements in the bathroom. However, be sure to install it in the right place. Install your chandelier in the middle of your bathroom. Place it above a freestanding bathtub.

The Bottom-Line

Bathroom Chandeliers 11Chandeliers bring sophistication. They can inject that vibrant vibe into any space, including bathrooms. Besides providing illumination, chandeliers can elevate the style of this space. They are also powerful in creating facial points in these spaces. Thus, if you want to inject more life into your spaces, install a chandelier. Purchase the right chandelier. Choose a chandelier that fits your budget. Also, consider the overall décor of your home before purchasing your chandelier.

Bathroom Chandeliers: Glamorous Lighting For Your Bath

Bathroom Chandeliers 7Light is a fundamental component of human life. Besides providing sufficient illumination, light can transform any space into a cozy space. Even more, modern light solutions can make spaces such as bathrooms and living areas look cozy and stylish. That’s why you should not ignore spaces such as the bathrooms. In this guide, you will discover how bathroom chandeliers can provide that glamorous lighting for your bathroom.

Design, Style

There are a myriad of sizes, styles, and designs of bathroom chandeliers on the market. Each option is designed to fit into explicit bathrooms. Depending on your preferences, you will surely get a chandelier that suits your bathroom. For instance, if you are a fan of a traditional vibe, purchase a traditional crystal chandelier. On the other hand, those who love modern lifting can find refuge in contemporary or modern designs.

The good thing is that the market has a lot of options. Involve an expert before selecting your bathroom chandelier. Popular options on the market include crystal, glass, and metal-based chandeliers.

Size, Scale

Size is an important component when it comes to lighting. Thus, measure the size of your bathroom before making a decision. Ensure that the chandelier you are going to purchase can fit into the space. Avoid purchasing a too-big chandelier. It will overwhelm the bathroom space. On the other hand, a too-small chandelier will look insignificant.

Placement, Installation

Consider the layout of your bathroom before placing and installing your chandelier. Also, placement is dependent on the size of your chandelier. Install your chandelier in the center of the space if it is large. Make sure is positioned above a freestanding bathtub or any vanity area. If your bathroom is smaller, install your chandelier close to the wall.


Of course, bathroom chandeliers are considered to be decorative elements. However, they also offer functional lighting. Depending on your bathroom chandelier’s design, it can also offer diffused light, ambient light, and focused illumination.  You can use the chandelier to light specific areas. Thus, before selecting your chandelier, determine your needs. What type of lighting do you need? Choose lighting that meets your explicit requirements.

Consider Moisture

A bathroom is a high-moisture space. Thus, choose a chandelier that can fit into high-moisture areas. Select a chandelier designed to function in these areas. In particular, invest in chandeliers with the right Ingress Protection ratings. The chandelier you choose should have high resistance to water or moisture. This will optimize their safety and durability in these humid settings.

Dimming, Controls

Having complete control over your lighting, especially chandeliers is a good thing. Besides giving you the freedom to set lighting levels, dimmers, and controls allows you to save energy. You can also set lighting levels that suit your moods.


For optimal efficiency, you must clean your chandeliers regularly. Cleaning involves regular dusting. Remember, dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate and affect the appearance of your chandelier. They can also reduce their efficiency. Choose easy to clean and maintain bathroom chandelier.

The Bottom-Line

Bathroom Chandeliers 8Don’t select any bathroom chandelier. Consider style. Select the right style. Consider your needs. Take into consideration moisture in the bathroom. Use the above tips and tricks to select the right bathroom chandelier.

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Chandelier for Your Space

Indoor Modern ChandelierThere are several types of chandeliers on the market. Each chandelier is designed to fit into a particular space. That’s why you cannot choose any chandelier for your spaces. Choose the right size. Don’t choose a chandelier that can overwhelm your space. Select the right chandelier. The following are the top ways of selecting the right chandelier for your spaces.


Choose the right style. Consider the décor of your space. Common styles include minimalistic, industrial, and mid-century. Also, if your home’s décor features a contemporary theme, go for a modern chandelier. Ensure that your chandelier aligns with your home’s overall style. It should create cohesiveness with other lighting elements within a space.

