Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs

Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs 1Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs are changing how lighting is done. Stylish and durable, these bulbs will transform any type of chandelier. Available in different styles, these bulbs will enhance the appeal of your chandelier. These lights can last up to 2000 hours. Here is all you should know regarding Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs:
The Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs are long lasting. These clear glass bulbs are 90 mm long. This makes them ideal when it comes to enhancing your chandelier’s overall appeal. This beautiful lighting bulbs can last longer. Thus, you don’t have to change them from time to time. On average, they can last for up to 2,000 hours.
The Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs come with warm, light-based colors, helping them produce light with authentic appearance. They have a superior wattage and incredible lumen output. The shape code of the bulb is GS1.
Choosing The Right Bulbs
LEDs offer high level of efficiency. LEDs produce superior light. That’s why most chandeliers use LED based bulbs. But how do you select the best bulbs for your chandeliers? Keep reading to find out the best bulbs for your chandelier.
Chose the right bulbs for your chandelier. Think about durability. Modern bulbs can last longer. This reduces the cost of replacing your bulbs from time to time. Remember, dismantling your chandelier frequently is not convenient. With Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs, you have long lasting lighting fixtures. On average, these bulbs can last for at least 2000 hours. They can serve you up to 2,000 hours.
The diameter of these bulbs is around 222 mm. They also measure 90 mm long. This means that they can fit into an average chandelier.
Color Finish
These bulbs come with a clear color finish. This is aimed at producing the best light for your chandeliers.
The Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs are dimmable. The dimming technology allows you to control your chandelier. This saves energy. You can also produce light according to your mood. For instance, if you want a certain lighting intensity, you can use the dimmers to achieve your target.
Lighting Output
The light output of these lights is 90 lumens. This is enough lighting to light up your spaces.
Key Takeaway
Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs 2The Miniature GS1 Bulbs are good looking miniature based candle that can be used to light up different types of chandeliers. These real filament-based bulbs feature a GS1 profile. The best thing with these bulbs is that they resemble real candles. Plus, they complement your chandelier. They don’t distract the attention from your chandeliers.
Inject more life into your chandeliers with these versatile bulbs. Get your Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs and let your chandelier glow in style. Choose Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs from Classical Chandeliers and instantly uplift your spaces.
The Bottom-Line
Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs are versatile. They will turn your chandeliers into exciting lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures are long lasting. If you want to enhance the appeal of your chandelier, think Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs. Purchase your Miniature GS1 Chandelier Bulbs from and make your chandeliers complete.

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