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What’s The Cost to Put Up a Chandelier?

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Designed using innovative lighting technology, chandeliers will not only transform your home but also make it more valuable. Ideal for virtually any space, chandeliers will elevate your home into a cozy space. For optimal results, it’s important to plan before bringing chandeliers into your space. In particular, you must understand the true cost of putting up a chandelier in your home or office. The guide below contains key aspects when it comes to the cost of putting up a chandelier in your home.


A good chandelier should cost about £200-£4500. It depends on the size of the ceiling. Cheaper chandeliers such as pendant lights cost something like £100-£240. If you opt for an extravagant chandelier, you should be ready for expensive detailing. On average, the crystals, pendants, as well as complex designs will take between £240 and £4500. Additionally, the installation of light may cost between £150  and £2000 for a complex install.

The Process

Installing a chandelier involves several processes. You should also be careful when handling electricity. Follow all the instructions in the manual. Observe safety precautions. However, the best way to install chandeliers is to hire an experienced electrician.

Labor, Suppliers

Labour and suppliers alone can cost you around

£80 -£200. However, this doesn’t include the actual cost of a chandelier fixture. If you have pre-existing wiring, the cost will come down.

Should You Employ an Electrician?

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Hiring an electrician is safe, convenient, and cost-effective. An electrician is trained to handle chandeliers carefully and safely. Thus, don’t go it alone. Hire a chandelier installation expert. He/she will charge you about £200-£500 to install a basic  chandelier.

Ensure that the weight of your chandelier can be supported by the ceiling. If you require upgrades, you may have to pay additional charges.

Where Should You Install A Chandelier?

If you are bringing your chandelier to a small entryway, be sure to place it in the middle. Similarly, a chandelier should be hung above the dining table in the dining room. In a nutshell, a chandelier should be hung in the middle to create a focal point and distribute the light evenly.

If you have a nightstand, you can hang a mini chandelier. It will make it look amazing and exciting.

How Long Should The Installation Process Take?

Installing a chandelier shouldn’t take long. However, it depends on the style, installation process, weight, and location. On average, it should not take more than 6 hours. Ideally, most installations take around 1 to 2 hours.

Call An Expert

If you have the required skills, you can install them on your own. However, it’s wise to call an expert if you are not familiar with chandelier installation. Classical Chandeliers can help you install any kind of chandeliers in your home. They have the expertise and equipment for effective and safe chandelier installation.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier 3Installing a chandelier can hugely benefit your home. However, it’s important to make all plans including setting up a budget for installing the chandelier. The above guide will take you through the steps you need when making a budget allocation for chandelier installation in your home.

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How Much Do Chandeliers Cost?

Chandelier How 1Chandeliers are quickly becoming the epitome of interior design. Sleek in design, chandeliers can redefine your home or office, turning it into a comfy and exciting space. However, like any lighting product, chandeliers cost money. Thus, doing your shopping right is very important. So, how much should you spend on a chandelier? Is installing a chandelier in your home or office that expensive? This guide is going to reveal the true cost of a good chandelier.

The Cost

Hanging a chandelier means adding that extra touch to your home. In this guide, you will learn the estimated cost of hanging a chandelier in the United Kingdom. You will also learn about the factors that affect the cost of chandelier installation.


The cost is dependent on the style. It also depends on where you will hang your chandelier. On average, an experienced electrician will charge you between £75 and £200. However, it depends on the installation process.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate of an experienced electrician is around £45 per hour. If the installation process is complex, expect a rate of around £225 for a whole day. However, most chandeliers don’t take more than 6 hours.


Some factors affect the cost of hanging a chandelier. Some of these factors include:


Chandelier How 3How large is your chandelier? Unlike small-sized chandeliers that usually require minimal installation procedures, their larger counterparts involve special installation requirements. That’s why they cost more when it comes to installations.


The weight of the chandelier also matters. Bulky chandeliers are expensive to install. Remember, heavy chandeliers require specialized equipment to install.


What’s the style of your chandelier? Is it a simple style or a complex one? Simple style chandeliers are easy and cheaper to install than their complex counterparts.

