How To Clean And Maintain Your Modern Chandelier For Longevity

Modern Chandeliers 15A well-maintained chandelier is long-lasting, energy efficient, and aesthetically appealing. Thus, if you want your chandelier to shine for many years to come, invest in chandelier maintenance. Wash it regularly. Dust it from time to time. Use suitable cleaning materials. Use the following tips and tricks to clean your chandelier.

Safety First

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to handling and lighting fixtures, including chandeliers. Thus, be safe first. Turn off the power to avoid electrocution. Switch the mains that supply power to the chandelier.


Dust the chandelier regularly. Dusting prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris. Use the right material to dust your chandelier. Preferably, use a soft cloth. You can also use a duster to wipe the parts of the chandelier. Don’t use abrasive materials. They can damage the chandelier’s finish.

Cleaning Solution

You need to thoroughly clean your chandelier. In this case, use a cleaning solution. A cleaning solution should be prepared by mixing soap and clean water. Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your chandelier. Also, avoid using abrasive materials. They can tarnish its components.

The Right Cleaning Method

Use the right cleaning method. According to experts, you should dip a soft cloth into the right cleaning solution. Then wire it out until you get rid of any excess liquid. In place of a soft cloth, you can use a sponge. Don’t apply excessive pressure. Also, avoid twisting any delicate parts. Use a small, soft-based bristle brush to clean those hard-to-reach parts. You can also use a cotton swap to clean these parts. Be sure to dip the cotton swap in the right solution.

Dry It Well

It would be best if you dried your chandelier. Here, a soft cloth is used to remove the excess moisture from its surface. Don’t switch off the power first. Allow all the parts to dry completely. Remember, water can cause electrical-related hazards.

Glass, Crystal Cleaning

Most modern chandeliers are made of glass and crystal elements. This includes shades and pendants. These elements should be handled with care. When cleaning these parts, use the right cleaner. Preferably, use glass cleaner designed for these delicate parts. You can also mix vinegar with water. Consider spraying the cleaner into a soft cloth. From here, consider wiping the crystal surface. Don’t spray the cleaner on the chandelier. Remember, if the liquid leaks into the electronic components, it can lead to electrical-related hazards.

Check, Tighten

Finally, inspect your chandelier. Ensure that there are no loose components. Check to see if there are no damaged parts. Check the screws. Tighten any loose crews. Replace all broken components. Hire a professional to help you replace any broken component.

Other Tips

  • Consider regular maintenance of your chandelier
  • Safety considerations.

The Bottom-Line

Modern Chandeliers 13Don’t let your chandeliers gather dust. It will degrade the shining elements of this lighting fixture. A well-maintained chandelier will give you more quality light than a dirty one. Also, the durability of your chandelier depends on how you regularly clean and maintain your chandelier. Use the right cleaning material. Draw a maintenance and cleaning schedule. Use the above tips and trucks to clean and maintain your chandelier.

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