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The popularity of chandeliers is on an ever increasing trend. People are now viewing a chandelier as an item of luxury which through retailers like Classical Chandeliers are now being made available to a much wider sector of the population. Chandeliers, which traditionally were reserved to grand old properties and Victorian residences are now being seen as a statement of class in modern buildings. Chosen carefully they certainly can bring some sparkling splendour to what might otherwise have been a standard modern house and  this is important because as more and more houses are build the proportion of old properties will naturally reduce.

Crystal comes in many different qualities so be sure to check the lead content and the quality of the crystal glass. In addition you need to be assured of good traditional workmanship has been uses to make the chandelier to differentiate it from the multitude of imitations that are now on the market. So choose well and check that the size is right for the room you are considering and this way you can be assured of a fine centrepiece chandelier that will be with you for life and passed on to future generations.

If you have that modern property then be sure to check the interior design forums or ask the retailers because there are important considerations like ceiling height. Often  the ceiling height in a modern property will not be high enough to take a  chandelier with a chain but this can be resolved if you contact the retailer. The solution invariably is to redesign the chandelier fitment to mount directly to the ceiling and through this you can reduce the drop and accordingly get the headroom that you need.

So research wisely, enquire and through this your interior lighting scheme can be richly rewarded with the right  chandelier.

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