Consider Size, Scale

Don’t choose a too big or too small chandelier. Get the dimensions of your space first. Remember, a too-big chandelier can overwhelm your space. On the other hand, a too-small chandelier will look too insignificant to light any space. As a general rule, select a chandelier that is about ½ to 2/3 of your dining room’s width.

Ceiling Height

Measure the ceiling height. The height plays a key role when it comes to determining the design as well as the shape of the chandelier you purchase. If you have low ceilings, invest in flush-mount and semi-flush-mount chandeliers. This will guarantee proper clearance. If your ceiling is high, choose a chandelier featuring a longer drop. You can also opt for a lighting fixture with a multi-tiered design. It will fill up the high ceiling space.

Assess Lighting Needs

What lighting effect do you want to achieve? Is it ambient lighting or task lighting? Are you looking for decorative lighting? Modern chandeliers come with LED lighting that can achieve both decorative and functional lighting. Involve an expert when selecting your chandelier. You can also consider other lighting features, including dimming and adjustability. These features can help you achieve your desired ambiance.

Material, Finish

Modern chandeliers are available in different materials. From brass, and wood, to glass, modern chandeliers make use of a myriad of materials. Select a material that will complement the decor of your space. Also, consider your tastes and preferences when selecting your chandelier. Choose a chandelier that complements your space’s theme. Also, the material should complement the color scheme of your spaces.

Shape, Design

Modern chandeliers are available in different shapes and designs. Depending on your needs, you can choose a linear or abstract chandelier. You can also opt for an organic-inspired chandelier. Thus, it’s important to consider how the chandelier will interact with the space. Ensure it aligns with the elements of the space.

Balance, Proportion

Be sure to choose a chandelier that maintains a certain sense of balance in a room. It should be proportional to the space’s dimensions. Never choose a too big chandelier because it will overpower the space. On the other hand, a too-small chandelier will diminish the space.

Other Tips

Here are additional tips and tricks for selecting a chandelier:

  • Set your budget
  • Consider your Personal preferences
  • Seek advice from a chandelier installation company

The Bottom-Line

Modern Crystal ChandelierChandeliers are excellent lighting fixtures for any space. Designed to uplift interior décor, chandeliers can boost mood, act as the focal point, and offer functional lighting. However, it’s important to select the right chandeliers. Choose a chandelier that can complement the décor of your spaces. The above are the top tips and tricks for selecting the right chandelier.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Modern Chandelier For Longevity

Modern Chandeliers 15A well-maintained chandelier is long-lasting, energy efficient, and aesthetically appealing. Thus, if you want your chandelier to shine for many years to come, invest in chandelier maintenance. Wash it regularly. Dust it from time to time. Use suitable cleaning materials. Use the following tips and tricks to clean your chandelier.

Safety First

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to handling and lighting fixtures, including chandeliers. Thus, be safe first. Turn off the power to avoid electrocution. Switch the mains that supply power to the chandelier.


Dust the chandelier regularly. Dusting prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris. Use the right material to dust your chandelier. Preferably, use a soft cloth. You can also use a duster to wipe the parts of the chandelier. Don’t use abrasive materials. They can damage the chandelier’s finish.

Cleaning Solution

You need to thoroughly clean your chandelier. In this case, use a cleaning solution. A cleaning solution should be prepared by mixing soap and clean water. Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your chandelier. Also, avoid using abrasive materials. They can tarnish its components.

The Right Cleaning Method

Use the right cleaning method. According to experts, you should dip a soft cloth into the right cleaning solution. Then wire it out until you get rid of any excess liquid. In place of a soft cloth, you can use a sponge. Don’t apply excessive pressure. Also, avoid twisting any delicate parts. Use a small, soft-based bristle brush to clean those hard-to-reach parts. You can also use a cotton swap to clean these parts. Be sure to dip the cotton swap in the right solution.

Dry It Well

It would be best if you dried your chandelier. Here, a soft cloth is used to remove the excess moisture from its surface. Don’t switch off the power first. Allow all the parts to dry completely. Remember, water can cause electrical-related hazards.