Installation process—If the installation process requires more equipment, the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, simple processes tend to attract lower installation costs. Also, foyer chandeliers require specialized installation. This is because they take huge spaces. Plus, they require special chandelier installation equipment.

Height of the ceiling—If your chandelier will be installed on high celling, more work will be done. Consequently, you will need to pay more money to cover the installation cost.

Preparation Needed

If your chandelier involves a lot of preparations, then the installation cost will be higher. On the other hand, chandeliers that require no preparations attract lower installation costs.


Where are you located? Are you located around town or in a remote setting? Remember, your installation company will have to travel to your location to install these chandeliers. You will cater for travel expenses. Thus, people who are located far away from the installation company will pay more in terms of installation costs.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier How 3Chandeliers are precious lighting fixtures. They can transform any space. However, they cost a substantial amount of money. However, it’s important to learn the basics to save money when shopping around for an authentic chandelier. The above guide contains everything regarding the true cost of a chandelier.


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10 Mistakes Most People Make When Choosing A Crystal Chandelier

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 2Lighting is an important aspect of any home or office. With the right lighting, you can transform your home into a comfortable and classy space. In particular, crystal chandeliers will only add elegance and sophistication to your home. However, there are several crystal chandeliers on the market. Choosing the right option can be challenging. Simple mistakes can cost you. Avoid making the following mistakes when buying crystal chandeliers.

Wrong Size

Chandeliers come in different sizes. Before selecting your chandelier, consider the size of your space. The wrong size can negatively affect your space’s overall aesthetics. Choose a chandelier that can illuminate all the spaces. Thus, consider the width of the chandelier. Then measure your room’s length. From here, you can choose a chandelier that fits into this space.

Wrong Height

Chandelier installation is an important aspect of lighting. In particular, the right height will ensure that all the spaces are well illuminated. Thus, hang your chandelier from the right height. Don’t hang it too high. Consider measuring the height of the room before hanging your chandelier.

Ignoring To Use LEDs

The lighting technology is quickly changing. LEDs can help you save up to 80 percent of energy. Thus, if you are not using LEDs, you will end up paying huge utility bills. Ditch those old-fashioned bulbs. Embrace energy-efficient bulbs for your chandelier.

Poor Color Choices

Lighting fixtures should match the décor of your interiors. Don’t choose fixtures that color clash with the interior décor of your space. Compliment lighter fixtures with brighter colors. This is the only way you can make the spaces look brighter, better, and more spacious.

Not Using Dimmers

The best way to have complete control over your lighting is to use dimmers. Not using dimmers means wasting a lot of energy, which can increase utility bills. Also, dimmers prevent excessive lighting and prolong the life of your chandeliers. Opt for remote-controlled dimmers.

Don’t Use Chandeliers For Decorative Needs

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 1Of course, chandeliers should decorate your home. However, this shouldn’t be the sole reason for bringing them into your home. This is an unthoughtful decision that can lead to energy wastage and huge utility bills. Instead, consider lighting schemes when purchasing any lighting fixture. Besides beauty, consider the functionality of your fixture.

Wrong Color Temperature

Don’t underestimate the importance of color temperature when installing your chandelier. Thus, be sure to consider color temperature when choosing and installing your chandelier. Good color temperature will make your space look livelier, more inspiring, and more beautiful.

Light Switches in Wrong Positions

Install switches in convenient locations. Install them at the appropriate height from the floor. Ideally, install them 48-52 inches from the floor.

Not Doing Enough Research

Not doing enough research is a mistake. Don’t choose the first chandelier you come across. Research for more options. The research will not only help you save money but also lead you to quality crystal chandeliers.

Choosing Cheaper Options

It’s good to save money. However, cheaper options out there can be costly in the long run. Choosing cheaper options can mean purchasing low-quality chandeliers, which can degrade and cost you more money.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier 3Suitable for homes and offices, chandeliers will automatically transform any space. They are energy-saving and long-lasting. However, it’s important to choose the right chandeliers. Don’t make the above mistakes when selecting a chandelier for your home or office.

