The World’s Most Famous Chandeliers

Chandeliers are usually associated with class & royal families. They are common with refined ceilings of antique castles & palaces that form part of affluent societies. They make a strong statement when it comes to opulence and style.  They are the best jewelry for any home’s décor. Like a sparkling necklace, a chandelier becomes that classic masterpiece for your room, home, or office and an incredible conversation starter.

They don’t have to be very expensive though- some plastic versions can still create that sensational drama. Whether they are glass/crystal, vibrant or classic, these light fixtures create a focal point in every room. Actually, you can even think of them as money-savers, because the rest of your fittings can be minimal.

A Vintage Vibe

Chandeliers are a great way to upgrade your home’s interior décor. Vintage-inspired styles provide a major design appeal and look splendid in the front entryway. When swung above the dining table, wire chandeliers exude a gorgeous rustic grandeur that’s sure to draw your visitors’ attention. Victorian-inspired bead chandeliers, on the other hand, infuse romance and coziness into your space for an extremely sophisticated look. In a nutshell, chandeliers (like the below world’s most famous ones) can bring an antique vibe to your room, office, or exterior space & emit incredibly soft light that is perfect over places like the entryway and living room.

1. Bath Assembly Rooms

The Bath Assembly Rooms feature a classic suite of 9 Whitefriars crystal chandeliers designed by William Parker and Jonathan Collett. These chandeliers are among the most stylish in England and across the entire world. They’re deceptively elegant, especially because of their exceptional vibrancy and considerable size (each of them weighs about 440lb).

2. Buckingham Palace, London

Suspended from the gilded ceiling of John Nash in the Buckingham Palace, London is an elegant waterfall chandelier of aptly regal dimensions. Installing this one-of-a-kind lighting fixture in your home or building will surely transform it into a gathering zone. It brings such a unique ambiance that’s hard to find with other lighting systems.

3. Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul

The ceremonial Bohemian crystal chandelier in the Istanbul’s Dolmabahce, is one of the world’s best light fixtures, with 750 lights and weighs about 4.5 tons. It offers a great feel for beauty, elegance, and magnificence. In fact, it was Queen Victoria’s present to Sultan Abdulmecid.

4. V&A Museum, London

Dominating the V&A Museum, London is the sparkling Dale Chihuly’s Rotunda Chandelier. Available in green, yellow, and blue, the molded and blown-glass sculpture was commissioned in 2001. Above 26ft tall and featuring writhing glass forms, it completely takes over that museum’s entrance.

5. Escalator Hall, Harrods

Featuring a bespoke of contemporary materials, this glass chandelier forms a stunning centerpiece as far as attracting attention is concerned. Designed by the famous sculptor Dale Chihuly, this masterpiece creates shockwaves in the streets of Basil entrance. Taking inspiration from the Edward staircase balustrades floral pattern, this exquisitely designed 4m-deep sculpture is crafted from about 900 custom-made hand-blown glass pieces, making it a major breakthrough in the chandelier industry.

6. Paris Opera House

Designed by Charles G, the Paris Opera House chandelier looks set to change your chandelier tastes. This 7-ton bronze & crystal chandelier, which was designed in the mid-19th century, oozes with lots of class and elegance. The fixture is estimated to cost about 30,000 gold francs and it literally fills the entire theatre with joyous life. Featuring a variety of flame patterns, these wild tinges of golden fixtures are flecked with vivid spots plus crystalline highlights.

7. Chandelier Bar, Vegas

Do you fancy drinks inside chandeliers? If so, then the Las Vegas Chandelier Bar (a classical inhabitable and multi-story visual display that houses a 3 leveled bar) will quench your thirst. The floors are ingeniously nestled in the casino’s heart that’s located in the iridescent strands of a 2 million-beaded crystal chandelier. In fact, it is an architectural wonder designed using a curtain of luminous light.

8. Brighton Pavilion

On entering the ceremonial Brighton Pavilion, you’re drawn to the vaulted ceiling and the stunning chandelier crafted by Robert Jones. It measures an overwhelming 30ft high.

9. New York Metropolitan Opera House

Built during the 1960s, this lobby (the New York Metropolitan Opera House), is artistically lit with a whopping 11 dramatic Swarovski chandeliers (which are crystal in nature). The auditorium is also lit with twenty one matching chandeliers. Today, these fixtures have turned out to be iconic displays of this Opera House. The design was influenced by the International Space Race & it resembles a constellation of moons as well as satellites that spray out in different directions. Often, the clusters are identified as the “sputniks.”

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