Hotels and Restaurants: Uplifting the overall mood


Let your hotel or restaurant lift the mood! But, the question is, how? What makes an excellent restaurant or bar? Well, some will say its fine wine, and some good food, of course! However, don’t underestimate the power of smart design coupled with powerful lighting concepts: The right light can beat even the fussiest town foodies. Light sets the mood, creating an atmosphere that guides the eye. All you need is to match the fixtures while keeping your preferred design in mind. Combining different materials, sizes, as well as shapes gives your space a classic look and adds a personal touch. Perhaps it may not be easy for you to predict the outcome of the lighting concept, but with the 3D model, you can always test your lighting scheme in advance.

diner lighting

Different levels of light can be utilized so as to create the right mood for your bar or restaurant. The lighting choices you make will either attract or put off customers. So, you should always be keen to choose the best lighting scheme that perfectly complements your space.

Low Lighting

low level lighting

Low lighting fixtures can be very relaxing and romantic. It encourages customers to spend more time at your establishment. Most formal restaurants have overhead fixtures with several dimmers, as well as plenty of accent lighting. Low lights create more intimacy and make customers feel they’re separated from other guests present in the room. However, it’s also important to include adequate ambient lighting to allow for easy and safe performance of basic tasks.

Bright Lighting

bright lighting

How to Light for Different Times of the Day

When lighting up your hotel establishment, understand the various moods your light will create. Generally, you can use the following tips to inject the right mood into your hotel/restaurant establishment.

  • Breakfast: – Use bright lighting during the meal service hours
  • Lunch: – Use bright lighting during the meal service hours
  • Dinner: Provide more relaxing atmosphere-enhancing lighting during dinner, especially if your establishments does most of its sales during dinner time.
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