Chandelier Rewiring

Chandelier Rewiring 1The ambiance of any home is defined by good lighting. Bringing in new and innovative lighting options will automatically uplift your home. However, it’s not all about installing new lighting. Maintenance is an important component to consider. That’s why you shouldn’t allow your lighting fixtures to degrade. In particular, you should rewire all antique lighting fixtures in your home. Here is all you should know as far as chandelier rewiring is concerned.

Switch Off the Fixture

Switch off the power. Then, remove any shades. Once you have done that, go ahead and unscrew the mounting screws on your ceiling canopy. If there are any remaining nuts, be sure to unscrew them as well. After loosening the screws, slide the canopy gently. From here, consider removing all the wire connectors. Ensure that the electrical is unwrapped. If you realize that it’s glowing, consider returning the service panel.


Chandelier Rewiring 2Chandeliers tend to add elegance to your spaces.  They can make any space look classy. So, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, bring in chandeliers to make these spaces better. Rewiring them can bring more elegance into the interiors.

Make Changes

Rewiring your chandeliers will enable you to achieve a certain change in the design of the chandelier. For instance, you can easily replace worn-out parts. Doing so will automatically enhance your chandelier’s overall efficiency.


Lighting is a special component in any home. All occupants should feel safe while at home. Remember, old wiring can be problematic. They can make you feel unsafe at home. Without rewiring these chandeliers, you may put your family at risk. Things like electrocution can happen and lead to loss of life. That’s why you should always rewire the chandeliers. You shouldn’t rush into reinstalling the old chandelier. The best thing you need to do is to bring an expert on board to help you rewire it first before installing the chandelier.

Better Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of chandelier rewiring is better lighting. Remember, old wires carry less voltage. On the other hand, new wires will carry more voltage, making you receive better lighting at home. Thus, if you want that chandelier of yours to shine brighter, think about rewiring it. Don’t allow dim light from your chandelier to give you a low amount of light. Consider rewiring them for a high-quality lighting level.

Consult Experts

Chandelier Rewiring 3You don’t have to purchase a new chandelier. You can rewire it. It’s much cheaper to do that. Purchasing the new wires is relatively cheaper than getting a brand-new chandelier. The cost of rewiring depends on your work. It also depends on the company doing it.  Visit a reliable chandelier rewiring company and inject more life into your chandeliers. Have your chandeliers tested and inspected to ensure that all the wires are correct to avoid electrocution.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to make your home elegant, start with lighting. Ensure that all the lighting fixtures are working properly. For instance, consider rewiring antique lighting fixtures to make your lighting complete. The above guide contains everything chandelier rewiring, including safety issues and why you should rewire your old chandeliers.

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