Contemporary Chandeliers

Chandeliers predominately from the famous Bohemian manufacturer Preciosa focusing on contemporary design. Preciosa combine the skill and craftsmanship of the traditional Czech manufacturers with modern design producing some fabulous examples of contemporary design in well chosen colours and clear sparkling crystal. Preciosca have recruited the best designers from Bohemia and further afield to create a most amazing collection that cannot be matched elsewhere. If your home or design project needs that very modern look then these examples offer the ultimate in architectural lighting which will certainly turn the heads of even the most discerning designers.

One of the specialities of Presiosa is the black chandelier which uses the Hyalit coloured glass which is exclusive to Bohemia and this range offers excellence in style and first class quality and workmanship. The origins come from the hyalite opal originates from the Doupovske mountains of north west Bohemia and is a precious crystal clear opal which can be tinged reddish or jet black to form an amazing crystal. Three Bohemian Chemists, Egermann, the Counts Buyuoy and Harrach discovered a process leading to the production of fine quality coloured glass. From here Buyuoy invented a dense opaque glass called "Hyalith" usually in black or dark red which was the origins of the fabulous Hyalith black glass now used by Preciosa. These black lights have to be seen to be believed and although copies have been attempted they do not come anywhere near the quality in design and workmanship of the original article.

There are other examples listed in this category which are not from Preciosa but from our other high quality manufacturers in the Bohemian area of the Czech republic which has been the centre for the production of fine glassware lighting dating back from 1724.

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