How Much Do Chandeliers Cost?

Chandelier How 1Chandeliers are quickly becoming the epitome of interior design. Sleek in design, chandeliers can redefine your home or office, turning it into a comfy and exciting space. However, like any lighting product, chandeliers cost money. Thus, doing your shopping right is very important. So, how much should you spend on a chandelier? Is installing a chandelier in your home or office that expensive? This guide is going to reveal the true cost of a good chandelier.

The Cost

Hanging a chandelier means adding that extra touch to your home. In this guide, you will learn the estimated cost of hanging a chandelier in the United Kingdom. You will also learn about the factors that affect the cost of chandelier installation.


The cost is dependent on the style. It also depends on where you will hang your chandelier. On average, an experienced electrician will charge you between £75 and £200. However, it depends on the installation process.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate of an experienced electrician is around £45 per hour. If the installation process is complex, expect a rate of around £225 for a whole day. However, most chandeliers don’t take more than 6 hours.


Some factors affect the cost of hanging a chandelier. Some of these factors include:


Chandelier How 3How large is your chandelier? Unlike small-sized chandeliers that usually require minimal installation procedures, their larger counterparts involve special installation requirements. That’s why they cost more when it comes to installations.


The weight of the chandelier also matters. Bulky chandeliers are expensive to install. Remember, heavy chandeliers require specialized equipment to install.


What’s the style of your chandelier? Is it a simple style or a complex one? Simple style chandeliers are easy and cheaper to install than their complex counterparts.

Installation process—If the installation process requires more equipment, the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, simple processes tend to attract lower installation costs. Also, foyer chandeliers require specialized installation. This is because they take huge spaces. Plus, they require special chandelier installation equipment.

Height of the ceiling—If your chandelier will be installed on high celling, more work will be done. Consequently, you will need to pay more money to cover the installation cost.

Preparation Needed

If your chandelier involves a lot of preparations, then the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, chandeliers that require no preparations attract lower installation costs.


Where are you located? Are you located around town or in a remote setting? Remember, your installation company will have to travel to your location to install these chandeliers. You will cater for travel expenses. Thus, people who are located far away from the installation company will pay more in terms of installation costs.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier How 3Chandeliers are precious lighting fixtures. They can transform any space. However, they cost a substantial amount of money. However, it’s important to learn the basics to save money when shopping around for an authentic chandelier. The above guide contains everything regarding the true cost of a chandelier.


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