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5 Things Nobody Told You About Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning 1Chandeliers are supposed to sparkle. They should exude elegance. However, over time, chandeliers gather dust and dirt. This can reduce their efficiency. That’s why you should clean your chandeliers from time to time. However, it’s important to do the cleaning the right way. Get the cleaning basics right. Here are key things nobody told you about chandelier cleaning.

Dust Wastes a Lot of Energy

Besides reducing the aesthetic appeal of your chandeliers, dirt can waste a lot of energy. According to the stats, dirty can waste a significant amount of energy. Thus, cleaning your chandeliers regularly will make your fixtures efficient and long-lasting.

Hiring A Professional Is Cost-Effective

Of course, you can do it alone. However, chandelier cleaning is associated with a lot of risks. For instance, you need to lower the chandelier to the ground for cleaning, which can expose you to an electrical shock. If you get any step wrong, you can break the crystals and destroy your chandelier. Second, you need to handle it with care. If you don’t, it can lead to injuries. Hiring a professional chandelier company like Classical Chandeliers is better. A professional company has the experience, resources, and expertise to clean your chandelier. At a small cost, you can have your chandelier cleaned safely and effectively.

Cleaning Should Be Done Once Per Year

Chandelier Cleaning 2Cleaning a chandelier is one of the most important maintenance tips. Thus, you should clean it regularly. Preferably, clean your chandelier once every twelve months. This will remove dust and dirt from the crystal prisms as well as strands. When cleaning your chandelier, use lukewarm water and a microfiber towel to wipe the glasses. Handle the glasses carefully.

Dusting Weekly Is Key

Don’t wait until the end of the year to clean your chandelier. Dust will bulk up, resulting in a major problem. Instead, dust your chandelier weekly to minimize the buildup of any dust or grime. Use a dry duster to clean the outside of your chandelier. Avoid spraying any solution over your chandelier. This is because solutions can result in corrosion, which can degrade your chandelier.

Regular Inspection Is Important

A regular inspection doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a professional company. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. You can do it on your own. Check for loose wires or broken pieces through visual inspection. However, if you don’t have the time to inspect your chandelier, hire a professional cleaning company like Classical Chandeliers. Remember, things like loose wires can reduce the functionality of your chandelier. It can also increase the utility bills in your home.

Contact Us Today

Chandelier Cleaning 3Classical Chandeliers is a premier chandelier company that specializes in cleaning, restoring, and installing chandeliers. Whether you have a commercial or residential project, Classical Chandeliers can help you accomplish it. Contact us today for the best chandelier cleaning services.

The Bottom-Line

If you want your chandeliers to sparkle and glitter with class and elegance, clean them regularly. Cleaning the chandeliers removes dirt and dust from the crystals, leaving them sparkling clean. However, it’s not all about cleaning. You must clean them well. Use the above guide to clean your chandeliers the right way.

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10 Signs You Are in Love with Chandelier

Chandelier 1Chandeliers are designed to create a statement in homes, offices, and other commercial buildings. Regarded as some of the best mood setters, chandeliers can make your home or office look exclusive and welcoming. Available in different designs and styles, chandeliers are the epitome of elegance and sophistication for any space. According to research, people are now beginning to appreciate chandeliers in different spaces. Here are the top signs that you are in love with chandeliers.

You Are Obsessed with Color Schemes

Chandeliers offer the best color schemes when it comes to lighting. If you are excited by color schemes, then you are in love with chandeliers. You will tend to spend a lot of time looking at your chandelier and appreciating how the color schemes complement the décor of your home.

They Lift Your Mood

Lighting plays a key role in the mood of human beings. Good lighting tends to evoke positive emotions in people. In particular, people who are in love with chandeliers tend to be very happy upon entering a room with good chandeliers.

You Love Reading About Chandeliers

Several aspects influence the beauty of any home. Lighting is one of them. If you are looking for ways to make your home better through chandeliers, then you are in love with these lighting fixtures.

You Prioritize Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is a key aspect when it comes to chandeliers. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of chandeliers. Plus, proper maintenance optimizes the functionality of chandeliers.

You Clean Them Regularly

Chandelier 2People who love chandeliers will clean their regularity. Cleaning your chandeliers makes them look sparkling clean. They will be in top shape.

