How To Choose The Perfect Modern Chandelier

Perfect Modern Chandelier 1Interior design is an important aspect of any home. Getting the décor right, bringing in innovative furniture, and installing sophisticated lighting fixtures will automatically transform your home. Lighting can uplift your mood. Chandeliers can make your home look classic. That’s why you should choose the right chandelier. Select the right chandelier with the following tips and tricks.


There are several chandeliers on the market. Each type of chandelier should be installed in the right space. Whether you need chandeliers for hallways, kitchens, or bedrooms, you will surely get an option that suits your needs. The following are the top ways to choose your chandelier for different spaces.

Dining Rooms

Chandeliers can transform your dining room. They bring an intimate feeling into this space. It makes the dining room feel great and accessible. However, you must choose the right chandeliers for the dining room. Special considerations like size, type, as well as type, should be observed.

Generally, midcentury modern chandeliers come with fewer lights. Thus, you cannot install these types of chandeliers in the dining room. Instead, choose a chandelier that can create a warm atmosphere. It should be low. However, it shouldn’t get in your way. Get your measurements correct.

  • Round tables—The chandelier should be a third of the table’s width. For instance, a 20-inch chandelier can work perfectly for a 60-inch table.
  • Rectangular tables—If you are dealing with rectangular tables measure their width. Then divide the number by 2 before adding 5 inches.


Entryways can be divided into two types. They include:

  • Double-high (grand)
  • Normal ceiling height

Perfect Modern Chandelier 2If the ceiling is tall, consider hanging a chandelier 8 feet above the ground. If the room is more than 12 feet tall, add one foot. Don’t install the lighting fixture near the entryway. This is because it will swing. Instead, center the lighting fixture.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers can bring elegance to bedroom spaces. It creates elegance, making the space inviting. Additionally, chandeliers are effective in adding fans, boosting mood, and bringing that luxurious feel to the bedroom.

There are few options on the market as far as hanging chandeliers in the bedroom is concerned. One of the options is to center the chandelier in the bedroom. The other involves hanging it over your bed. For optimal results, consider hanging a pendant light near your bed. To inject more life into this space, add several lighting options. This will create zones in this space.

Small Rooms

Select a sculpturally shaped modern chandelier for small spaces. These chandeliers are effective in adding that extra oomph. These chandeliers will make tighter rooms look great. Remember, adding large lights in these spaces will make the space look impractical.

Big Rooms

Bigger rooms require more than one lighting fixture. You can add two or three chandeliers in two chandeliers.

The Bottom-Line

Perfect Modern Chandelier 3Don’t choose any chandeliers for your home. Select the best chandeliers. Choose chandeliers that will optimize your home’s décor. Choose the right size of chandeliers. Choose the right design. The above guide will help you choose the right chandelier.

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