Tanzania 2014

yet again we have taken the opportunity to do voluntary work in Tanzania with Grassroots, a Christian charity who unable child sponsorship that makes provision for:

  • School fees
  • School uniform, underwear and shoes
  • school bag, books, pens and pencils
  • Health Care from the Grassroots doctors
  • meal weekly for school children and daily porridge for pre-schoolers
  • mosquito net every 2 years

This is also great way to meet Sebastian, the boy we sponsor.


Our time started by visiting one of the feeding programs.


Children sit down, sing and prey.  After this children form an orderly queue…


… wash their hands and get the food….

10686745_10154818580030237_2149158820565917426_n (1)

The dining room is very simple…


…just sit down where ever there is space.

The main purpose of these trips is to interview sponsored children as their circumstances may change dramatically.




We met a great number of children,






and I have also met Sebastian.  We started sponsoring him last year.




What a difference a year makes, this boy pictured below is Sebastian prior to sponsorship.  He had no other clothes, very little to smile about and no shoes!!!



Occasionally we were able to venture to the market.



This is our lunch being cooked in the standard kitchen and



this is the stove in case you missed it.



And a week of hard work is rewarded by a day on a beech.


One thought on “Tanzania 2014”

  1. This kind of Charities, expecially the ones for the African countries are always my point of view and I always donate to them without a doubt. They need help!!

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