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A Synopsis,

We would like to let you see some of the interesting projects that we have worked on recently.

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Paul and Renata, Classical Chandeliers

Traditional Chandelier installation in a fine home

We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to propose a chandelier design solution for this fine home. The home was full of character with a famous history and had some simply marvellous architectural features that were crying out to be emphasised by a traditional chandelier. However we thought that this property deserved something special so although we based the design solution on one of our standard chandeliers, the bottom was ornamented with a new flowing crystal base to complement the simply magnificent ceiling rose. To see the chandelier that this was based on click on the image.

St Ermins Hotel- Westminster

We supplied and fitted 10 ceiling mounted crystal basket chandeliers with antique gold metalwork to St Ermins hotel. St Ermins is a luxury hotel situated near Buckingham palace and the chandeliers were part of a major refurbishment programme. These chandeliers were a matching family and to see the base chandelier click on the image.

Chandelier and Winch Installation in an elegant home

We designed and supplied chandeliers for this elegant home. This chandelier was hung high above a stairway so to provide access to the chandelier for cleaning and light bulb changes we fitted a winch. The chandelier was based on a traditional design and please click the image to see the lighting piece.

The Swan Hammersmith refurbishment programme

Three of these large basket chandeliers were selected as part of the refurbishment programme of the Swan in Hammersmith, West London. The Swan is a fine traditional pub dating back to the 18th century and has an excellent reputation for fine foods and ales. These large basket chandeliers were chosen to match with the interior decor and please click on the picture to see the product.

Traditional Chandelier installation in a Manor Conversion

This traditional crystal chandelier was installed with a winch system to fit it this newly appointed Manor House conversion. The chandelier was chosen to complement the original architectural features of this interior. Please click on the image to see the chandelier.

Haagen Dazs, Leicester Square, London- Refurbishment

Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square was in need of a refurbishment to bring a fresh new contemporary look to the place. Here the design task for lighting was not straightforward! For sure the establishment was crying out for a dazzling lighting feature but it was important that the style fitted well with the modern look of the interior design.
The added complexity here was the low ceilings on both floors which meant that obvious solutions like suspending a large chandelier into the central space was out of the question as it would not contribute to the lighting design effect as viewed from both levels. The solution was to utilise these circular ring contemporary chandeliers with central mirrors to further enhance the visual sparkle from the crystals and also the overall illumination effect. This way the chandeliers give a good visual impact from both floors and provide an impressive centrepiece.

Manor House Conversion- Bournmouth

This manor house conversion was simply magnificant with its ornate plasterwork and marble fireplace. We installed a large traditional crystal chandelier with antique gold metalwork which fits well with the fine architectural features. To see the chandelier click on the image. centrepiece.

Blackmoor Golf Course Entrance Hall

This contemporary chandelier was designed to complement the modern simplistic design which was used for the refurbishment of Blackmoor Golf Course in Hampshire. Blackmoor Golf Club is listed in the top 100 courses but needed this refurbishment to bring some style into a very ordinary 1960's building.

Kohler-Mira Showroom

This dazzling crystal chandelier is an example of one of the chandeliers supplied for a Kohler-Mira showroom to add some real class to the display. To see the product click on the image.

Wrought Iron Chandelier - rewire and refurbishment

This large chandelier of 6 feet diameter was selected by the designer of a fine new build with a strong theme of timeless oak beams. It was purchased from a reclamation yard and although showing good potential was far from perfect. We rewired the chandelier and undertook refurbishment to retain the old look but make the chandelier clean and functional. We then fitted the chandelier high up in this 8.5m high vaulted ceiling. LED bulbs were supplied for long life as bulb changing is difficult with the chandelier being high up. For more examples of our chandelier cleaning and refurbishment click on the image.

Cinderella (2015) film

Did you recently see Cinderella at the cinema? You’ve got to love the classic story line and the romance. Classical Chandeliers had the privilege of supplying classical candle bras to match the theme of the film and the setting. We loved being able to be a part of this film and contribute to the look and how it finished! The candle bras we supplied were custom made for the film. We had to ensure they matched the rest of the décor and lighting that was used elsewhere. The outcome is brilliant though and it worked out really well with all the different aspects working together to fulfill the desired effect.

Dark Shadows (2012 film) starring Johnny Depp

This wasn’t a recent job, but we have taken the opportunity to show the work we have been doing commercially and in films. In the film Dark Shadows, which is a vampire film and very gothic we were given the opportunity to supply them with a large crystal chandelier. With two tiers and covered in draping crystals, this chandelier was perfect for the setting of an ancestral gothic home!

Harrods Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Airport is constantly growing and expanding, they recently opened Terminal 5; and with new terminals opening, that means new duty free shops! Harrods has to be one of the smartest shops, and we are thrilled that we were asked to install some light fixtures into the new duty free branch. Sadly we didn’t supply the chandeliers, but we can’t disagree that they are beautiful! There was one enormous crystal ring which surrounded the main beam in the centre of the shop. This became the centre piece and focal point of the whole shop. Then there was also another smaller fixture which was made up on 3 different shaped rings all on top of one another above the till. Both of these chandeliers were a challenge to install due to the shape and design of them! But we never shy away from a challenge, we relished it and love how the chandeliers turned out.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015) film

Having recently been released in the cinema, we are keen to share our thoughts on The Man from U.N.C.LE… And why? Because we have had the privilege of providing a chandelier for the film set! The film, while it has been having mixed reviews, in my opinion is excellent! So enjoyable, entertaining and fun! Set in Berlin in the 60’s it is an entertaining secret agent film where all the characters have their own hidden agendas. The camaraderie is arguably what makes this film so good and enjoyable. The whole set is very up market and upper class, with Solo being the picture of sophistication and suave. The film adds glamour to the concept of being under cover. To match this theme and setting, the chandelier we provided was an enormous crystal covered basket chandelier. Approximately 2 metres wide, this chandelier can only be described as spectacular. There were several glimpses of elegant chandeliers, especially in the hotel where Solo, Illya and Gaby were staying undercover. These portray elegance and mirror the upper class look that the hotel is striving for; all reminiscent of the Italian renaissance. It is underrated how much a light can change or add to the look or feel of a room. Without these chandeliers, the set of The Man from U.N.C.L.E wouldn’t look nearly as effective or realistic to recreating what Italy might have looked like. Overall, we love this chandelier; love the film and loved being able to be a part of it! For any more information on chandeliers or if you just want to talk to us for advice please do get in touch!

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