They Improve Your Productivity

Chandeliers are usually incorporated in homes and offices to boost the morale of people. If chandeliers drastically improve your productivity, then you must be in love with them. Chandeliers will help you spend more hours working, which will automatically improve your productivity.

You Want Friends to Adore Them

You will always want your friends to adore your chandeliers. You find pleasure showing your friends around, especially in areas dominated by chandeliers.

You Discover New Things About Chandelier Every Day

People who love chandeliers are always interested in discovering new things about them. They have mastered their history and how they can be used. Through reading, they discover new things regarding chandeliers. If you find yourself in this category, then you are in love with chandeliers.

You Are Obsessed with Finer Details

People who love chandeliers are obsessed with finer details. They want to know how they can optimize their efficiency. They are usually interested to know how they are maintained and cleaned.

Want To Try Different Types

People who love chandeliers will install different kinds of chandeliers in their homes or offices. From beaded to clusters, installing different types of chandeliers will make your home unique and welcoming.

How To Purchase the Best Chandelier?

It’s important to choose the right chandelier. Remember, there are several chandeliers on the market. Choose the right type of chandelier. Select a chandelier that fits into your space. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right chandelier for your home.

Shop Online, Local Stores

Chandelier 3Start by making a simple Google search. A simple search will direct you to several options. Here, you can evaluate each option and establish if it fits into your explicit needs. Searching will help you understand different designs and how they can complement your home’s décor. You also visit your local retail store for more options.

Correct Size

Select the right size. Choosing an oversized chandelier can make your loom look awkward. It can make things look too overwhelming. Thus, measure the size of your room. Then choose the right size. If you find difficulty, hire a professional chandelier installation company.

Complement the Décor of Your Space

Choose a chandelier that complements the décor of your space. Bright rooms should be matched with bright chandeliers. If your room is rustic in terms of décor, bring in a rustic design-inspired chandelier.

The Bottom-Line

The chandeliers are good. They create a positive impact in spaces. One of the best things about chandeliers is that they can boost the mood. The above are common signs that you are so much into chandeliers.

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Wonderful Synagogue Chandeliers

Synagogue Chandeliers 1Synagogues are special places. They exemplify sanctity. Everything in synagogues should be done right. In particular, lighting should be meticulous. One of the best ways to light your signage is through chandeliers. The following guide will take you through wonderful synagogue chandeliers.

The Benefits of Chandeliers In Synagogues

Synagogues are important places in Jewish society. In most cases, people invest a lot of money to make these spaces great and beautiful. From interior décor to lighting, making these places spotless makes them holier. In particular, lighting can make the synagogue more spiritual. Here are the benefits of chandeliers in synagogues.

More Tranquility

Lighting brings tranquility in any space, including a synagogue. In particular, chandeliers can make a synagogue serene, giving worshippers peace of mind to worship. The best thing with chandeliers is that you can adjust their lighting to fit into your synagogue’s explicit needs.

Boosts Psychology

Synagogue Chandeliers 2Lighting plays a key role when it comes to the psychology of worshippers. Chandeliers are designed to create a positive physiological effect in people, which in turn cultivates hope. Make your synagogue a better place with a good chandelier today!

Jewish Themes

Through chandeliers, you can create that unique Jewish themes in your synagogue. From bringing in color-inspired chandeliers to detailing them based on Jewish doctrines, chandeliers can automatically transform your synagogue into a place of hope.

The Importance of Safety in Chandeliers for Synagogues

Chandeliers in mosques should adhere to the highest safety standards. The installation of chandeliers in mosques should be carried out by skilled engineers. LOLER guidelines must be observed. All works must be inspected. Remember, a poorly instilled chandelier can pose danger to worshippers. That’s why you should hire a qualified chandelier installation company. For bespoke synagogues chandeliers, contact classical chandeliers today.

Example Of Wonderful Chandelier in Synagogue

Here is an example of a wonderful chandelier in a synagogue.

Oświęcim Great Synagogue

Unique in nature, the Oświęcim Great Synagogue is one of the 20 best Jewish worship centers in the Oświęcim. The Oświęcim synagogue features world-class chandeliers that are designed with Jewish detailing in mind. Your synagogue can also borrow heavily from the Oświęcim great synagogue chandelier. Contact Classical Chandeliers for the best synagogue chandeliers today.

