Chandeliers For Small Spaces: How To Add Elegance To Your Apartment Or Condo

Elegant and Contemporary Crystal ChandelierLighting a small space can be challenging. Big lighting fixtures can overwhelm your small space. But that should prevent you from lighting these spaces. With chandeliers, you can conveniently light up small spaces and make them alive today. All you have to do is to choose the right size. Consider the dimensions of your spaces. Measure the ceiling height. The following guide will take you through the steps you need to light up small spaces.

Size, Scales

Choose the correct size. Make sure your chandelier isn’t too big for the room. For an apartment or condo, it’s advisable to install smaller-sized chandeliers. Look for fixtures measuring around 20 to 25 inches in diameter.


Settle for the perfect style. Make sure it complements your apartment’s overall décor. From modern to traditions, as well as, vintage, there are quite several options to consider. Keep your existing color scheme in mind when making your selection.

Consider The Heights

Measure your ceiling height. Remember, the ceiling height in most apartments is often lower. So, pay close attention to the fixture’s height. Don’t buy something that won’t fit in your space. Make sure it doesn’t hang too low. Leave enough space beneath it. Otherwise, people may find it difficult to move around.

Choose Flush Mount, Semi-Flush Mount Based Chandeliers

These fixtures are usually placed close to the ceiling. This makes them suitable for low ceilings. So, if you live in a small space, consider investing in these chandeliers. Flush mount fixtures are mounted directly on the ceiling. On the other hand, semi-flush mount fixtures are hung a bit lower but still create a compact appearance.

Lighting Effect

Not only are chandeliers decorative but they also serve as a powerful lighting source. It’s therefore important to create a balance between appearance and functionality. Settle for a chandelier that provides adequate illumination for your space while also introducing a pleasant ambiance.

Placement Matters

Think about the location of your chandeliers. Make sure it’s correctly positioned and serves as a centerpiece within the room. This won’t just make it stand out but it’ll also improve your room’s overall elegance.

Consider Mini-Chandeliers

If you have a limited spacer, consider purchasing mini-chandeliers. Despite their small size, these chandeliers are still stylish and highly reliable. They’re also elegant and affordable. They’ll bring excitement to your home without overwhelming it. Install them in your bedroom and bathrooms to create a feeling of sophistication.

Dimmer Switches

Incorporate dimmers into your chandelier’s lighting design. This will enhance versatility and make your fixture more attractive. Plus, you’ll find it easier to adjust the brightness level. You’ll have the flexibility of creating different moods to suit different occasions.

The Bottom-Line

Modern Chandelier with Sleek Design and Ambient LightingDon’t let lighting your small space overwhelm you. Of course, it can be challenging. However, you have several options out there. For instance, chandeliers can be used to light small areas, transforming them into exciting spaces. Plus, chandeliers can make a small space look bigger and better. The above are the top ideas for lighting small spaces.

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