The Pink Chandelier

Owning a pink crystal chandeliers is definitely a bold feminine statement or conversely a gay one and for all the right reasons. A pink chandelier will always turn an eye and it doesn’t matter how much you spruce up your flat or room a pink chandelier will always top it all taking pride of place and proudly taking peoples wild attention. But choose wisely and don’t just buy the first one you see on impulse because initially it might look good but when you look closer is it really a statement of refined beauty and class. You can get a Chinese imported pink chandelier at a very low price but for certain it won’t pass the test of a discerning admirer and all your efforts will be wasted.

Now when you are choosing there are different ways to get the design effect and the ambiance you are looking for. For instance you could go for a very classy colour line crystal glass pink chandelier which undoubtedly will take pride of place in your dining room or be elegantly tucked away in your private bedroom. Alternatively you might wish to emphasise the effect by using a pink chandelier with bunches of grapes to symbolise the Romans being pampered fed grapes in grandiose surroundings. The other choice would be to go for one with fine crystal trimming like this pink chandelier but don’t forget to select the Rosaline colour trimmings from the drop down.

So you are spoilt for choice but before you indulge you might want to go for the maximum effect and pick furnishing to match. Those pink or ruby red curtains will certainly complement and maybe even some silk bed covers, but don’t go too far as you should not steal the show from the sparking crystal pick chandelier.

Now when you have selected that pink chandelier and placed it in the ideal position you can either just sit back and admire it yourself of alternatively get some visitors around or have a Pink Chandelier Party to celebrate your new acquisition.

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