Why Synagogues Chandeliers from Classical Chandeliers

Synagogue Chandeliers 3Chandeliers are good for synagogues. They can decorate the spaces, making them virtuous and inspiring for worshipers. Some of the benefits of chandeliers in synagogues from Classical Chandeliers include:

  • They save space. Compact in size, these chandeliers are designed based on modern technology to fit into small spaces.
  • They can add that extra impact to your synagogue because they come with Jewish detailing.
  • They are designed to fit into almost all designs, including synagogues.

 The Bottom-Line

Worship areas are regarded as sacred places. Everything, from design to color combination, should be flawless. Modern lighting makes these spaces look good. In particular, chandeliers make worship areas better and more inviting. The above guide is all you need as far as chandeliers in synagogues are concerned.

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Fabulous Chandeliers In Mosques

Fabulous Chandeliers In Mosques 1Regarded as holy places, mosques should be divine and unique. From interior decor to outdoor spaces, mosques should be meticulously designed. One of the biggest elements of the mosque’s aesthetics is lighting. That’s where chandeliers come in. With proper chandeliers, you can elevate the status of a mosque, helping worshipers conduct their activities comfortably. Thus, if you want to make your mosque contemporary, think chandeliers. This guide will help you get it right when it comes to chandeliers in mosques.

Benefits Of Chandeliers in Mosques

When done right, chandeliers can make mosques majestic. Thus, don’t allow your mosque to look dull. Bring in a good chandelier. Here are the top benefits of installing chandeliers in your mosque:

Islamic Architecture

A chandelier allows you to bring Islamic architecture into your mosque. This includes Islamic themes, colors, and beliefs. Your mosque requires Islamic architecture. Go for a chandelier for mosques.

Boosts Spirituality

Fabulous Chandeliers In Mosques 2Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to spirituality. It’s believed that well-lit areas are more sacred than dark ones., Thus, bring in a chandelier to your mosque and make it holly today.

Environmental Psychology

Spirituality is all about psychology. Lighting creates positive psychology. It injects hope into worshippers. Boost the environmental psychology of your mosque with a good chandelier.


Modern chandeliers are inspired by present-day technology.  Over the years, there have been vast improvements in the lighting industry. Unlike their old counterparts that relied on holding candles, modern chandeliers are retrofitted to use electricity. Still more, new materials for chandeliers are coming on board, Nowadays, chandelier materials are lighter and flexible. Thus, producing modern chandeliers is less expensive. Nowadays, warship areas are beginning to realize the benefits of chandeliers. The following two chandeliers should inspire your mosque chandelier buying decision.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is all about creating distinctiveness and allowing worshippers to go about their activities without trouble. Besides design, lighting is given a priority. In particular, the incorporation of unique chandeliers complements the exquisite beauty and class of this mosque. In this mosque, architectural Muslim theme detailing is strictly observed. This creates a flawless harmony with its overall design. Consequently, the global community has continued to recognize Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as an iconic Islamic center.

The ornamental design as well as the modulation of this mosque’s design blends well with the chandeliers, making it a tranquil place of worship. Thus, if you are looking to create an integrated artistic ensemble in your mosque, let the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque inspire your decision. Contact a professional chandelier installation company like Classical Chandeliers for bespoke chandeliers.

Hazem Hussein Mosque

Another great mosque that values Muslim themes in lighting is the Hazem Hussein Mosque, a top Russia Russian mosque. Here, a wonderful crystal-based chandelier known as Ricamente Decorado is used to create a timeless lighting design. Rich in Islamic trimmings, this decoration makes this mosque look loyal and more holly.  The chandelier houses 87 bulbs strategically housed in handmade based bowls. Bring more vibrancy into your mosque with a chandelier like this. Contact Classical Chandeliers to make your mosque spectacular and majestic with wonderful chandeliers for mosques.

