My favourite chandelier cleaning so far


This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous and at first glance doesn’t look too bad as the large crystals were cleaned now and then. But looks can and often are deceptive.




Crystals from the picture above are photographed in detail below.






In this case cleaning in position was not an option due to the type and amount of dirt.  There are several types of dirt, for example near a beach there would be sand, near busy roads in cities you would have greyish exhaust fumes deposits, in this case flies, humidity, temperature and time combination resulted in brown, baked on coat that resembles a wood vanish only is harder to clean.  I had to take all the trimmings of and do my triple soak as the water was way too dirty after the initial soaks to wash the crystals in.  At this point the hard work starts, the scrubbing of every single crystal with a brush as the dirt will not let go without a vigorous help.  I have accumulated number of brushes to cover a wide variety of shapes and sizes of crystals.  After this good rinse in clean water with few drops of vinegar and polishing.  It is important to dry crystals properly as any water droplets will result in streaks.

If you do everything right you will end up with …




… an absolutely Fabulous Chandelier!!!!!
More information on chandelier cleaning here…… more information

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  1. Very valuable info. Many chandeliers have a rather complex hanging pattern for the crystal or glass accents, so always make note of how your design goes together before you begin cleaning.

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