Swarovski Stops Selling Crystals

Swarovski crystals 3Swarovski is renowned for producing exciting crystals. They have a product line that includes high products such as decorations, watches, crystals, etc.  Classic and modern, Swarovski crystals made homes look modest and elegant. Swarovski components have been around for many years. Unfortunately, the world is undergoing a major transformation. One of the most affected products is from Swarovski. This has caused Swarovski to adjust its product line. In particular, Swarovski will not be selling products to DIY customers and retail customers. Here is all you need to know regarding Swarovski products.


The news is out there. You will stop seeing Swarovski crystals on the market. This is because Swarovski decided to make major changes to its product line. This will have a huge impact on the crystal lighting industry. As a customer or retailer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these developments so that you can make informed decisions.

The Good News

Of course, most products from Swarovski will not be on the shelves. However, all is not lost. This is because Swarovski plans to maintain a limited number of distributors. Still more, most of the Swarovski products will be available on a discount basis.

Why The Changes

Swarovski crystals 1As you know, Swarovski is a family-run business. Founded in 1895, this business brand has continued to show class when it comes to producing exciting crystals. However, consumer behaviors have been changing. This made it difficult for the company to cope up. Still more, the competition out there has been so stiff. Plus, the effects of Covid-19 didn’t spare this once vibrant brand.  More than 3000 Swarovski boutiques have been operating on empty shelves. Revenues have also been sinking.

The Plan

The Swarovski management, headed by its CEO, is pushing for plans that can make the company slimmer. In particular, they are looking to shrink their product line. Still more, they are looking to shift Swarovski’s focus to profit-making ventures. These changes are projected to yield results in few years to come.

The Option

The exit of Swarovski from the crystal-making scene will see its competitors start filling the void. Thus, you are likely to witness the stiff competition. This is likely to lead to better and elegant crystals. In the long run, this will benefit the consumer. Thus, the fact that Swarovski is exiting the market doesn’t mean that the industry is dead. What it means is that other brands will sleeve up and open the world to exciting crystals.

Choose The Right Brand

There are several brands out there. Research for the right brand. Choose crystals from the right brand. Read online reviews. look at the channel’s reputation. Ask for referrals from experts. Look at the testimonials.

The Bottom-Line

Swarovski crystals 2Swarovski fixtures are getting off the market. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot still light up your home. The above guide will help you understand why Swarovski is exiting the market.

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