The Bottom-Line

Fabulous Chandeliers In Mosques 3A chandelier is a centerpiece in any space. Besides offering functional lighting, the chandelier also boosts the atmosphere of your spaces. Like other paces, warship areas like mosques should have the right chandeliers. The above guide will help you get it right when installing chandeliers in your mosque.

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Swarovski Stops Selling Crystals

Swarovski crystals 3Swarovski is renowned for producing exciting crystals. They have a product line that includes high products such as decorations, watches, crystals, etc.  Classic and modern, Swarovski crystals made homes look modest and elegant. Swarovski components have been around for many years. Unfortunately, the world is undergoing a major transformation. One of the most affected products is from Swarovski. This has caused Swarovski to adjust its product line. In particular, Swarovski will not be selling products to DIY customers and retail customers. Here is all you need to know regarding Swarovski products.


The news is out there. You will stop seeing Swarovski crystals on the market. This is because Swarovski decided to make major changes to its product line. This will have a huge impact on the crystal lighting industry. As a customer or retailer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these developments so that you can make informed decisions.

The Good News

Of course, most products from Swarovski will not be on the shelves. However, all is not lost. This is because Swarovski plans to maintain a limited number of distributors. Still more, most of the Swarovski products will be available on a discount basis.

Why The Changes

Swarovski crystals 1As you know, Swarovski is a family-run business. Founded in 1895, this business brand has continued to show class when it comes to producing exciting crystals. However, consumer behaviors have been changing. This made it difficult for the company to cope up. Still more, the competition out there has been so stiff. Plus, the effects of Covid-19 didn’t spare this once vibrant brand.  More than 3000 Swarovski boutiques have been operating on empty shelves. Revenues have also been sinking.

The Plan

The Swarovski management, headed by its CEO, is pushing for plans that can make the company slimmer. In particular, they are looking to shrink their product line. Still more, they are looking to shift Swarovski’s focus to profit-making ventures. These changes are projected to yield results in few years to come.

The Option

The exit of Swarovski from the crystal-making scene will see its competitors start filling the void. Thus, you are likely to witness the stiff competition. This is likely to lead to better and elegant crystals. In the long run, this will benefit the consumer. Thus, the fact that Swarovski is exiting the market doesn’t mean that the industry is dead. What it means is that other brands will sleeve up and open the world to exciting crystals.

Choose The Right Brand

There are several brands out there. Research for the right brand. Choose crystals from the right brand. Read online reviews. look at the channel’s reputation. Ask for referrals from experts. Look at the testimonials.

The Bottom-Line

Swarovski crystals 2Swarovski fixtures are getting off the market. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot still light up your home. The above guide will help you understand why Swarovski is exiting the market.

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Why Are Bohemian Chandeliers Better Than Chinese Ones?

Bohemian chandeliers 1Classy, elegant, and highly durable, Bohemian chandeliers can add that extra spark to your home. When installed in the right spaces, these chandeliers can add that extra glamour to your home. However, there are several chandeliers online. From Bohemian chandeliers to Chinese-inspired chandeliers, you have several options. So, how do you choose the best? Why should you prefer Bohemian chandeliers over Chinese chandeliers? Keep reading to find out.


When it comes to chandeliers, quality matters a lot. Purchasing quality chandeliers involves getting your products from the right brand. Governed by strict laws, Bohemian chandeliers only use high-quality crystals. Manufacturers employ contemporary production processes. These companies use raw industrial high-quality crystals. Of course, these pieces can be expensive. However, they are better in the long run.

​​Low Lead Content

Lead is poisonous. It can cause health complications. It’s important to note that most of the chandeliers come with high lead content. This makes them highly fragile. Thus, a simple mistake can lead to the breakage of your chandeliers. On the other hand, the manufacturers of Bohemian chandeliers believe in quality. They use crystals with minimal traces of lead. This makes bohemian chandeliers strong and durable.

Use Pure Crystal. Not Acrylic or Glass

A good chandelier should be made from high-quality crystals. Unfortunately, conventional chandeliers come with adulterated crystals. In particular, they use acrylic and glass in place of crystals. Of course, these materials will glitter. However, this is like stealing your money.

