Chandelier assembly 65080 03/19



This is a very simple, but nevertheless beautiful chandelier.  It is suitable for small rooms, corridors, landings… especially in low ceiling areas. The assembly is simple but still if you don’t have any previous experience this may be of some assistance.



Part one is the base. This is to be screwed into the ceiling joist, the electricity cable goes through the hole with the white washer and the earth connects into the earth tab.



Loosen the grub screws and insert the rods into the rod holders.


The tube will protrude about 2mm on the inner side of the tube holders and tighten up the grub screw back up.


The rim has a flat horizontal ridge which the frame is sitting on.


Take the largest crystal piece of the chain in your hand , open the hook slightly and place in the hole.


Close the hook so the crystal chain doesn’t detaches itself from the frame.


When you have done this connect the other end of the crystal chain into the central plate.


Next job is to connect the two together.


Slide the rods inside the basket and rest the frame on the ends of the rods.


These two should fit together snugly, if this is not the case please loosen the grub screw and adjust.



This is detailed picture of how it should sit.


At this point you would be placing your chandelier onto the base plate attached to the ceiling.


The lower screw adjusts so you can regulate the position of your basket.


The electric wiring is not complicated either however has to be done by a COMPETENT person.


This is what you would see in the centre of the basket.


Screw the central nut back on to hold the chandelier in place.


And this is where you have completed the assembly.  Hope you have found these instruction helpful, however if there are any steps you find difficult please do call us for advice.

Here is the chandelier assembly example being discussed in this article.

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