How to Clean and Maintain Your Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandeliers 7No space is complete without the right lighting. Lighting can make a space look better, bigger, and more inviting. Still more, modern lighting solutions can change your home into an alluring space. In particular, brass chandeliers can inject that positive vibe into your chandelier. However, for optimal results, you must clean and maintain your brass chandelier regularly. The following guide will take you through the steps you need to clean and maintain your brass chandelier.

Turn The Power Off

Electricity can be dangerous. Before doing anything, ensure that the power of turning off. Remember, electrocution-related accidents can be fatal. Thus, disconnect the power supply first. Switch off the mains before cleaning your brass chandelier.

Prepare Your Chandelier Cleaning Solution

The next step involves creating a cleaning solution. Use a mild soap with warm water. You can also mix the brass cleaner with water. Make sure you follow the guidelines from the manufacturer.

Removing Detachable Parts

Most chandeliers come with detachable parts. This includes crystal and glass elements. These parts are delicate. Handle them with care. Remove these parts gently. Put them in a safe place. Clean these parts separately.


Use a soft, lint-free based cloth to gently dust your chandelier. You can also use a feather-based duster. Dusting removes loose dirt from the chandelier’s surface.

Cleaning The Brass

The next step involves cleaning the brass. Use a sponge and a cleaning solution to undertake this task. Clean those intricate details of the brass chandelier. Don’t use an abrasive material. Also, harsh materials can damage the finish of the brass chandelier.

Rinse It Well

Rinse the chandelier after the cleaning process is complete. Use a damp cloth and clean water to wipe and rinse your chandelier. Rinsing helps get rid of any soap residue.


Dry your chandelier using a soft cloth. Don’t reassemble the parts before they are completely dry. Conduct the restoration process after ensuring that all parts are dry.

Cleaning Crystal, Glass Elements

Most brass chandeliers come with crystal or glass-based components. In this case, consider cleaning these parts separately using vinegar and water. You can also use a glass cleaner. Remember, these parts require delicate handling. Therefore, follow all the instructions.

Reassemble The Brass Chandelier

After cleaning and drying all the components, consider reattaching the crystal and glass elements to your brass chandelier. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also liaise with an expert to expedite the process.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your brass chandelier in top shape with regular maintenance. Dust the chandelier regularly to remove dirt from its crystals. Don’t use any abrasive material when cleaning or maintaining your chandelier. Keep your chandelier from water sources.

Protect It From Moisture, Humidity

Modern Brass Chandelier with 5 LampsDon’t expose brass to moisture and humidity. It’s susceptible to tarnishing as well as corrosion. That’s why you should make sure that the bathroom has proper ventilation.

The Bottom-Line

Brass chandeliers are designed to transform any home into an exciting space. They exude class and sophistication. Well installed, maintained, and cleaned, these chandeliers can make any space more inviting. Clean all the parts. Replace worn-out parts. Use the above tips and tricks to maintain and clean your brass chandelier.

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