Some Classic Styles Of Chandeliers

Classic Styles Of Chandeliers 2Chandeliers are designed to light spaces and add more glamour to spaces. They can uplift your home. Available in different sizes and styles, you will surely get a chandelier that fits into your home’s décor. Plus, there are different types of chandeliers on the market. The following guide will take you through the top styles of chandeliers you can bring into your home.

Candle Chandeliers

These are some of the oldest chandeliers. They’re outfitted with multiple extensions. And each extension produces its candle-like light. They’ll be an excellent choice for complimenting a more rustic style. Compared to other models, they’re fairly sizeable and won’t occupy much space.

Install them in your dining room and enjoy an amazing experience. They’re elegant and simplistic.

Antler Chandeliers

These chandeliers are perfect for outdoor use. They’re stylish and offer s rustic touch. They can transform your space into a nature enthusiast’s daydream. But it’s worth noting that antlers aren’t suitable for kitchens and dining rooms. If your home features a country style, then these chandeliers could be an incredible option for you.

You may also want to consider installing them in your game room. And if you’re a hunter, the chandeliers would make a great accessory for your trophies.

Crystal Chandeliers

For a more elegant and sophisticated look, invest in crystal chandeliers. They make a great addition to dining and living rooms. You can also use them in spiraling stairways. Don’t install them in your bedroom- they might look a bit gaudy.

They’re available in numerous designs. But raindrop chandeliers are the most popular. They feature multiple crystals arranged creatively to appear like falling rain. Other designs include the miniature and staircase.

When it comes to staircase chandeliers, the crystals are arranged such that they resemble a winding stairway. Miniature chandeliers, on the other hand, are small in size and extremely easy to install.

Glass Chandeliers

Most people love these chandeliers because of their diversity. They’re available in an extensive range of designs. Thus, you won’t find it difficult to purchase your preferred style. Plus, they can fit the design of every room.

Modern Chandeliers

Do you want to create an avant-garde look? Well, modern chandeliers are designed to provide a sophisticated vibe. They feature crisp edges, as well as, geometric shapes. As such, they can perfectly complement your digital world.

Ideally, modern chandeliers should be utilized in living spaces and entryways. Nonetheless, their style might not leave an impression in your kitchen or bedroom.

Transitional Chandeliers

Transitional ChandeliersThey combine a mixture of modern and rustic elegance. They can easily blend with other decorative styles. They’re well-suited to dining rooms and hallways. But be careful not to install them in your bedrooms. They might not create the desired look.

Bowl Chandeliers

Featuring a bowl-shaped design, these chandeliers provide an interesting light effect. They’re unique and emit a tasteful glow. They can go with different moods. However, they’re widely known for creating a fashionably understated look. If you can’t tolerate intense light, then opt for bowl chandeliers.

They can be found in different sizes and models. Install them in your bedroom and kitchen. You’ll be surprised to see how they’ll convert your home into a gathering zone. Your guests will really get enthralled by their glamorous look.

Other options to consider include drum, caged, hybrid, waterfall, and beaded chandeliers.

The Bottom-Line

Classic Styles Of Chandeliers 3Choose the right type and style of chandelier for your home. Choose a chandelier that will make your home cozy. Select the right size. Use the above guide to select the right type and style of chandelier for your home.

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