How To Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 2Chandeliers can add that ambiance to your home. They can optimize comfort in any space. Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, chandeliers will make your home better. For optimal results, you need clean and maintain your chandeliers. Dirt can interfere with the performance of your chandelier. So, how do you make your chandelier sparkle? Keep reading to find out how to clean your crystal, glass, and brass chandeliers.


Make your chandeliers sparkle with regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether you have brass, crystal, or glass chandeliers, cleaning, and maintenance will make your chandeliers sparkle and last long. The best part is that the process isn’t that complicated. Keep reading to find out how chandeliers are cleaned and maintained.

Use The Right Cleaner

Don’t use harsh products to clean your chandeliers. Instead, use soft products to clean your lighting fixtures. Use a bar of dish soap, microfiber cloths, a spray bottle, and cleaning gloves. Also, ensure that you have isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

Combine dish soap and distilled water when cleaning crystal chandeliers. Always, wear gloves when cleaning chandeliers. Gloves will protect you from the cleaning solutions. They will also protect the crystals from fingerprints. Choose natural cleaning suppliers.

The Dish Soap Cleaning Method

  • Mix some gentile dish soap with lukewarm water.
  • Dismantle the chandelier
  • Observe safety precautions when dismantling the fixture. For instance, make sure that the main switch is off to avoid electrocution. Rinse the pieces before spraying them using a microfiber cloth.

The Alcohol Cleaning Method

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 3You can clean your chandelier using the alcohol method. The following are the top steps you should use when cleaning your chandelier:

  • Start by mixing the isopropyl alcohol with distilled water.
  • For hanging chandeliers consider using a spray bottle. Use a clean cloth. The next step involves wiping down all parts of the fixture.
  • Alternatively, you can dismantle the chandelier.
  • Before dismantling the fixture, switch off the main switch.
  • Wash all the pieces using a solution
  • The next step involves drying them complete

Use Vinegar

Brass chandeliers can be cleaned using vinegar. Soak a rag in warm vinegar. Dip it into a table salt. This will create a natural solution you can use to scrub the tarnished brass. It will also remove any buildup of dirt. Rinse it with a clean cloth.

You can also use vinegar to clean glass and crystal chandeliers. Start by mixing vinegar with warm water. However, this method is not highly recommended when it comes to cleaning these types of chandeliers.

Basic Chandelier Cleaning Rules

Turn off the light. This will prevent electrocution and electrical-related accidents. Use an alternative source of lighting when cleaning. This will help you see what you are cleaning. Always, wear gloves. This will protect your chandelier from fingerprints. Don’t use cleaning clothes. Stick to soft microfiber-based cloths. Avoid rotating the chandelier. This can make it lose its support.

The Bottom-Line

Clean Crystal And Brass Chandeliers 4Don’t allow your chandelier to catch dirt. Whether it’s glass, crystal, or brass chandeliers, dirt can interfere with their functionality. That’s why you should clean them well. Use the right cleaning material. Follow the instructions. Use the right detergents. The above guide will help you clean your crystal, brass, or brass chandelier and make them sparkle again.

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