Chandeliers for bathrooms, cloakrooms and small spaces

Lets say you have an elegant house with fabulous lighting schemes in the main living areas but the bathrooms and on-suites just look positively bland! You may think that bathroom lights need to be specialist fittings which have the correct rating for those areas but so long as you adhere to the building regulation specifications then things are no that constricting. There are certain regions near the bath an basin where specialist lighting is needed but above a certain height or a certain distance from the bath and basin then the restrictions are lifted. Just check the electrical regulations on the web or ask your electrician and you will be pleasantly surprised.

So now you have some scope so why not go for a small chandelier which has a touch of elegance or crystal wall lights to bring some crystal glamour into the space. This way you can transform that hidden away bathroom or on-suite into a place that has style and beauty which can be acknowledged by family and friend as a space the has exquisite crystal lighting accessories.

Now as a next step why not introduce some colour in the crystals to complement the tiles and bathroom suite as this can give a really striking effect. The choice of a black chandelier with sparkling black crystal trimmings will certainly create a great effect when positioned with some striking black and white tiles. If you choose tiles and your suite colour wisely then the black chandelier will fit marvelously with the colour scheme and provide a central focus of illumination. This way your main bathroom can be transformed into one on the most desirable places in the house.

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  1. Chandeliers in bathrooms do look great but often small rooms do not have the ceiling height necessary for a chandelier unless you do not mind ducking! Now you can get chandeliers with a small drop and that does help the matter but if ceiling height is still too low then why not select a crystal halogen downlighterThese can be purchased in different metal finished, gold, or antique gold or silver and in ornate designs or just a simplistic minimal design to match your interior design theme.
    Additionally they can be ornamented with several different crystal trimming types from crystal balls or crystal pendants through to coloured crystal grapes which can be obtained in a multitude of colours, topaz, alexandrite, rosaline, ruby and many more. If your room is low but quite large you might want to add some wall lights, but make sure that you match the crystal types in so that the crystal downlighters and wall lights complement each other.
    The final point I would like to make is that if you put standard halogen bulbs in your downlighters then they do use a lot of electricity and get very hot. This is certainly not good for the environment and can be a fire hazard. So why not fit LED MR16 Bulbs which only consume a fraction of the electricity and are much cooler.

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  15. The small bathroom furniture can be a combination of white chrome panelled mirror, with white column wall cabinet and back to wall toilet pan attached with either side cabinets. The bathroom vanity units are used for storage purpose.

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