Bohemian chandeliers 2


Luckily, you can purchase your chandeliers from UK-based firms. Purchase the right chandeliers. Go for Bohemian chandeliers. Plus, the UK manufacturing laws are very clear when it comes to the production of Bohemian chandeliers. So, don’t risk your money. Get genuine bohemian chandeliers from UK-based firms.

K5/ K9 Borosilicate Glass

Bohemian chandeliers chineseK5 Borosilicate glass options are common types of crystals. Manufactured in China, borosilicate is cheap and doesn’t have all the qualities of pure crystals. The lead content in these crystals is high. They are fragile and can easily break. That’s why it’s cheaper.

On the other hand, Bohemian chandeliers from brands like Toyota Camry are genuine, high quality, and come with high clarity. They contain low lead content. So, if you want the best lighting fixtures, think Bohemian chandeliers.

Other Benefits

Here are additional benefits of bohemian chandeliers:

  • High gen cuts crystals
  • Waterford crystal

Key Takeaway

Don’t purchase any chandeliers. Gert your chandelier from the best brands. Choose bohemian chandeliers that are made in the UK. These bohemian chandeliers come with the best features such as clarity and gem-cut crystals.

The Bottom-Line

The sweetness of chandeliers is in quality. It’s how they glitter. The way they illuminate spaces is what defines a good chandelier.  That’s what Bohemian chandeliers bring to the table. In particular, Bohemian chandeliers can make your home look wow. Here are real reasons why you should prefer Bohemian chandeliers over Chinese-inspired chandeliers.

Chandelier Rewiring 4

Chandelier Rewiring

Chandelier Rewiring 1The ambiance of any home is defined by good lighting. Bringing in new and innovative lighting options will automatically uplift your home. However, it’s not all about installing new lighting. Maintenance is an important component to consider. That’s why you shouldn’t allow your lighting fixtures to degrade. In particular, you should rewire all antique lighting fixtures in your home. Here is all you should know as far as chandelier rewiring is concerned.

Switch Off the Fixture

Switch off the power. Then, remove any shades. Once you have done that, go ahead and unscrew the mounting screws on your ceiling canopy. If there are any remaining nuts, be sure to unscrew them as well. After loosening the screws, slide the canopy gently. From here, consider removing all the wire connectors. Ensure that the electrical is unwrapped. If you realize that it’s glowing, consider returning the service panel.


Chandelier Rewiring 2Chandeliers tend to add elegance to your spaces.  They can make any space look classy. So, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, bring in chandeliers to make these spaces better. Rewiring them can bring more elegance into the interiors.

Make Changes

Rewiring your chandeliers will enable you to achieve a certain change in the design of the chandelier. For instance, you can easily replace worn-out parts. Doing so will automatically enhance your chandelier’s overall efficiency.


Lighting is a special component in any home. All occupants should feel safe while at home. Remember, old wiring can be problematic. They can make you feel unsafe at home. Without rewiring these chandeliers, you may put your family at risk. Things like electrocution can happen and lead to loss of life. That’s why you should always rewire the chandeliers. You shouldn’t rush into reinstalling the old chandelier. The best thing you need to do is to bring an expert on board to help you rewire it first before installing the chandelier.

Better Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of chandelier rewiring is better lighting. Remember, old wires carry less voltage. On the other hand, new wires will carry more voltage, making you receive better lighting at home. Thus, if you want that chandelier of yours to shine brighter, think about rewiring it. Don’t allow dim light from your chandelier to give you a low amount of light. Consider rewiring them for a high-quality lighting level.

Consult Experts

Chandelier Rewiring 3You don’t have to purchase a new chandelier. You can rewire it. It’s much cheaper to do that. Purchasing the new wires is relatively cheaper than getting a brand-new chandelier. The cost of rewiring depends on your work. It also depends on the company doing it.  Visit a reliable chandelier rewiring company and inject more life into your chandeliers. Have your chandeliers tested and inspected to ensure that all the wires are correct to avoid electrocution.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to make your home elegant, start with lighting. Ensure that all the lighting fixtures are working properly. For instance, consider rewiring antique lighting fixtures to make your lighting complete. The above guide contains everything chandelier rewiring, including safety issues and why you should rewire your old chandeliers.

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