Choosing light bulbs for your Chandelier

You have invested in a beautiful chandelier with quality crystal and made by traditional craftsmanship so don’t ruin it by using ugly light bulbs. A crystal chandelier deserves elegant bulbs but you also need to keep an eye on the environment. A chandelier with say 24 bulbs could typically consume 500 watts in power which not only is expensive in electrical costs but also results in a large amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere in the creation of that electricity.

Now there are a few options. Firstly you could just put in some cheap and cheerful incandescent filament bulbs, potentially with a flame shape design and they will certainly do the job and if you chose wisely then they can look elegant. But the down-side is the electricity consumption and at some stage in the future these bulbs will included in the incandescent light bulb ban. The opaque 100watt bulbs are already banned and progressively over the next few years filament incandescent bulbs will be phased out starting at the higher wattage.

Arguably the best solution here is to go for Halogen bulbs, which look identical to the filament bulbs but consume 30% less energy and by selecting flame shaped bulbs these look very elegant. In addition as these energy saving halogen bulbs are dimmable you have control over the level of illumination which is very important with chandeliers with high numbers of bulbs.

Now you may say that this is still too inefficient and if this is the case then you can select a Compact Fluorescent (CFL) technology energy saving light bulb which means that you can get the equivalent of a 40watt output from a 7 watt bulb. These energy saving bulbs using the compact fluorescent (CFL) technology give a tremendous energy saving. The downside is the aesthetics because the bulbs are more bulky and do not have the slim elegent lines of the halogen flame shape bulbs.

So if you want to be right up with the latest technology then the type to go for is LED light bulbs . This means that from a 3 watt LED bulb you can get the equivalent wattage of around 25 watts from a traditional incandescent bulb. This is a tremendous energy saving and the aesthetics are quite good also.

So these days there realy are some good alternatives for you to choose from to get the right balance between aesthetics, the environment and commercials when chosing your crystal chandelier light bulbs.

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  5. Massively rising energy costs are forcing home owners and businesses to re-asses their lighting costs. While energy costs are rising, the costs of LED Lights are falling and it is now viable for everyone to replace inefficient incandescent, and dangerous CFL’s with LED lights.

  6. Hello nice article, I have shown a few friends this as they don’t think much of the switch i made from 52w to a 24w LED and i must say the new LED bulb is alot clearer than my last bulb. But of course the main difference is the cost saving and energy saving i will benefit.

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