Top Trends in Modern Chandeliers: Materials, Colors, and Shapes

Modern Chandelier with White LightsOver the past few years, the lighting industry has evolved tremendously. Modern chandeliers are now incorporating new materials, colors, themes, and shapes that reflect current trends as well as aesthetics. This makes chandeliers a better option when it comes to lighting spaces. The following are the top trends you should expect in modern chandeliers.

Mixed Materials

Lighting is all about creativity. Lighting experts have discovered the power of mixing materials. For instance, a combination of materials like metal and glass can add that visual interest to any space. You can also mix materials like acrylic and concrete to create that unique texture. Look for chandeliers with mixed materials and instantly elevate your spaces.

Matte Black

The popularity of matte black is on the rise. Matte black-inspired chandeliers are known for making that bold statement. They can also add that unique touch to your spaces. The best thing about the matte finish is that it injects that sleek, sophisticated look, which contradicts well with other colors or materials.

Geometric Shapes

Modern chandeliers are beginning to make use of geometric shapes like squares, triangles, hexagons, etc. Geometric shapes are effective in creating minimalistic aesthetics and visual effects. Shop around for geometric-shaped brass chandeliers and instant uplift your spaces.

Organic, Nature-Inspired Chandeliers

Organic as well as nature-inspired elements are quickly finding their way into modern chandeliers. For instance, branch-like structures, fluid shapes, as well as leaf motifs are quickly becoming popular choices in brass chandelier designs. Chandeliers inspired by these designs create that harmony, peace, and tranquility in modern spaces.

Minimalist, Linear Designs

Modern chandelier designs are quickly moving to minimalist designs. These chandeliers emphasize clean lines and simple silhouettes. They also feature minimal ornamentation. This creates that sleek, simple, uncluttered look. Chandeliers featuring these designs can provide that exceptional architectural feel.

Sculptural, Artistic Statements

To many, modern chandeliers are like works of art. Most chandelier manufacturers are now turning their attention to sculptural and artistic statements. With these new designs, manufacturers can achieve unconventional shapes as well as captivating forms.

Sculptural and artistic-inspired chandeliers can be used as functional and decorative lighting fixtures. They can create that perfect focal point in any space.

Metallic Finishes

Brass chandeliers offer that timeless appeal. On the other hand, modern chandeliers can use other metallic finishes like brushed nickel, brushed bronze, as well as polished chrome to add that sleek, reflective quality to your lighting fixture.

Other Trends

Besides these designs, you can also choose from the following trends in modern chandeliers:

  • Statement-sized lighting fixture
  • Chandeliers containing LED lighting fixtures
  • Chandeliers with different color accents

The Bottom-line

Modern Chandelier with Chrome FinishThe lighting industry is quickly evolving. New technologies keep on cropping up. Nowadays, you can install any chandelier in your space. Plus, modern chandeliers like brass chandeliers are now available in different styles, themes, and designs. This gives you different options where you can select a chandelier that suits your needs. The above are top brass chandelier-inspired trends you should watch out for.

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