Glass, Crystal Cleaning

Most modern chandeliers are made of glass and crystal elements. This includes shades and pendants. These elements should be handled with care. When cleaning these parts, use the right cleaner. Preferably, use glass cleaner designed for these delicate parts. You can also mix vinegar with water. Consider spraying the cleaner into a soft cloth. From here, consider wiping the crystal surface. Don’t spray the cleaner on the chandelier. Remember, if the liquid leaks into the electronic components, it can lead to electrical-related hazards.

Check, Tighten

Finally, inspect your chandelier. Ensure that there are no loose components. Check to see if there are no damaged parts. Check the screws. Tighten any loose crews. Replace all broken components. Hire a professional to help you replace any broken component.

Other Tips

  • Consider regular maintenance of your chandelier
  • Safety considerations.

The Bottom-Line

Modern Chandeliers 13Don’t let your chandeliers gather dust. It will degrade the shining elements of this lighting fixture. A well-maintained chandelier will give you more quality light than a dirty one. Also, the durability of your chandelier depends on how you regularly clean and maintain your chandelier. Use the right cleaning material. Draw a maintenance and cleaning schedule. Use the above tips and trucks to clean and maintain your chandelier.

Modern Chandeliers

Unique And Eye-Catching Modern Chandeliers For Statement Lighting

Eye-catching Modern ChandeliersChandeliers are versatile and can be used in any space. This allows you to make a statement with these lighting fixtures. Plus, unique, eye-catching chandeliers are available in different designs, which allows you to choose a design that suits your explicit needs. Whether it’s a Sputnik chandelier or a bubble chandelier, you won’t miss an option that suits your needs. The following are top examples of unique, eye-catching modern chandeliers that can transform any space.

Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik Chandeliers are renowned for their elegance. These space-age Sputnik satellite-inspired chandeliers come with multiple arms that extend from the central sphere. Each arm is adorned with exciting bulbs. These chandeliers can create that remarkable and ultramodern look.

Bubble Chandelier

The bubble chandeliers come with a unique design that incorporates suspended glass or acrylic bubbles. The central frame holds these bubbles, which create an enthralling and lively effect.

Geometric Chandeliers

Geometric chandeliers are based on geometric shapes like cubes, hexagons, as well as octagons. These shapes are arranged in an abstract or even symmetrical pattern. This makes them look modern, which creates that visually appealing effect.

Art Décor Chandeliers

The art décor chandeliers are inspired by the elegance of the Art Deco Era that featured geometric patterns and luxury materials such as brass and gold. These chandeliers feature opulent details, including crystal and glass accents.

Organic, Nature-Inspired Chandeliers

These chandeliers mimic the natural elements of things like branches, leaves, as well as flowers. They are designed to inject that touch of organic beauty into spaces. They make use of materials like metal, wood, as well as blown glass to create thrilling chandelier designs.

Industrial Chandeliers

Industrial themes can transform a room into a thrilling space. That’s what the industrial-inspired chandeliers bring to the table. These chandeliers can add that bold aesthetics to any space. They make a space look rugged but exceptionally charming.

Minimalistic Chandelier

Simplicity can make that bold statement. That’s what minimalistic chandeliers are all about. These chandeliers leverage clean lines and sleek shapes to enhance the theme of any space. They are also based on stripped-down designs, which create that charming feel in spaces.

LED Strip Chandeliers

The LED technology is changing the lighting landscape. It has made lighting easy. Plus, LED technology has reduced the cost of energy.  LED can transform any chandelier design into an exciting lighting fixture. Chandeliers made from LED are energy-saving, versatile, and highly efficient. They offer customizable lighting options to customers.

Oversized Lantern Chandeliers

Oversized Lantern ChandeliersInvest in a large lantern-based chandelier and create that dramatic effect in any space. These chandeliers are particularly effective in turning double-height spaces into exciting atmospheres.  They can be used in the grand foyer and even hallways. When selecting oversized chandeliers, choose those with unique materials and fine finishes.

Colorful, Artistic Chandeliers

You don’t have to just think about traditional metallic finishes. You can opt for bold colors and unique designs. Artistic chandeliers can make that bold statement, turning your room into an exciting space.