Crystal Ceiling Chandeliers & Designer Lightings

A stunning collection of crystal chandeliers which are ceiling hung in a range of sizes. These distinctive ceiling chandeliers are ideal for all sizes of properties and budgets from small houses to grand palaces. These decorative ceiling lighting products are of many types from crystal ceiling chandeliers through to some very contemporary designer lighting. The ceiling crystal chandeliers are predominately from Bohemia and are dressed with leaded crystal trimmings with the most exclusive ranges having Swarovski crystals. However the range is not limited to this as there are many modern crystal ceiling chandeliers with typically chrome and silver finishes and fine clean design lines. The traditional ceiling chandeliers are just perfect for Victorian properties or new build which have been created with traditional design features but for very modern style properties then the designer lighting range should be reviewed.

For other areas within properties like bathrooms and stairwells then very distinct crystal products are needed. Within the bathroom crystal chandeliers category we have a range of IP rated waterproof ceiling lights which are suited to various zones within those spaces. Stairwells have other special characteristics because they need a long drop and to view from all sides not just below like ceiling mounted pendants. The stairwell ceiling chandeliers are available in sparkling crystal or a range of contemporary models.

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